Provo Bigfoot

Provo Utah Bigfoot 01/02/19

Bigfoot filmed in the hills of Utah

In a recent video uploaded by Austin Craig on the 2nd of January 2019, shows what appears to be a Bigfoot skulking around the hills near Provo Utah.

While the family is loading up to go somewhere, they notice a large dark figure up on the hill behind their housing development. What surprises them is the sheer size of what they are looking at.

“Seriously look how big it is,” a man’s voice could be heard saying in the video. “It’s just chilling.”

While the video does not show a clear shot of the Bigfoot, it seems unlikely that any giant human would be randomly wandering around the hills of Utah in January like this.

Follow up investigation

Following up on this sighting, the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Investigation group took a trip out to the location to see if they could verify what was seen and possibly find any evidence of the Bigfoot.

If you fast forward to the 20:00 mark in the video, they actually do find some Bigfoot tracks in the area where the video shows it to have been. My guess is that it was out tracking the local deer and looking for lunch.


In my book, this is pretty clearly a Bigfoot sighting and some of the better evidence out there. We have footage of a large figure matched up with footprints. It would be great if the video was a little clearer, but it is good enough to make some determinations what it isn’t.

What are your thoughts? Is this a Utah Bigfoot we are seeing? If you have seen something similar, let us know!

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