Bigfoot hand print from Salem, MO

Evidence of Big Foot Around Salem, MO

Bigfoot Around Salem, MO And The Ozarks

This morning I was catching up on the latest in the paranormal world and ran across this excellent article about Bigfoot in Salem and the Ozarks by and thought I’d share it with you.  The reality is that there is evidence of different groups of Bigfoot living all across the country and indeed the world. As we learn more, we are likely to find that pockets of Bigfoot just about everywhere.  All these Bigfoot will share some traits, but being differently adapted to their specific environments.

In saying that, what comes to mind from the natural world is Orca pods.  All the Orca whales are the same species, but there are distinct groups that hunt different prey and have different behaviors depending on their environment. I can’t imagine that Bigfoot are any less adaptable to their surroundings.

Bigfoot Using Horses For Cover

Below are some of the highlights of the article from article about Bigfoot sightings near Salem, MO.

“I know Bigfoot is out in the woods because I’ve seen him with my own eyes,” says local resident David Prater of Salem. “You likely won’t see one unless you’re on horseback, and you’re willing to ride all day through forest, but you’ll find them if you’re patient enough.”

Prater is one of Dent County’s most senior Bigfoot trackers. He cut his teeth hunting the creature on horseback in the 1970s in the area around his native Round Spring. Prater says growing up in Shannon County, the mysterious beast was called “The Blue Man of the Mountains.”

The closest Prater says he ever came to the Blue Man was in the vicinity of Big Creek southwest of Bunker.

“Back in the ‘70s I used to track Bigfoot on horseback,” Prater says. “One day I came across one along the creek bank. It was squeezing a hedge apple in its hand and letting the juice run down its face. They’re that strong. I gave chase, but it ran into a large nearby sinkhole where I think a couple more were hiding. My horse was too scared and there was a strong foul odor emitting from the hole, so I didn’t go in to see for myself.”

Prater says he can affirm that in the sunlight a bluish hue appears as a halo around its short, dark curly hair. He also says that in his experience, the Shannon County Bigfoot tends to shadow the movements of the wild horses in the area.

“I think they use the horses as sounders, so if something startles the horses they will know there’s trouble and take off into the woods, too,” Prater says.

This is an interesting concept and one that makes sense. The horses would act as sentries and in a pinch, a backup food source.

Local Researcher Documents Evidence Of Bigfoot In The Ozarks

A local researcher, Dr. Emmett Reary had some other interesting Bigfoot encounters to relate.

“The Mark Twain National Forest is a very active area, especially around Bunker and Boss, there seems to be a lot of sightings coming from that area,” Reary says.

During his investigations, Reary says he’s found Bigfoot tracks as well as deer blinds allegedly used by the beast to hunt, and what appear to be ground shelters made of crossed boughs with long grass stacked on top.

One of the most noteworthy occurrences Reary says he recorded took place outside of Bunker on forested private property.

The Bigfoot encounters began at that location after the property owner found a recently slain deer with its head wedged into the fork of a tree 15 feet off the ground during a tour of his land via an all-terrain vehicle. Upon finding the odd sight, the discoverer went to retrieve a camera and his wife, only to return and spot that the deer was now missing.

The suspended deer carcass was a harbinger of things to come.

The property’s ATV trails soon began to be blocked by large logs which required tractors to move. Strange sounds then started coming from the woods, and rocks could to be heard at night hitting the metal roof of the home, Reary says.

During a subsequent visit to the property, two teenage grandchildren claimed they were chased by a Bigfoot while riding around on ATVs. Another visitor also said they saw a Bigfoot while weed eating, describing the creature as at least seven feet tall.

Bigfoot Is Territorial And Passive Agressive

These all make sense if a family of Bigfoot were not happy about further intrusion into their living space.  I know I’d be pissed if someone set up a house and started living in my back yard. Having Bigfoot react like this is not particularly surprising.  It does seem though that Bigfoot originated in the Seattle area because they are generally about as passive-aggressive as you can get.  Reports of knocking on homes, screams, rocks thrown at buildings, and other such actions are not uncommon.

It seems that Bigfoot knows that if it acts directly and violently, that there will be backlash.  As long as it stays out of sight and just throws rocks from the dark, no one will come after it. Sounds like most modern day Internet Trolls.

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    1. I absolutely agree with all the technology we have there’s no real good footage of Bigfoot on video. not even real good close up pictures and no remains of them when they pass away no bones no nothing.why is that if he really exist there should be more evidence of this creature called Bigfoot!!!

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