1. Mt
    March 13, 2021 @ 4:54 pm

    Today I watched an episode of the TV show Naked & Afraid titled, Curse of the Swamp. A quick summarization is it’s a survival reality show where two strangers (Male/Female) are dropped off in a random remote location naked and must survive for 21 days. In the middle of the night the two contestants are awaken by strange noises and the female sees, and records on camera, a white face just before her camera’s battery dies. The “face” resembles a person who is wearing a sack cloth or white pillow case.

    It just so happens I myself have had an encounter with such an entity. As a child I once awoke in the night to see a “man” standing in the door way of the bedroom wearing a white pillow case over his head. It terrified me and I laid still pretending to not see it and hoping it would go away. So after seeing this show and seeing exactly what I saw as a child I thought maybe there is something to this and started researching. That’s how I found my way here. I’m curious to know if others have reported encounters with white entities who look like they are wearing white hoods or sack clothes.


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