UFOs buzz the Bronx???

How Many Bad UFO Stories Do We Need? Right off, let me say that I am a believer in UFOs and that something/someone is visiting this planet for reasons we don’t comprehend or at least are not being let in on. That being said, stories like “UFOs buzz the Bronx” irritate the hell out of […]

Bigfoot in New Jersey

Was a Bigfoot captured on video walking through a New Jersey park or is this just another case of mistaken identity or possibly a poorly contrived hoax. Watch the video and chime in with your thoughts on the New Jersey Bigfoot video.

Black Eyed Watcher At The Window

It is late at night and you wander to the bathroom, as you sit on the toilet your eyes wander to the window across from you.  In the half-light you see, peering in a black, soulless eye… This encounter with something Pararational was sent in to use by “George”. Something, high on the third floor […]

Black UFO spotted over New Jersey

Egg Harbor New Jersey gets some UFO activity. Details are scant as this like most reports comes from MUFON case files.  I find this one particularly interesting though because the UFO in question is reported as “gun black”.  Not the usual description for a UFO.  Additionally, it was not very big.  A scout vessel perhaps? […]