UFO over Olive Branch, MS

Olive Branch, MS Triangular Shaped UFO Captured On Video

Hard To Dispute Footage Of A UFO Over Olive Branch, MS

UFO over Olive Branch, MS
Is this a variation on the standard triangular shaped UFO? Filmed over Olive Branch, MS it appears to be just that!

This is an extremely fresh UFO video, shot near Olive Branch, MS.  Filmed by Angela Ashton of Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research in Feb. 2015, it was immediately uploaded to YouTube.

The video shows what appears to be a dark, triangular shaped craft with lights both at its points, but also on a structure underneath the main body of the craft.

In Angela’s own words:

Filmed outside my back door after seeing it from my bedroom window. Sorry it’s so shaky, but it’s snowing and cold outside & I was in a hurry, & barefooted in the snow. :-/


As UFO videos go, I particularly like this one.  Most “lights in the sky” videos are indistinct and are little more than an unidentifiable random light in the distance.  This video however is far better, and the group of lights stays consistently in pattern enough to waive away any thoughts of balloons with lights on them or Chinese Lanterns.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Olive Branch UFO?

Give this your best shot at debunking.  Is this just an illusion, meteors falling in precision, an alien ship?  Watch the video a few times through and post your comments below with your thoughts on what we are seeing in this video.  In my book, this is a definite UFO that Angela filmed in the skies over Olive Branch.  Tell me what you think.

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