tips on protecting yourself from shadow people

How To Protect Yourself From Shadow People And The Hat Man

Shadow peopleIf you have seen one, you are likely wondering how to protect yourself from shadow people and The Hat Man.

While there are no definitive steps for protecting yourself from all types of shadow people, there are some general things you can do to deter them from bothering you.

The first thing to do is to remember that you aren’t alone, other people have seen these entities and you are not defenseless against them, even though some of them may want you to believe that.

Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

There seems to be a general trend for shadow people and The Hat Man to be attracted to negative energy of all sorts.  My fist line of defense against shadow people is start clearing out all the negative energy in your life.  This includes all the personal negativity and that which surrounds you.

Clearing negativity can be a huge task, but it can be what the shadow people are encouraging and feeding on. Start with your personal being and ridding yourself of negativity. You may want to seek professional help to rid yourself of the negativity that has attached itself to you.  Consider giving your home and life a spiritual housecleaning.

Foremost, remember that negativity is what these creatures tend to generate in your life. You protect yourself from shadow people by being positive and not feeding them.


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Call On Higher Powers For Protection

Sometimes we all need assistance, and if being stalked by a negative energy, it is advisable to call upon whatever positive spirits that you can for assistance.

Whether a God, spirit, angel or ancestors, calling upon them to lend you their energy and protection can help protect you from shadow people including the Hat Man.

Take some time, especially every night before bed to both call upon your protecting spirits/energies to watch over you and give them your thanks for doing so.

Do Not Dabble In The Paranormal

While it isn’t always the case, people playing in the paranormal realm can inadvertently gain the attention of shadow people by their actions.

If you are toying with summoning rituals, divination, channeling and other such practices without taking the appropriate precautions you may be ringing the ethereal dinner bell for these entities. This is particularly dangerous if you are doing any sort of practice that involves channeling or divination like Ouija Board sessions where spirits work through you.

If you have recently seen a shadow person or Hat Man, stop to consider what if anything you may have done to get their attention. If you can think of something, you should probably stop until you have gotten rid of it and gotten proper training.

Protect Yourself From Shadow People At Night

In most cases, shadow people and the Hat Man prey upon people at night. The dark is their friend and you are psychically at your most vulnerable when you are asleep.

As mentioned, asking for protection during the night is helpful.  You may also want to add some sort of protective circle around your bed. There are many variations on this, but most include laying down a circle of sea salt around your bed and declaring the area is not to be entered.

You may also consider eliminating any large shadows from the room. Since these creatures seem to come from these dark places. The lack of shadows will deprive them of a place to approach you from. It is no guarantee, but my help dissuade them to come after you.  To sleep, try using an eye pillow or blindfold to protect your eyes from the light.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Help

If you have a shadow person or Hat Man that is attached to you and these steps haven’t gotten rid of it, don’t hesitate to get help. Strong attachments can require professionals to break.  Talk to your priest, spiritual adviser or so on and get rid of your attachment. The longer it is in place, the more difficult it will be to remove.

There is no 100% guaranteed way to protect yourself from shadow people, but these steps will make them less likely to be attracted to you.

Please post your thoughts on ridding yourself of shadow people or what you have done to get rid of the hat man. Trust me, other people will want to know how you did it.

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  1. Shadow Person encounter, Fall 2013, Niceville, FL
    – After recently moving into a home in Niceville I experienced an encounter with a shadow person. It happed a few months after we moved into the home. To set the visual, this happened in the nighttime hours in my bedroom. My bed was facing the door to the hallway. In the hallway was a soft blue LED nightlight along the floor in the socket. This provided enough light to see well. This particular night I awoke for an unknown reason and peered down the hallway while still lying down. A quick flash of light appeared and when it extinguished I noticed a shadow person about 6’6″ in height. The flash of light appeared to have come from the area of it’s heart. While still visible, due to the nightlight, I watched it walk deliberately into my room and make a 45 degree turn to round my bed. When it did that I could see the human walking motion of the swinging arms and legs. it then walked up alongside my bed until it was even to my chest area and turned to face me. It was about a foot away from the bed. It had no facial features or eyes and was slightly deformed in that it’s hips were larger and higher up on its “body” than a human’s. I was not afraid at all, no fear, just in a state of wonder. Right after I looked up at it is when I fell back to sleep. Almost as if it made me go back to sleep. I woke the next day and told my wife about it and she said not to tell the children. I never had another encounter with this shadow person but did have experiences in the home with swirling blackness throughout the room at night. The swirling blackness was a bit more intimidating than the shadow person.

