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Black UFO spotted over New Jersey

Egg Harbor New Jersey gets some UFO activity.

Details are scant as this like most reports comes from MUFON case files.  I find this one particularly interesting though because the UFO in question is reported as “gun black”.  Not the usual description for a UFO.  Additionally, it was not very big.  A scout vessel perhaps?

On the Mutual UFO Network website, the witness’s response was logged:

“I was sitting on my back porch watching the doves in the trees i saw a small object coming from from the left about 200 or 300 ft. off the ground across the trees in front of me above my house. It then looked like a bird to me at first then it looked like balloons and then it got closer, I could see what it was, it looked gun black, about 10 ft round and 6 to 8 ft tall. It looked like a thread bobbing, it flew across the sky, the same speed and until it went out of my sight. It took about 30 seconds to go from left to right, absolutely no noise, it blew my mind. I could not believe I saw that in the sky. I live 2 miles from FAA center in New Jersey. I have seen every plane that the air force has flown over my house, it was not a plane.”

No images or videos were included with MUFON Case 46748.

Have you seen any UFOs?

Have you seen this same UFO flying over New Jersey?  If you have, post a comment here so we can follow up with you!

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