February 2013 Grants Pass Oregon UFO Sighting

What did this Oregon couple film in the skies of Oregon? OK, I would love to say this couple got good footage of a UFO over Oregon, but I am not laying any bets on it.  The couple reports seeing a single bright object that bounced around in the sky.  A quick check shows that […]

UFO Shines Ray on the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest

This sort of reporting give UFO research a bad name! In my inbox this morning is this news article from the DailyMail website out of the UK.  This is crap reporting at its best!  I am not an optical expert, but I would lay my $50 on the table that the solution to the question […]

January 8, 2013 UFO Sighting Over Amherst

What was the UFO spotted over Amherst and Pelham? On January 8th of 2013 residents in both Amherst and Pelham Massachusetts reported seeing a triangular or diamond shaped aircraft about two or three car lengths long,  flying overhead from about 5:45 to 6:30 p.m.  The object appeared to travel slowly and silently and moved unusually […]