Dash Cam Armagh Ghost Video

Armagh Ghost Dash Cam Footage Debunked

The Armagh Ghost Isn’t A Ghost

Dash Cam Armagh Ghost VideoPeople are often quick to believe what they want to be true.

As a writer on the paranormal subjects, I too long for great evidence of ghosts, a good video of Bigfoot or undeniable truth that aliens are visiting us.

That desire though can blind us to simple answers. Often times what people think is a Bigfoot is really a stump, UFOs merely Chinese lanterns and in this case the ghost, very explainable.

In this case, footage of what appears to be a ghost crossing the street and walking through a fence was uploaded to YouTube.  Recorded at Vicars Hill in Armagh in Northern Ireland, just outside the grounds of the Church of Ireland Cathedral it is at least initially eye catching and remarkably intriguing. The footage was caught on a dash cam, insert sarcasm here, so of course it is super high quality.

vicars hill ghost debunkedSome simple digging makes it pretty clear what we are seeing here.  Someone is emerging from a gap on the left and going through one on the right that is obscured by the dismal camera quality and angle to the fence.

The obvious conclusion is that this is just a mundane occurrence that look far spookier than it really is. Other events are harder to explain. If you want to see what I mean, check out our Top 10 Unexplained Paranormal Phenomena. #3 is one of my favorite ones to try and explain!

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