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US Government, UFOs and The Brazilian Government

Miner says that American agents monitor cabinet of president and try to prevent alien contact

Brazilian UFO consipiracy theoristI found this article on and thought it was a bit interesting.  The idea that US agents are manipulating the Brazilian government is interesting.  Of course the article is a bit choppy as it is a Google translated document.  Of course I am a bit skeptical with the 2012 references thrown in there.

A miner of 55 years who presents himself as cosmic ambassador tries to get authorization from the federal government for the landing of a spacecraft in Belo Horizonte in July this year and says that the project is hampered by the presence of U.S. agents who monitor cabinet. “I’m in a power struggle with the U.S. government with two tax installed in a room next to Dilma.” He says he sent a letter to President Dilma Rousseff and has repeatedly called for the Presidency aides to get the nod. “I had to sell my home connection so I have done if the phone was not 0800,” he said, referring to a ruling against a carrier that would have allowed six months of free calls. Marques says it sent, besides the letter, a thorough documentation able to demonstrate the influence of what he calls “superior technology” in the demonstrations of June. “Many people have seen UFOs flying over the protesters,” he says. The Marquis himself had facilitated the action of this technology to Extermination in late 2012 the obelisk in the center of Belo Horizonte (popularly known as “Lollipop”) with holy water from the Archangel Gabriel in order to awaken the Brazilian giant. The giant even has a name. “It espatacassauro. Whoever espatacassa evil with a nudge of the dinosaur. ” The extermination happened on the date scheduled for the end of the world December 21. For the occasion, Marques had also requested the municipality to release the obelisk for the landing of a craft area. The event will bring together approximately 140 thousand participants. The city denied permission on the grounds that the site would not be able to host a meeting of such scope.The lack of openness to the prefecture negotiations provoked the fury of espatacassauro that, according to Marques, was responsible for the death of protesters viaduct Jose Alencar during a series of protests. Besides the existence of espatacassauro, Marques shoots with tranquility and soft voice, a series of revelations as “Gandalf is Paraguay”, “the ‘lollipop’ is a replica of a Martian obelisk” and “there’s a ship like a door- aircraft behind the Pope’s Square. ” The biggest concern him, however, is to get permission for landing of July, because he believes that nature can bring back to their families missing persons – relatives make since joined advance. The letter sent to the President cites only Belo Horizonte, but he is also in contact with authorities Varginha, where the president said last year that “has too much respect” the famous local ET. Marques also want to warn President Dilma there extraterrestrial technology that allows you to stop the rains leave thousands homeless throughout the country Generously, he takes one last orientation that considers important. When a UFO sighting, it must be said “the archangel Gabriel, I am in contact” to receive the protection of the guardian of the human race. If flies who have bad intentions, will be located.

I would like to hear from anyone down in Brazil that has some input on this story.  I am curious if there is any other evidence to the idea that the US government is suppressing the Brazilian government from releasing information on UFOs.

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