4 Types of Shadow People – What They Are And What They Want

The Types of Shadow People

A good bit of confusion exists over just what a shadow person is and how to define them.  It is obvious that there are several types of shadow people all with different sources and motives

Shadow people

Shadow people are a pariah to our darkest fears.  Anyone can imagine waking in the middle of the night only to see in their sleepy haze, a shape standing in the dark doorway to their room.  A shape that is darker than the surrounding night.  A shape that seems malevolent, standing and watching you as you sleep.

Shadow people are a pariah to our darkest fears.  Anyone can imagine waking in the middle of the night only to see in their sleepy haze, a shape standing in the dark doorway to their room.  A shape that is darker than the surrounding night.  A shape that seems malevolent, standing and watching you as you sleep.

You can imagine the thoughts that would go through your head. What is it? Where did it come from? What does it want? How long has it been there?

In this article, we will look at some basic information that is common to all shadow people and then break things down into some possible classes of shadow people that people may encounter.

Basic Definition Of Shadow People

Before we delve into the types of shadow people, we should go over the commonalities of the entities that fall under the category of shadow people.  Some common features of shadow people are:

  • A shape that is generally male in appearance
  • They are aware of us and react to our observing them
  • The typical shadow person is tall, ranging from about 6′ to 7′
  • Very often they seem to be wrapped in a cloak or large old fashioned cloak
  • Hats are not uncommon
  • Their appearance has depth to it, unlike a shadow cast on a wall that is flat
  • Quite typically they have no visible eyes, but some will have glowing red eyes
  • Shadow people are rarely reported to have spoken or tried to communicate
  • Physical objects seem to not matter to them and they can walk through walls
  • Can have a demonic shape and demeanor

This list encompasses the bulk of the entities that fall under the very broad heading of Shadow People.

Tips On Protecting Yourself From Shadow People

Shadow People Motivations

Because the classification of Shadow People is so large, their motivations are fairly wide-ranging.  Often times the apparent motivation of shadow people is tied to their source.

Lurking Shadow People

Cloaked is just one of the types of Shadow People you may encounter

Generally found in homes and very often around bedrooms, the classic shadow people tend to be lurking.  They will stand in doorways or corners and just watch their victims. These types of shadow entities don’t generally seem to have any intent, they are just there observing.  Sometimes they will wander a location, following people, or stalking them. Quite often they flee at being noticed, vanishing around corners or simply by going through a solid wall.

Typically these are the classic human shaped shadows, sometimes with a hat and often times with a cloak or large coat. Less common is a vague figure, more like a human with a cloth over them sort of shape.

Encounters with this class of shadow people typically install a sense of dread or foreboding. Whether this is just part of our instinctive reaction to seeing something dark in the night, or if they actually exude a sense of fear around them is open for debate. Some seem to just be observing us with unspoken intent.

This class of Shadow People seem primarily to be attached to an individual and have been known to follow people from one location to the next.

Caution should be used though with any of these entities, as a neutral in intent shadow person may actually be a hostile one waiting for an opening.

Dangerous or Aggressive Shadow People

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that some shadow people fitting the classic description are in fact malevolent. This is why I think all shadow entities should be treated with a high level of caution. Even if a shadow person is not initially hostile, it may just be a ploy. Considering that we are dealing with entities that may have a much different perception of time than we do, they are very capable of waiting for humans to break down or have a weak moment, giving them an opportunity to act on us.

If you experience a persistent shadow person, use a significant level of caution!

Visitors And Transient Shadow People

There seems to be a class of shadow people that are less interested in what we are doing but have their own agenda. They are seen typically going from one place to another, and seem not particularly interested in the goings on of those that observe them.

Of all the types of Shadow People, these are the least understood as they do not linger and interact with us.

Shadow Figures As Omens

Some sightings of shadow people appear to be omens or portents of something bad happening, much like the legends of seeing a Barghest (Hell Hound) is a portent of death.

Similarly to the lurking type Shadow People, these entities are generally associated with just one person and are a more transitory occurrence, stopping after the event or tragedy has taken place.

Haunting Shadow Figures

The last main class of Shadow People are those tied to a location and seem to haunt only that area. Several types of shadow people make up this large group and their motivations vary considerably depending on the type of Shadow Person.  In general, though, those that haunt a location tend to be more malevolent and dangerous to encounter.  They are less likely to flee when spotted and may actually choose to attack instead.

