Tips on how to get rid of Shadow People

How to get rid of shadow people

You wake up and there is a tall, black mass standing in the doorway. Your lungs tighten, your heart begins to race. “What is it?” races through your mind. You try to logic it away as just a trick of the light, but then you realize it has eyes and is looking at YOU. Panicking, your brain tries again to justify it. You are asleep, just seeing thing, something explainable must be the cause. Then you see it turn and vanish into the wall. You have seen a shadow person. Now your only though is on how to get rid of shadow people.

Did you actually see a Shadow Person

Before we start diving into how to get rid of shadow people, we should make sure that you actually encountered a shadow person. The first thing to do is rule out any of the mundane explanations. The primary culprit is some form of Sleep Paralysis.  This can leave you in a very terrifying state of being partially awake and partially asleep and experiencing some very crazy things. Jaimes Roe who has interviewed over 80 people that have seen shadow people repeatedly state:

“people I interviewed describe the encounters in much the same way that people describe sleep paralysis episodes.The person sees the shadow person/people and can’t move, often has difficulty breathing, and feels overwhelming fear. When the shadow person/people disappear, the person can move again, the fear dissipates, and they can breathe again.”

Before you immediately assume you are being haunted by Shadow People, do a good check of your mental, physical and emotional health. If you aren’t sleeping well, are stressed or are otherwise not in a good rhythm, you may just be dealing with sleep paralysis.

How to get rid of Shadow People

Once you have determined that you indeed have an entity in your home, figuring out what means to get rid of Shadow People will be effective. My suggestion is to start with the easiest and work your way up, with the hope that whatever has attached itself to you.

Make you and your home unwelcome to Shadow People

The first step would be to assume that whatever is there is feeding on the negativity in your life. To this end do a physical and emotional house cleaning. Whatever rituals you need to do to change the vibration both in you and your home may be enough to discourage whatever is trying to feed on you to go elsewhere. In any case, even if this is not effective in making the entity leave, it is a good preparation step for the next phase.


Removing Shadow People by force of will

If the first step hasn’t dissuaded the shadow person from bothering you, you can step up to trying to remove it by force of will.

The most basic form of this is simply declaring to the entities in your home or around your person that they are not welcome there and to leave, never to return. The essential item is that you do this with absolute conviction that your will is greater than theirs. If it helps you can augment this by prayers, invoking protective spirits or any other method that you feel will help you in your conflict with this entity.

You may need to do this repeatedly, so do not give up at just one go. Shadow People can be extremely stubborn to get rid of if they don’t want to go.

A caution on trying to contact Shadow People – I have seen several references online to attempting to contact the shadow entity and determine what this wants. While this may work if it is a more or less benign entity, if this is something evil, it may go very badly. Trying to use divination, Ouija Boards and other such method to contact a spirit inevitably expose the user to a greater or lesser degree to the entity. If this is an evil entity, opening yourself up to communicate with it, may make the situation much worse. I strongly suggest you leave this to the professionals.

Be aware that if you have been unfortunate enough to get attacked by something really nasty, things might get worse after you try and evict it. If what has attached itself to you is big and bad or demonic, it might get angry at your attempts to dislodge it. If this is the case, then it is definitely time to move on to the next step.

Bring in the big guns to get rid of Shadow People

If all your attempts to get rid of the Shadow Person that is bothering you have failed it is time to bring in professional help.

This would be a good time to contact a reputable medium that can assess exactly what has attached itself to you. It may require the assistance of several other trained professionals such as a priest, demonologist or reiki master to completely remove the entity and clear you of any attachments that it may have put upon you.

Final thoughts on getting rid of Shadow People

Ridding yourself of Shadow People is very important. They are never a sign of good things and may actively be attempting to make your life worse. Even if it seems friendly or like it is not bothering you, it is a potential danger. It may just be lying low, waiting to get stronger.

Clear your space of negative energy, enlist the help of family and friends and remove whatever it is that has attached itself to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Keeping you alone and scared is likely just what that shadow that is watching you is really wanting.

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  1. Every other night When I’m by myself Red eye shadow Figure Holding me down for 3 seconds at a time One time I was dragged to the corner by my leg I leave the lights on in it’s not there but I can feel it lights off Hiding in a Corner

  2. we have an 6 feet tall known as the hat man in our apt from years ago before we moved in here. our friends and my man has been see him. he is wearing an hat , long black jackets to hiis feet , sometimes red eyes, different faces on the walls and he is spooking my cat skye who is all black. we know there is an old tree by train tracks near our backyard keeps telling us to get an shovel and dig . we dont do it and we keep telling him to leave. we do have a professional helping us and we are getting seasalt with sage to do an smudge . or cleanensing . planning to get this apt bless by my pastor

  3. I had a pastor called Septimus Roberts pray for me he said release the sprits I started seeing a shadow in my room. And it has been four momth and still has not left I have called for help and it still has not left..I need someone who really knows about this things to help me

  4. a shadow man with burning red eyes has been trying to kill me and both my sons has already murdered my husband. every time i collect people and chant and recite mantras and prayers it’s attacke become more severe guide what can be done to remove it from my home

      1. i think they are wanting help. not 8 year olds telling them that they arent allowed to talk abt their dead husband dying from a shadow figure.

  5. This works for me look for apps on eavesdropping on google play Signal generator is good set the settings to 450hz to 1300hz they hate thatuse ear plugs but not in your ears turn the volume all the way up leave it on minimize and go to another app called skewy turn everything on the sound page up then go to the ultra sonic menu turn them on in the window you will see the faces of all the ghostys by way of the beam in the upper right 3 dots choose the signal detection settings crank up those settings and hit apply you will have to play with it to figure it out ive learned that i have to leave thedetection page on or they change it back to 0 I believe they travel on the wifi and satelite waves turning off any thing that recieves a signal almost stops it cable box un plug computer, modemturn off wifi and mobil data before shutting off these things is a must because we all know that even off microsoft can still do things to our computers so can the shadow people do all this stuff before you go to bed and the helps alot For me i know im on the right track when i hear the squeeling noise get dimmer i have a air raid siren that when it gets real bad i plug in for a moment and the squeeling stops for a while this is new to me never in a million year would i have thought i would be exposed to this nonsense Its a signal thing im sure Im not one to just lay down and let someone do this to me and sooner or later i will find the answer and i will send them back to hell where they belong also be mean to them it seem they dont understand that Hopfully one of us will hit on what eradicates them I wont stop untill i get them and stop them from doing this to someone else and yes noboby believes me and im alone alot that makes us vulnerable But im of the opinion that these bastards cant get away with this and if i go down im going down swinging I wondering if a tazzar that shoots a voltage would lite a fire under there ass All i know for sure is its electrical in nature and anything thats electrical can be scrambled or shorted out Right Figure out they hate and HIT THEM where it hurts Theres more ive discovered

  6. Every night for the past few nights I’ve seen a shadow on the ceiling when all lights are off that has a head and body, and I’ve made sure it isn’t my fan, me, or anything else that could be making it a “trick of the light”. Last night it seemed like there was an arm and a hand held up too. It did not have eyes, it is just a shadow. I don’t really know what it is, but it is terrifying me.

  7. I recently helped a woman who was suffering from a guilt complex which I believe opened the door for her sleep paralysis and intrusion from shadow people. In her case it required music and an acknowledgment of her perception of guilt and a cleansing ritual.

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