UFO filmed from airline window over Washington DC

Is this a UFO flying over Washington DC?

For once I won’t say that this UFO that was filmed from a plane in flight from Washington DC to Denver is a reflection on the glass or optics trick in the camera.  The lighted object is too solid and distinct for that.  Whatever was filmed was a real object.  That just leaves the question of what is it?

The object in question appears at about the 0:33 mark in the video after the photographer attempts to get his camera to focus on the wing tip of the plane.

 Possible explanations for this UFO

One person commented that it could be landing lights from another plane.  This is possible, as the flight was only a few minutes out of DC, but the UFO/plane shows no other lights so unless the landing lights were drowning them out, this answer seems unlikely.  Additionally, most large planes have a set of landing lights instead of one big light as we see in this video.

A really bright star might be source of this UFO sighting.  It may be the case that when the camera was really zoomed in on the horizon that it could pick up the light of a particularly bright star or planet.  I know…   The dreaded Venus explanation, but quite often it is the case that bright stars are mistaken as UFOs.  This would explain why he couldn’t see it or find it again once he zoomed back out.

The last option is that he did actually film a UFO from the window of his plane.  With it being so far away and it only being a point of light though, it does make it difficult to identify.

In any case, this is far closer to solid evidence than more recent “UFO sightings” like Russell Crowe’s not so alien UFO photos.


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  1. This is my video – thanks for the comments. I agree with your assessment completely. I have no idea what this is for sure. I’ve received some comments accusing me of trickery, so it was nice to read your very rational comments. I’ve made it clear when I posted the video that I am more than happy to fully cooperate with anyone who wishes to do a serious analysis of the video, as I am just as curious as everyone else. Thanks again.

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