In my estimation, the least malevolent of this class are simply spirits that are negative in nature.  At the extreme other end of the spectrum are the worst of the Shadow People, the demonic shadow creatures.  What they want is usually to express their emotions on us.  For weaker ones, that could be scratches and sick feelings.  Stronger entities, are capable of full-on possessions, throwing objects or shoving people.

If you decide to investigate an area with a known, repeating shadow entity, please use extreme caution.

4 Main Types Of Shadow People

Now that we have explored their motivations and where you may encounter them, we need to talk about the main types of shadow people.  There seems to be some relationship to the shape or form that a shadow person has to where they are found and what their intent is.

Human Shaped Shadow People

These make up the bulk of the Shadow People sightings, and include the typical cloaked figure and  shadow people wearing hats.  These can come in a variety of combinations.  Obviously what these shadow people are is pure speculation at this point in time.

The persistent shadow people of the lurking variety don’t generally seem to be purely evil in intent, and almost seem more interested in us or at least in feeding off our energy.  Others are simply negative manifestations of spirits. Almost universally though, they are a sign of something negative.

Black Mass Shadow People

Less human in form, but still of that general size and the black mass type of shadow people give the impression of being a human figure but more fuzzy or blurred.  They can change in shape, forming more of a cloud, but the impression is always that an entity it there.

It is my assertion that many of these black mass Shadow People are former negative spirits that have begun growing in power and are losing their human identity.  As they absorb more and more negative emotion their sense of being human and who they are fades and becomes distorted. In the end, the become a form of the following type of shadow people, demonic.

Demonic Shadow People With Red Eyes

Definitely the most dangerous of the types of Shadow People, demonic shadows should be avoided at all costs.  Among Shadow People, these are one of the few types that you can sometimes see the eyes of.  Many accounts of them talk of glowing red eyes, which is a particularly bad sign.

Demonic forms vary widely, but usually retain a humanoid shape, but are often exaggerated in height, have wings or horns or elongated fingers. They do not give the impression of being a normal ghost or a sentient entity.

Luckily these demonic Shadow People are typically tied to one location

Other Forms Of Shadow People

There are yet more forms that fall into the Shadow People categories.  One that is more common is the Old Hag shadow person.  Other less common reports are of shadow people that are non-human, but seem more alien than demonic in nature.  Of course there are also other shadow entities, such as dogs.

In fact, there is likely a class of shadow people that actually are aliens, but simply present to us a shadowy forms as they interact with us.

Final Thoughts On Shadow People

Obviously, all Shadow People are nothing to take lightly. They can appear for what seems like no reason and start meddling with our lives in less than pleasant ways.

If you are experiencing one that you cannot get rid of, I would highly suggest contacting a professional and enlisting their assistance in ridding yourself of these entities if at all possible.

The site Psychic Universe has a few suggestions on dealing with Shadow People and protecting yourself from them.

Have You Encountered Shadow People?

Have you had are are you encountering shadow people?  If so, please write in and let us know about it.  We would love to share your experience with the world so that others will know that they aren’t alone in their encounters and so we can get a better grip on what these shadow people want.

Photo Credit: Eric McGregor

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    1. ive been having preety good luck ever since hes mostly left me alone ^_^ maybe he knows me i mean i have had 2 personality tests say im an acient spirit so if i think u will all be better have told him to stop messing with yall i hope he listens so if something really good happens maybe u can thank me (im might just be an idiot)

    2. i have seen a black shadow demon with red eyes a raggy black cloak and sharp claws i walked up to him and he just stared at me i layed in my bed but at 12 o’clock he started to say someithing i couldn’t make it out bbut it seemed as if it was hiding every night it returned a few mounths later it stopped showing in the conner of my room and aperded in my dreams every night it was a hallway that looked as it went forever there where doors on both sides of the hallway all the way down it pointed at a door when i walked threw the door i saw a replay of the moment my best friend was shot in the head i saw the same thing over and over again till a week pasted then the killers lookes started to fade and a black flame took over the killers face then the shadow guy left my side and my dreams became more and more darker i had dreams of me hangging and people beating me with a bat as a pool of blood formed under me or there was there was one where my mother slit my throught i was paralyzed blood was all over the floor when i woke up scratches where apering randomly on my body a mounth lather the shadow guys voice changed and it sounded graspy and deep sort of demonic it said “MA TON TE TRA GRAM” idk what it means and was hoping you could help me out the shadow figure has been lurking and i see it from time to time but it looks like it is waiting for something

      1. “MA TON TE TRA GRAM” is an anagram of “TETRAGRAMMATON”. The Tetragrammaton is the four-letter Hebrew name of the Hebrew god YHWH. It wanted you to call on it. Don’t call on it, though. Even Aleister Crowley used the Tetragrammaton. Its evil.

