Black eye peeking in between the blinds

Black Eyed Watcher At The Window

Black eye peeking in between the blindsIt is late at night and you wander to the bathroom, as you sit on the toilet your eyes wander to the window across from you.  In the half-light you see, peering in a black, soulless eye…

This encounter with something Pararational was sent in to use by “George”. Something, high on the third floor was peering in through the bathroom window with a coal-black eye.  It happened to him years ago as a child and this encounter has stuck with him ever since.  This could easily be explained away as a peeping tom or other prowler, even in we are talking that they were on the third floor, except for one small fact that he mentions that takes this from mundane creepy to a pararational encounter with something.

When I was very young we lived in an apartment on the top floor of a three-story walk up in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Without going into any unnecessary detail, I was using the bathroom. The toilet was situated such that when “sitting down”, you were facing the window. The bathroom window was a full-sized window, one of two that opened onto a fire escape landing.

I have no recollection of actually going into the bathroom (neither at the time nor now), but I vividly – incredibly vividly – remember looking at that window, or more precisely, looking the the Venetian blind that covered the window, and seeing a large, black eye staring at me.

One thing that totally confused me when this happened, even though I was just a child, is that the slat was lifted up on the (from my perspective) left side. Not the entire slat, just the left side, creating a slanted opening through which the eye could see me. But how could that possibly be? You’d have to be on the outside, standing on the fire escape landing, WITH THE WINDOW OPEN to be able to do that. Who would do that, and why?

I didn’t think about that for more than a split second, though, before I became totally, completely terrified. I began to scream. I continued screaming, staring at that eye, until my father ran up to the outside of the bathroom door and yelled, wanting to know if I was all right, what was wrong. The eye kept staring back at me, and I kept feeling terrified, and I kept screaming, until my father hit the door with his shoulder to break into the room. It took two “hits” for the door to bang open. As soon as the first one happened, the slat in the blind dropped down, I remember hearing it; the next second the door burst open and my father, followed closely by my mom, rushed into the room.

When I told my father that there was someone on the fire escape, looking in at me, he immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY more or less dove under the blind and opened the window. No one was there, of course.

As I calmed down and gave my parents more details, my father pointed out that the window would have had to be open for someone to lift the slat of the blind. Not only was the window closed, it was locked. Therefore, the whole thing was dismissed as my imagination.

To this day I do not believe that. I have no idea what it was, but I definitely know it was NOT simple imagination.

What Could Have Raised The Blinds With The Window Closed?

How something could have raised the blinds to peer in with the window closed is the million dollar question.  Initially he thought this might be a Black Eyed Kid, but the profile doesn’t fit.  There are a whole other host of entities that have black eyes, but I haven’t heard of any that stalk windows and use telekinesis to move things.

Have you had an encounter like this one? If you have had an encounter with a black eyed entity, then send us some mail and tell us about it.  The only way we will ever solve any of the mysteries of the world is if we all share our experiences and see what we can figure out.


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  1. Man I don’t know what to say. I mean if you actually saw a BEK looking at you while you were um doing your business I’d say you need to set some traps Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch whoever or whatever it was that you saw

    1. Interesting indeed my friend. For all we know they could be watching “OUR EVERY SINGLE MOVEMENT” From every bite of food we eat, and the somewhat “Peaceful” nights. Just think of it, being stalked by these children and not knowing how to fight them off. Soon you’ll begin to see that fighting these “Fallen Angels” is pointless….

      -The Unknown

  2. I would have freaked if I was a kid too! Hell I would have freaked and I am older! If something were to come to peer into my bathroom window at night I would definitely freak out! Because they would have to go thru 4 dogs that tear everything apart that crosses our land and if they don’t bark and I am seeing something they are dead.I imagine that if the entity had a solid black eye and could levitate 3 stories that for sure it could probably move things with a thought. Maybe you saw something from another plain like there is the human plain then the ghostly plain then the demonic plain.(I am probably spelling plain wrong.You know what I mean) I have seen to many things to say it was your imagination. Dead eye was right maybe you could put a motion sensor on the outside of the window.

    1. Thank you Dawn I’m glad someone agrees with me I think whoever saw this thing at his window should burn some sage or use an incantation to protect himself or set a drop-down cage trap and maybe he’ll have good luck in trapping that critter

  3. Hmmm… have you considered that this may be human with telekinetic powers, and black eyes? Like, a demon worshipper or something.

  4. O..M..GOD! This man is telling the absolute truth, and I know for a fact he is! Because I was searching for answers about my recent, current and ongoing problem with the same thing, but my experience has been much deeper and worse than strange! My family suggested hallucinations, and they had me convinced until I actually caught it on video, and again on camera! This is the worst part of all; it can get inside your house, it can spy on you from anywhere [especially a hole of any kind], it can and does move objects in your room! Telling and screaming at it does no good, it isn’t even phased by it. Imagine the horror I felt when I looked up at the ceiling one night, in the wee hours of the morning, and saw two of them glaring back at me! I have had as many as 20 or more come at me at once, they were outside, but there is so much more to my sorry, too much to yell here. I’m being stalled and terrorized by this evil entity, and I’m crying out daily for help and answers…to no avail!!

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