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Brenda Hamliton – Death by Dogman

Brenda Hamilton was attacked by some unknown animal and ultimately died of her wounds. No one can say what attacked her, but I think it could have been a Dogman.

Pythian Castle Ghosts and hauntings

The Pythian Castle in Missouri is one of the most haunted places you can hope to ever visit. Strange sounds, objects moving and even shadows and ghosts can all be seen here.

The Tuxedo Man phenomenon

Strange humans wearing tuxedos and with superhuman abilities. Alien creatures in tuxedos. There is something odd going on in the world and we want to know more.

Bigfoot Posts

Provo Utah Bigfoot 01/02/19

While loading up their cars, a family spots a Bigfoot lurking in the hills near their home outside of Provo Utah. Luckily they had the presence of mind to film it as it moved around.

Bigfoot protects 3 year old for two nights in the woods

Casey Hathaway was missing for two nights, and when he was found, he had a strange tale to tell. He says that a friendly bear kept him safe in the woods.

Bigfoot family sighted in Colorado

Two hunters our scouting deer find more than they expected when they spot not one, but a whole family of Bigfoot crossing a hillside.

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Black Eyed Kids

What are Black Eyed Kids

Starting from one well publicized report of Black Eyed Children by Brian Bethel back in the late 90s, more are more reports of creepy children have started rolling in. This has many people looking for the answer as to what are Black Eyed Kids.  History of Black Eyed Children Anecdotal reports of encounters that may […]

Are Black Eyed Children real?

Black Eyed Kids are super scary but are BEKs real? We get a fair number of Black Eyed Children reports but every else always asks the same question and that is ‘are Black Eyed Children real?’ This article will go over this question and try its best answer that question. What Are Black Eyed Children […]

/u/FatNDepressed Black Eyed Children Photo

In August of 2017, Reddit user FatNDepressed  got multiple alerts on his phone that something was triggering the motion sensor on his doorbell camera.  If you aren’t familiar with these, they are a doorbell with an automatic sensor in it that detects motion and starts taking photos.   What he saw when he checked the photos he took […]

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UFOs and Aliens

Driver blames UFO for accident

A driver in California claims that it was an extraterrestrials fault that his van went off the road and rolled over. He claims that it was a UFO that forced him off the road.

Black square UFO over Conyers, GA

UFO researches struggle to explain a square UFO spotted in the skies of Georgia. The reports to MUFON state that on January 30th, 2019, a large square UFO moved across the sky slowly despite heavy winds. They also remarked that it didn’t wobble or turn like you would expect a balloon to do under those […]

UFO recharging in a lightning storm

Was a UFO recharging its batteries in a lightning storm? Chatrooms are buzzing with talk of this video that supposedly shows a UFO recharging its batteries in a lightning storm. Uploaded in November of 2018, by Allan Diablo, this video, for a few frames, shows a mysterious object illuminated by a flash of lightning. Could […]

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