1948 UFO dogfight over North Dakota

1948 Dogfight with a UFO over North Dakota

This is a report that I hadn’t heard before. A US military pilot chased a UFO around the skies over Fargo, North Dakota for nearly a half hour in October of 1948

Here is an excerpt from the Grand Forks Herald on the incident:

According to a story in The Fargo Forum dated Oct. 3, 1948, Gorman was flying near Hector Field, about two and a half miles from the football field, when an air traffic controller told him about a small Piper Cub in the area.

He acknowledged the smaller plane about 500 feet below, but a few minutes later, he spotted something else.

He said it was a “flying disk,” was round with well-defined edges, brilliantly lit and circling slowly over the city. He asked the tower about the object, and they said they only saw Gorman’s plane and the Piper Cub. This object was not showing up on radar.

Grand Forks Herald

Gorman UFO Dogfight Video

If you haven’t seen it, the History channel even featured the Gorman UFO on one of their episodes. How much more credible of a witness do we need than a trained military pilot and nearly a half hour of close contact with a UAP?

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