Provo Utah Bigfoot 01/02/19

While loading up their cars, a family spots a Bigfoot lurking in the hills near their home outside of Provo Utah. Luckily they had the presence of mind to film it as it moved around.

Is Susan Powell Haunting Her Former Home?

Would You Live In A Murdered Woman’s Home? For¬†Joanna Aeosana, the answer to the question of if she would live in a murdered woman’s home is clear. ¬†She wouldn’t! Recently Joanna Aeosana moved her family into a home that she thought was perfect in West Valley City, but things started happening. She hears voices, strange noises and […]

Southern Utah Bigfoot Photo

Real Photo OF Bigfoot In Utah? Did a hiker get lucky with this Southern Utah Bigfoot photo? A listener to 95.9 The Hawk KZHK in Utah recently had a listener send in a Southern Utah Bigfoot photo that she had taken. Of course it is shot from too far away and isn’t entirely clear. Of […]