  2. I and my family have been terrorized by these shadow beings for 25 years. Altho prayers to God do make them leave, they always come back later. We actually had a whole year of peace before they made their appearance at our new home. When my daughter moved to another state, they followed her. Well, I should say some of them followed her, we still had our intruders. We have had times where the visits are few, then get hit with a constant battle. whatever these evil beings are, they change. After years of only shadows, we started getting things that look like us. example..I was in bed, and from my room I can see into the kitchen. I saw my daughter in there, but she looked odd. I repeatedly called her and she ignored me, just looking at me, then walked away. I continued to call er, when my younger daughter came in and asked what I needed. I told her and she said that her sister had been in the shower, and still was, the whole time. The next day, I realized that my “daughter” had a hairstyle from the year before, and judging her height to the cabinets would make her 4 feet tall, she is 5’7. And where she walked, she would of walked into the wall. This has happened many many times, with different people. And others have seen ‘them’. When ‘they’ are close, the air is still, almost like in a vacuum. The room is darker, somehow. We can always ‘feel’ them when they are close. We have had our house blessed, but it only slowed it down temporarily. They do come less often now, thankfully, buit I dont think they will ever leave.

  3. When I was a kid i seen them every night for about 3 years from what i remember i would go from peacefully sleeping to heart pounding, and crippling fear, i was free to move but the experience was so terrifying, I would freeze, I remember my heart would pound so hard i could feel it thru my head. I remember, I would experience them several ways, Manifest from the corner of the room from a small cloud form to human form. I would waik up from my sleep and i was allways afraid to look but the fuckers would be standing next to my bed side watching me or standing bed side bent over me watching me. the worst would be i would waik up hearing them walking towards me, i still remember the sound of foot steps on carpet and thinking about it now i think they purposely walked slowly towards me to climax my fear and anxiety…A very memorable shadow person I would see almost every night didn’t have red eyes but it had a (RED OUTLINE or DIM GLOW)…now as a adult Im not a religious person. but I was forcefully raised catholic. Now The big trip is I absolutely stopped seeing them after my first communion ceremony, never again did i have to live through that shit, Bottom line im not a religious person BUT there is something to it and it’s there, and that something is real.

  4. Hello everyone I didn’t want to even write about any of my supernatural experiences that expanded throughout my whole life. But when it comes to shadow freaks their demons point blank I’ve dealt with full form demons that looked like a regular people despite how they move and look plus dealt with red eyed shadow people. The thing that worked for me is holy candles swinging at them with weapons ( swords, blunt objects) doesn’t do anything there extremely fast. Also chasing them down works but your opening yourself up for attacks. If your being haunted by shadow freaks grab a holy candle and make your stand demanding them to leave. When I dealt with them the last time I kneeled down in front of one that was two inches away asking it to give me their powers. Nothing really happened but fastfowarding a few years I was being attacked by a demonic entity when hiking in the woods that tried to possess me but I break free. I was called a hunter but by far this isn’t a fairytale just regular life with a guy that got pissed off with being haunted and decided to fight back
    #Shadow People

  5. I been dealing with a very strange situation it started about 3-4 months ago it comes in different forms in my house and sometimes other places its a transparent figure that comes to me and its doing something 2 my back i can feel when its touching my on my foot my head n back during the day its these clouds that follow me everywhere i go and no one seems to notice also at night theres this drone making a helicopter noise that follows me everywhere i go one day i decided 2 record it and when i did there was no drone instead it was a yellowish bubble that was changing back in forth from a round circle to a boiling bubbly type of form who can i go to for help??? a few churches i went to thought i was crazy i didnt have proof at the time i had erased the footage i had thinking mabey that was the reason it doesnt leave me alone