    3. Ok. This is a strange story but you have to hear it all. My friend/girlfriend/ex girlfriend/friend and I had just moved in together. One day I’m sitting by a window. Black streak zooms by. Whatever. Behind to see it more often. Never get scared or uptight. Gone too fast for that to happen. Don’t want to tell girlfriend as I’m not fond of rubber rooms. Begin to see it more. No mention to her. One day we are sitting together on the couch watching tv. I see it go by the window. Don’t say a word. She says “there’s that damn thing again.” I spring up. What? What do you mean? That black shadow thing again. I’ve been seeing it more and more. I got goose bumps. So we talked and we’re seeing the same thing. Long conversation but no knowledge of what it was. Now I gotta put this in. Her first husband and father to her 2 boys died in a motorcycle accident about 30 years before. They were divorcing. Couple boyfriends then onto hubby #2. Married for about 6 years he came down with throat cancer and put her through hell for a year and a half in that house. Died. Then me. Neither of us felt any fear or threat. It would just run by. She had dabbled in Wiccan a short time so we wrote it off as that. Things were bad. We were splitting. Seeing it more often. I moved out. Never saw it again. But she was more and more and now it had entered the house. Never approached her but was inside. She started dating another guy. Bad news. Drug dealer and user. Known to be a strange guy. She walked in and found him dead on floor strange circumstances. Autopsy was refused by ME. Sells her house. Going back home to California. Gets there. No sitings. Goes to see estranged father of 30 years. Bad relationship. She walks in and he Drops dead instantly in front of her. She calls me freaked out begging to stay with me. Say yes. She gets back and buys herself a trailer and puts it in my front yard temporarily. I see twice what I saw before. But this time I saw it chase down and jump in her truck. Another time I saw it by her parked trailer. Upon question she denies having seen it since she left the house. Find a space to rent for her trailer. Get her moved. Immediately started in about seeing it. This time her dog is seeing it too. Not scared. Just watches it. It’s in her trailer almost every night now. Doesn’t scare her. Just startled. Never approached or threatened in any way. When we were back in the house before I asked if she thought it was one of her husbands. She said no. It was the guy up next to us. It was rural and houses were far apart with woods between them. I saw the guy almost everyday so I said what do you mean the guy up there? She said the one before him. I questioned more. Turns out the guy that lived there before had tried several times to commit suicide by hanging. Finally accomplished it. But that was 6 or so years before and we had never seen it till then. It doesn’t look like a scary old man with a hat or red eyes. Often different shapes. Usually moving by or away. I’ve called out and got no response. Even chased it. It was unaware of my attempts. Moves impossibly fast. Almost reminds me of a cartoon type character in shape and actions. But other times it’s the top half of a man. I believe in other dimensions. Ufo’? Ok. Maybe. Ghosts? I’ve had some unexplained encounters but not sure. Have been dead and know there’s more out there but not a fanatic. Don’t use heavy drugs or torture my body with lack of sleep. Other than the dead thing she’s pretty much the same. What the hell is going on?

