fireball and boom over West Virginia

Mystery Boom Over West Virginia

West Virginia Under Attack From Space

Something shook up the people of Boone, Lincoln, and Logan in West Virginia lately.  Shortly after 10 p.m. on May 15, 2014 a loud boom was heard that was so intense that it shook people’s homes to the foundation.    This is a similar report to the ones of mystery booms over Spokane and unexplained booms in the skies over Twin Falls Idaho, as well as others across the country.  Call centers were flooded with reports from scared people all across the area.  While it seems strange at first, the source of the mystery booms, while far from terrestrial is not that mystical.

Meteor Detonating Theory

Unless you really want to get into the conspiracy theory end of things, the most likely source of all these mystery booms is meteors entering the atmosphere, heating up, then detonating before they reach the ground.  Lots of noise, a fiery light in the sky, it all fits.  Here is even video of the suspected metor that caused the mystery boom in West Virginia.

 No Aliens This Time

Sadly it wasn’t an alien craft losing an engine as it cruised through the atmosphere, just a boring old meteor.  Analysts do think that chunks of it may have landed in Tennessee which means you can bet that the meteor hounds like The Meteor Men will be on the scene looking for chunks of it!


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