Australian police post UFO video

Broome Australia’s police posted to their Twitter account, surveillance video that shows what may be a UFO in the sky after a lightning storm.

UFO Spotted Over San Antonio Feb 2016

UFO Or Just A Cloud Hovering Over San Antonio? Some UFO videos are pretty clear cut in what they are.  Some are just indistinct dots of light that really don’t tell us anything.  Others are ambiguous to the point of being impossible to decipher. That is the case with this video, shot in February of […]

Olive Branch, MS Triangular Shaped UFO Captured On Video

Hard To Dispute Footage Of A UFO Over Olive Branch, MS This is an extremely fresh UFO video, shot near Olive Branch, MS.  Filmed by Angela Ashton of Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research in Feb. 2015, it was immediately uploaded to YouTube. The video shows what appears to be a dark, triangular shaped craft with lights both […]

Updated Photos Of The Baltic Underwater Disk

No One Has Fully Identified This Object Yet Conjecture has been flying over what this object on the bottom of the Botnia Gulf in the Baltic Sea is yet, but no one has come up with a definitive answer yet. “As laymen, we can only speculate how this [could be] made by nature, but this […]

Shiny UFO Filmed Over Milan

Big, Bright And Formless UFO Video What exactly is this UFO filmed over Milan on July 6, 2014?  Is this an alien craft shape changing or something terrestrial? I have my suspicions it is something mundane, but as usual, the video is not quite clear enough to make a positive identification. Amazing footage, and probably […]

UFO Photographed Over Stirling Golf Course in Scotland

What Was Photographed In The Scottish Skies? Recently in the UFO Sightings group on Google+, the following image was posted. Captured by Brian Mcphee, it was taken at the Stirling Golf Course in Scotland on 3/20/14 at 7:09 PM.  He posed the question to the group as to what he might have caught a picture of, stating […]

UFO Photo Bombs Selfie

“We took the picture and uploaded it to Facebook and it was one of our friends who noticed the strange object behind our heads.” he said speaking of the UFO in the background of his photo.

UFO Docked At ISS

Is This a UFO or Something Else At the ISS? Claims are rolling around the Internet that a UFO docked with the International Space Station on January 29, 2014 and that the evidence was caught on NASA’s own live video feed.  The story first surfaced on the Examiner website. Yesterday the entire footage of what […]

US Government, UFOs and The Brazilian Government

Miner says that American agents monitor cabinet of president and try to prevent alien contact I found this article on and thought it was a bit interesting.  The idea that US agents are manipulating the Brazilian government is interesting.  Of course the article is a bit choppy as it is a Google translated document.  Of course […]

UFO filmed from airline window over Washington DC

Is this a UFO flying over Washington DC? For once I won’t say that this UFO that was filmed from a plane in flight from Washington DC to Denver is a reflection on the glass or optics trick in the camera.  The lighted object is too solid and distinct for that.  Whatever was filmed was […]