  1. A couple years ago I was walking down the street with two friends around 11pm. We were all about 15 and I live right next to the ocean so we were walking down street towards the cliff to see the ocean cause we were bored. Right when we started to turn off the road and walk up to the cliff which was about 20 feet in front of us a man popped out of the dark and seemed to just appear walking towards us. There is a street light on the road and so we stopped and this strange man walked right up to us and stopped a foot in front of us and just stared at us. This was very weird because he came in the light without making a single noise and looked very pale but pretty much normal besides his clothes. He had gray hair and was wearing a sky blue bathrobe with translucent silver moons all over it. So when I looked at the moons I could see thru them to the ground which was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen up close in the light. We said “hello” and he didnt reply. He looked frozen still and then suddenly turned around and walked away down the road. We were all just saying “wtf was that” and kind of creeped out so we decided to all go home. We turned on a different street that goes the opposite way and got to the top of the street and then I got a feeling I was being watched. I turned around and saw a black human figure directly under a streetlight looking at us from a distance.(about 30 yards) So I pointed it out and my friends were freaked out but I started running towards it yelling “who are you” just out of curiosity and I wanted to know who was creeping on us at 11pm. It stood there watching us run at it until I was really close to it and then it calmly turned and walked into the woods. We were all right there like 5 feet away when it was taking its last step into the thick bushes and there was no noise, nothing, it was gone. It disappeared right into the dark and I witnessed it so I know this stuff is no joke. About a week later I was walking home around midnight by myself and saw what looked like the same black figure walking down the street towards me. I was overwhelmed by a sense of fear and my instinct told me run to my house which I was already going to thru my neighbors cut thru in their back yard. So I ran thru neighbors driveway up the side to not turn sensor light on and I got to the cutthru and bam. The sensor light turned on so I looked and this black figure was directly in the light sprinting towards me like it was about to get me. I was so scared I think I shit ITS pants. I ran faster than lance armstrong on a bicycle, I swear I made it from my neighbors backyard to in my house in about 5 seconds. I did play with an ouija board by myself about a month before this all happened and it really scared me. Now I am 21 and that memory vividly stays with me to this day. Just yesterday I had a nightmare and woke up to my girlfriend going to the bathroom and when she walked out of the room I saw a small shadow figure run by her into my room and go right to the closet in the corner of my room. I was telling myself that this is all in my head but I could still see it over there and I felt like I was being watched by it. I hope someone finds out more about these things because I know for a fact they are 100% real and if you want to do yourself a favor then don’t touch ouija boards and don’t mess with anything paranormal so you can live a normal happy life unlike I have been for the past 6 years.

    1. there are white ones too far more dangerou than black ones…if you know anything about the white ones tell me

      1. My sister had the white one. He never did anything but he always made an appearance before something bad happened in her personal life.

      2. A white one stalked my daughter as a toddler. She called her “the pretty lady” I had an encounter with the entity and it told me that my daughter was hers. One night I had an OOB experience and saw it’s true form, It looked like a corpse. I kicked this things butt and It never came back. The next morning, my daughter could no longer remember her at all.

        1. Feels like we are under art act by dark shadows all types of things happen here my oldest is o9 n my youngest 2 they all have gotten scared or told me about it scared to go to sleep it makes me uncomfortable knowing that children are tortured

          1. I understand that you posted this almost a year ago but I wonder if you and your children are still being tormented because I believe I can help you and your family. If you’re still having problems with visitations, feel free to contact me at your convenience. Peace and Love! Denise

          2. Denise can you please contact me. My 2 yr old son is being tormented by a ‘bubba’ up there who makes him say shhh and keep secrets, but also is hypnotised to do violent things to me and his daddy, such as ‘stab stab stab’, tells me they cover his mouth at night and he touches his neck. He becomes paralysed in fear. He also hides from a scary man with a big green hat and has nightmares everynight of ‘pew pew’ which is the sound of guns. He has come out with ‘no more dead’ or ‘stab stab mummy’ and when i ask who told him that he says ‘me’. he wakes screaming at night and pointing. He is constantly looking to the side of me and then back to me. He is getting worse and worse and I need help!!! I also had a sleep paralysis really bad the other night while he was in bed next to me. I have also seen shadows and felt an evil presence and used to see red evil eyes when i was younger and feel like something was sitting on my chest. please help

          3. All of this and more…. caught on my bedroom camera the afternoon I installed it just days ago. The same room my daughter as a child told if similar as Denise. The day I installed the camera, I literally took my sleeping grandbaby home to her house instead of letting her stay the night after a friend zoomed in and sent me a pic from my video. That was two nights ago. Have hardly slept since. Have been very ill and out of work. I also feel more ate here everywhere and the main one I saw as a child and it attached. I told few friends and family since I was a kid it was with me always but only caught things on cameras as the speeds have gotten better. Now they believe me. My house seems to be a gateway near the basement well and the split in our atmosphere reported by NASA this past August plus all of this pandemic and crazy things that seem unbelievable are also related to it and are mainly all true but explaining this all here is too difficult as you cannot hear my voice and it’s just too much to type today. I have three doctor appointments today after only 2 hours of sleep due to this. I will check back today later to even see if anyone saw this but I am tired and can’t be late for apts. saw this all having my coffee and looking for info this morning after being told soul stealing last night. Very limited infor on this seems to be out there and this is all I’ve found since hearing it late last night.