  6. A shadow man killed my older brother and I think he’s after my family I know its the orignal hat man from legends cause I acidently freed him from picture by droping it and his shadow energy came out I need any hints tips or anything to combat thithis creature I have no fear but I also have no usefull knowlage for weaknesses or advantages and no matter what I call upon nothing is strong enough to stop him im very serious and would appreciate any help possible reach me at [email protected] or more direct at my fb messager Dante watheart

  7. I experienced psychic abilities and when I was younger I had them more often then I really wanted to and I started turning it off. Every so often I can tell when something’s going to go happen or go wrong. I hear things that aren’t there and see things. My mom use to tell me never tell anyone these stories. But the other night I was at my sister’s sleeping on the floor and I heard spoon hitting a bowl it could have been a cup but I don’t know. It was loud and annoying and when I turned to look I saw a dark figure by me and dismissed it thinking it was my husband when I awoke and spoke to him about eating in the room he laughed said it wasn’t him and I must of been dreaming. Which why would he be doing it in the room lol. But I know it someone getting my attention but why and in my sister house of all things. Every vision and hearing been in my homes and vehicle.

  8. I’ve had this reoccurring phenomenon of a black mass Shadow standing over the foot of my bed at night. I wake up to find a very tall large cloud like black mass at the foot of my bed. I’m unable to move. I can open my eyes. I can look left to right. I could see the furniture in my room. at the time I had a roommate that was fast asleep. I saw him in his bed. I was paralyzed looking at this black mass. this has happened several times to me over the years. the last time it happened is about a year ago. I had once again woken up to the Black Mass at the foot of my bed. unable to move but able to look around and see my surroundings everything was as it should be other than the black Mass. unable to move this last time I became instead of afraid I became angry and I fought it and I fought it and I fought it and finally was able to sit up and break free of the paralyzation. once I sat up the Black Mass was still there. suddenly the second I became up right in my bed it seemed like the black mass caused electricity to flow through my head I could feel it arcing up and down from my lower jaw to my top jaw. this went on for a couple of seconds and then it was gone. I truly don’t know what to make of this.
    The one difference between the last time it happened to all the other times is.
    I was always paralyzed and unable to move any thing but my eyes and in a horrifying state of fear. The last time I remember thinking to my self as this phenomenon started was oh man this freaking thing is back again. Instead of fear I was angry it was back again. I fought the paralyzation with every thing I had in me. I broke free from it. I feel this may have pissed it off causing it to create
    A sense of being electrocuted. This entity has not returned since then and I hope it don’t rerun. IF ANY ONE OUT THERE CAN SHED MORE LIGHT ON THIS PLEASE EMAIL ME at
    [email protected].

  9. I been seen this man in black with a black hat in my dreams every day , it’s trying to attack me and my child in every dream I have he’s even trying to stab my baby or trying to choke him , I am really desperate and I don’t know what to do , I wake up with my heart pounding, I feel the attacks are real , and I always check on my baby , I even sleep with him now because I’m in fear he’s gonna do something to him

    1. I am sorry to hear about your common problem. It’s not your imagination. Try not to focus on it. Fasting. It seems hard at first. It’s not if you start in the morning. Eat a little, like 3 cashews, when you get hungry. You can still eat like a normal meal. Like a big mac combo. Which is like 1500 cal. But you’ll notice a difference when you fast. Be positive, pray. Renounce the devil out loud. Stay away from the occult. De clutter your house. There is not a quick fix. Fasting is the biggest and positivity. Your not alone.

