Mystery Boom Over West Virginia

fireball and boom over West Virginia

West Virginia Under Attack From Space Something shook up the people of Boone, Lincoln, and Logan in West Virginia lately.  Shortly after 10 p.m. on May 15, 2014 a loud boom was heard that was so intense that it shook people’s homes to the foundation.    This is a similar report to the ones of mystery […]

Blue Triangle UFO Spotted over Charleston

Triangle Shaped UFO with Blue lights

Two witnesses driving east along I-64 in Charleston, WV, reported  to MUFON that they witnessed  a triangle-shaped object with blue lights at each point, using what they called “advanced maneuvers” at lightning speed before simply vanishing before their eyes. The couple spotted the UFO while on their way to Kansas City, KS, on May 30, […]

Flatwoods Monster

Drawing of what the Flatwoods Monster looked like to the witnesses.

What Exactly Was the Flatwoods Monster? In the early evening of Sept. 12th 1952 near Flatwoods, West Virginia, a group of people came face to face with what would be commonly known as the Flatwoods Monster.  Several other names have popped up over the years,  such as the Braxton County Monster or the Phantom of […]