Wildhorse Lake Bigfoot Video

Did This Family Accidentally Film Bigfoot Swimming? The YouTube channel Borean Calling uploaded this video of the Wildhorse Lake Bigfoot. Stated to have been shot on July 16th 2016  in the Steens Mountains of Oregon. The Wildhorse Lake Bigfoot video shows something fleeing the lake and sprinting across the open field for cover. It is big, moves […]

February 2013 Grants Pass Oregon UFO Sighting

What did this Oregon couple film in the skies of Oregon? OK, I would love to say this couple got good footage of a UFO over Oregon, but I am not laying any bets on it.  The couple reports seeing a single bright object that bounced around in the sky.  A quick check shows that […]

UFO Festival in Oregon

2013 UFO Festival in McMinnville, OR Just a quick post to remind everyone in the Northwest about the McMinnville UFO Festival that is coming up in May.  There will be a parade, talks, costumes, vendors and all sorts of UFO fun. Currently we are setting up plans to attend, so if you are going, please […]

Bigfoot Recording from the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Are Foxes, Coyotes or Bigfoot Screaming in the Night Near Pendleton? The Oregonian’s online site Oregon Live published a report on Jan 21, 2013 that residents of the Umatilla Indian Reservation near Pendleton, OR have been hearing bone chilling screams coming from the wetlands and wilds of the reservation. Located on the edge of the […]