White Shadow People

Thoughts on White Shadow People

I have talked a lot about Shadow People on this site and for all their darkness and malevolence, there seems to be a counterbalance to them, White Shadow People.

While the reports of White Shadow People are very rare, they seem to be far less frightening to people that encounter them. In fact, the crew at the One Candle Society go so far as to point out that some people become highly defensive of white shadow people and them not being malevolent.

What are White Shadow People

Even more mysterious than the standard dark Shadow People, it is almost impossible to surmise what White Shadow People are and what they might want.

One theory is that they are literally the balance to the black Shadow People and are here to protect or defend against them. Somehow that doesn’t feel right to me.

First off, like their darker cousins, I would assume that White Shadow People are extra-dimensional entities. The noise that often times accompanies shadow people sightings feels to me like it could be caused by an entity bridging the gaps between dimensions. Dimensional static if you will.

As for them being benevolent, my intuition doesn’t like that. What it could be is that like traditional Shadow People, they are emotional vampires. In this case though, they are feeding on a different emotion and that winds up being the reason people defend their presence. The victims are being seduced in a sort of way.

White Shadow People Video

White Shadow People Encounters

While the reports of White Shadow People are rare, here are a few that I have scraped together for you. If you have had a Shadow person encounter, please let me know about it!

Malevolent White Shadow People

I have seen what I believe to be white shadow people twice that I can remember. The first time it happened I was 4, the second I was 8. Both times something drew my attention to the window cross from me, I have been highly sensitive to aurora and energies, but let me tell you this it takes a lot to make me feel uneasy, and I have yet to find anything that truly scares me. However I was uneasy and felt like a prey that was hiding from something that I could not tell would harm me. I remember thinking ‘don’t let it see me’. I have seen normal shadow people and they don’t make me feel as uneasy as the white shadow people did. The encounters though were almost the same just different times and places. It passed by the windows walking from left to right, during the day, when there was a large cloud blocking the sun. I believe that the may bring a false security with them, which would drop the guard that people have when they encounter something terrifying. The thing is I don’t think they are harmless, or at least not all of them. I have to wonder if some are like guardian angles and other harmful beings pretending to be something good. – Bryanna Neary

They Arrived With Thunder

Two nights ago I was out with my friend. We both saw what was like a thunder, but with no sound..just a flash of white light. My friend was always interested in me and that night we kissed for the first time. After that I saw white shadowy figure at the corner of my eye. I didn’t feel scared or anything..in fact I hardly felt anything. There was also a white moth flying in my hair that night. – Ana Kulić

White Shadow Figure in the Yard

I seen a white shadow person for the first time in my life and I never seen black shadow people. Last night I heard a bang but it was raining with strong wind I thought it was the wind hitting against are metal garage door but the sound didn’t come from that direction. It was late at night and over a two hour period I heard it three times. I was about to go to bed when I thought I forgot to check the mail that day well I walked towards the mailbox and I seen this white shadow figure walking across the yard it had no facial features but it did turn its head sideways like it was looking right at me. Then it walked to the other side of my dad’s car and I couldn’t see it anymore. and I sure wasn’t going to walk behind the car to see if it was there. The strange thing was I didn’t feel any fear what’s so ever witch is strange because when a cat pops out of the middle of nowhere in the dark I jump a mile. I live next to a giant graveyard with my mom and dad I dunno if the graveyard could have had anything to do with it. – David Brown

White Shadow Person Walks Up To The Door

I saw one last week. I was laying in bed trying to put my baby to sleep when I thought I heard the gate closing then I saw the white shadow figure, no mistaking the human shape, walk up to the front door. I look at my husband to tell him what I saw. We tried recreating the image but couldn’t. I was scared I thought someone was wondering around our yard. We kept our lights off and was looking out the window to see anything. Nothing. My husband went to the door to see if anyone was there. No body. After relaxing thinking I was just seeing things I heard the gate open and close. But no one was there. Then my husband can’t across this video yesterday and said have you ever heard of the white shadow people. I told him no, which is true I’ve never heard of it before. But then my eyes went wide when I remembered what I saw last week – Hannah Ganske

Tell Me About Your White Shadow Person Encounter

If you have seen something that you think is a White Shadow Person, please let me know about it. You can either use our email form or send us a report directly to [email protected]. I want to hear all about what you have experienced!

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  1. Today I watched an episode of the TV show Naked & Afraid titled, Curse of the Swamp. A quick summarization is it’s a survival reality show where two strangers (Male/Female) are dropped off in a random remote location naked and must survive for 21 days. In the middle of the night the two contestants are awaken by strange noises and the female sees, and records on camera, a white face just before her camera’s battery dies. The “face” resembles a person who is wearing a sack cloth or white pillow case.

    It just so happens I myself have had an encounter with such an entity. As a child I once awoke in the night to see a “man” standing in the door way of the bedroom wearing a white pillow case over his head. It terrified me and I laid still pretending to not see it and hoping it would go away. So after seeing this show and seeing exactly what I saw as a child I thought maybe there is something to this and started researching. That’s how I found my way here. I’m curious to know if others have reported encounters with white entities who look like they are wearing white hoods or sack clothes.

  2. When I was a teenager, early 2000s, I seen a black and white shadow following each other, quickly passing through houses outside.. before that my neighbor had see a shadow passing through cars. What kind of shadow entity is this? It didn’t have a humanoid shape but looked like a horizontal thin cylinder shape passing through really quickly. It was night time. I was sitting on my porch or neighbors porch. And I seen it across the street. The street lights were well lit enough for me to see it. My neighbor, He was parked in front of his house and it passed in back of the car going towards his driveway and going around my house. The ones I seen was across the street from my sister’s maternal family’s house. The 2nd time he seen it, he was parked in front of my house, it was going towards my other neighbors.

    1. My guess is that those were something interdimensional. There are lots of theories about there being an infinite number of universes all coexisting just out of phase from each other. I think some of the things we perceive as ghosts or shadow men are actually beings on other planes, and for whatever reason, the veil between our realm gets thin enough for us to see them, or even occasionally fully slip through.

  3. I went to sleep about a week ago next to my totally blind 70-year-old husband. I do not have nightmares at all. Suddenly I am having a dream about a shadow person with a hat standing on top of me. I tried to scream but couldn’t. I tried harder. I finally succeeded and almost scared my poor husband to death. I now sleep with the light on. I am 70 years old. When I wake up in the morning, I am tired. I think it is draining me while I am sleeping. What can I do to get rid of this thing?

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