Is Bigfoot killing cattle in Missouri

Bigfoot Killing Cattle in Missouri

A Missouri farmer is claiming that he is having strange encounters with Bigfoot, and they are killing his cows.

The Missouri YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory has been investigating reports from a Missouri farmer, that Bigfoot have been on his property, killing and mutilating his cattle.

From cattle mutilations to strange lights being seen on the property, the killing field ranch has seen all sorts of strange phenomena. We have found bigfoot structures, rocks moved and left on the porch, and strange vocalizations!

Cow bones in Missouri that may be from a Bigfoot raid on a farm.

So far, nothing conclusive has been found, but it doesn’t seem too far fetched that as we squeeze Bigfoot territories into smaller and smaller areas, that they would start looking to our cattle for food.


If you are a believer that Bigfoot makes tree structures, the investigators claim they have found some on the property. Watch the full video below on this investigation and post a comment with what you think is going on at this farm.

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