    I am that I am making a True best friend
    Indeed My Lover for what good is My Heaven
    If I am that I am all alone,.. God
    (meaning from your God,..The I am that I am One God Most High to just why Your creator that I am creates and sometimes allows everything and anything at all to remain in existence,..
    And so,.. same with you,.. who is made out of My Own Image,.. you do this same thing in your everyday life,.. and yes,.. sadly sometimes with out Me,.. All because it is not good to be alone,.. and so,.. as well,.. same with all spirits good, Bad, fair or foul,.. They all are trying to mimic what I am that I am doing in My Way,.. but yes,..sadly,..even onto their own destruction by doing things in their own wrong ways,..
    I am that I am a jealous God,.. I will repay,..

    I am that I am The Conscience of Perfection, The Committed Word of Perfection and The Holy Essence of Perfection which is Perfection itself in motion,.. and,.. never,.. not even once,.. do I not hear my “NAME” so be my Lover,.. be clean, Holy and Righteous with My Holy Oil on your head,.. and say my personal “NAME” given,.. in my Son,.. in my Holy Spirit Love,.. my Lover,.. and I will come and no one will stand against you,.. Shalom.

  11. You said; While there are no definitive steps for protecting yourself from all types of shadow people

    That’s Wrong – Answer is Most High but you leave people in Dark by saying in your 1st out of the gate statement of > “ While there are no definitive steps for protecting yourself from all types of shadow people.” Remember if something is again no matter what it is,.. even if it’s a byproduct meaning; All of anything was intelligently created and all came from it’s one source and that one source had enough intelligence to create it even if after it created something in that a intelligent or not intelligent byproduct was created from and of something then that too will only work it back to The First Most High One so by your statement it is the original creator
    Who created it and allows it to exist even if it’s a byproduct of something else it too so anything and everything is still under the umbrella of and owes its existence to The Most High intelligent One Who creates and allows all things to exist again even if it’s a byproduct of something else to something else it is The Most High One who can
    Get rid of it as well so Now think about your opening statement logically now Picture of yourself trying to convince The First Most High One that it does have they answer to get rid of something that
    He created even if it is a byproduct that he is again allowing to exist. > intelligently speaking logically putting it to you your answer will always be in the truth of The Way of The Most High Living One God.

  12. Sorry for the type I was eating lunch
    And came back to web site to see if you posted Most High words about what he is doing and why things are the way they are
    And noticed you didn’t bother to put up his
    Words of Help to Help others
    So I re- noticed your open statement
    And wanted to help

    And you should really put up Most High’s words
    So he is happy and as for me I’m just your Brother
    So you don’t have too > look for earlier text of
    God’s talking about him making a true best Friend,
    Indeed his Lover > look for that prior text because that’s God > if you decide not too well that’s between you and him Brother so be clean Holy Righteous with Holy Oil on your Head in Christ.

  13. Fasting help tremendously. Eat just a little when your hungry. Eat just one main meal a day. Like a big mac combo. You will notice a big difference. Especially when your fasting. As mentioned above. Clean your environment. Be weary the shadow people will want you to sin. So stay sober and be aware. Watch comedies that don’t laugh at others. Iron sometimes helps, vitamin b’s. Prayer can help. Mostly when combined with fasting. It will get easier with practice. Be good, be safe. Don’t do occult

  14. I need Help!! This was out of the blue and have been researching which led me here. I don’t get it. Why would I see this? I was awake and well and happy. I’m sooo confused. Can someone please elaborate?? Please??!!!!??

  15. hi!! so i have a friend and he has been starting to see the hat man a lot now. he encountered it once when he was a little younger, and the other day he seen the hat man in the corner of his room. he also found out that his father also seen it, and that his cousin seen it, but not in his house. this means that the hat man is attacking the whole family, not just a household. any advice i can give to my friend about this?? maybe how to get rid of it?? thank u!

  16. To Tatiana,

    You can use a spell to protect your child. Even years later. That’s how mine stopped. Praying helped but they always came back until I started practicing with using my own energy and being in better control of my own actions in my nightmares as well. You are also a powerful entity, just in a human form right now. Sending protective energy to you and your child. No matter which route you’ve chosen.

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