      3. I had saw two shadows before in different houses before,one time i was sleeping then a shadow was beside my bed….I looked ounce and then didn’t look it scared at my mind,When i was a 12 year old…i saw a human shaped figure in front of my white dresser,then i was freaked out very much after that.I sometimes sense them in my room or in the halls watching me in the dark just looking at me every time i get something in the kitchen every night…this is true…i just stay in my room with the lights on when i stay up.

        1. im 27 and ive been seeing shadow people since i was 19 and its terrifying and even though i always approach it i always feel cold and feel what they are feeling sadness,lonelyness,pure suicidal thoughts and gruesome screams and ive seen white eyes and red eyes and none at all one finally showed itself to me and it wasnt a pretty picture my face turned white i was shivering and in a trans i couldnt snapp out of the trans.i suffer from schizophrenia.

      4. Was sleeping in the guest room at my families house and there was a figure walking toward a pole with a bike locked to it. He had on a tall hat and white cloak and then levitated and then disappeared completely.

      5. Last night around 730 dark i saw 3 sets of eyes i thought ohhh mt lions again but after i started taking pucs it stude up over 5ft. Close to 7 walk behind trees while still looking at me i kept taking pics they were trying to dodge me and the light from the cameta i got them anyway thy stayed until around 330 today morning time

      6. My wife dreamt of three shadow people with white eyes once. One of them came up to her in that dream. She said she was terrified, then suddenly the scene merged into a calming ocean and she was floating on the water, feeling calm yet with a sense of loss.

        At the time, we were expecting. She couldn’t have been more than a month or two pregnant at the time, or so we thought as she was experiencing symptoms, and we were just thinking about getting to the doctor’s to confirm it when she bled. She cried and cried and oddly associated the feeling of loss she had in the dream to it. I could only console her it can’t be the case.

        I did try researching about these shadow people but i’ve never seen a site or review that tells about a shadow person with white eyes. I’m not here trying to blame her dream or some supernatural entity for my wife’s possible miscarriage as there are many scientific factors that could have attributed to it, if she were pregnant at all. Yet to give us a peace of mind, can anyone tell me if these “white eyed shadow people” exist in the common knowledge available?

        1. My parents speak of having a similar dream when they were pregnant with me. My dad said it was the sky. My mom said it was water. They had the dream the same name in a little house that was full of shadow people. I died twice when I was born and obviously still here 43 years later.

      7. Would anyone know about the blue one or “lady in blue”? Just a question that I have had for a very long time.

    2. I had something like this except I was in room really trying not to shit but then I needed to go and as I was walking back to my room I could see two red eyes and a figure then it ran at me and scratched my cheek and Then I ran for my life. This happened yesterday as me posting this and I’m only ten and from now on I’m going to use duct tape to keep my door shut and always stay underneath the covers. The problem with this is when I told my nan the next day she just said it was my imagination but it was not I felt REAL pain.

    3. I had something like this except I was in room really trying not to shit but then I needed to go and as I was walking back to my room I could see two red eyes and a figure then it ran at me and scratched my cheek and Then I ran for my life. This happened yesterday as me posting this and I’m only ten and from now on I’m going to use duct tape to keep my door shut and always stay underneath the covers. The problem with this is when I told my nan the next day she just said it was my imagination but it was not I felt REAL pain. Now I am always staying in my bedroom in the night never ever leaving again

      1. Use pure white linen fabric as your bed cover and your duvet and pillow cases. The shadows can’t affect you through the linen fabric. Keep your mind sharp, give love to those who are in need, become a loving person. Love is as well the greatest armor and the greatest weapon. Peace

        1. Tim I think you might have helped me, not a white entity but a black…the sheets seemed seemed to have protected me.

          My encounter happened several years ago. I was trying to sleep after going to bed. My husband was beside me (backfacing me) & was snoring as I turned off the light (he went to bed some time before me).
          As I was trying to relax (after my habitual nightly reading) a buzzing black swirling mass…cracking like electrified….appeared in the doorway…I was terrified!
          It began to move from the doorway along the bed over to the left hand side where I was…..it was animated & making electrified sounds as it moved….buzzing, cracking, swirling…hard to describe..I saw it as a black swirling mist that crackled with electricity as it floated.
          I was so completely terrified to see it make its way around the bed towards me…. (I inhabited the left side of the bed, it came into the doorway from the right side)
          As this thing moved around the bed it stopped just next to my body and began leaning down towards me….I cant say I was looking at it, I had the sheet over my face at this point absolutely terrified…..but the totally crazy thing is my husband next to me suddenly (from backfacing me) turned, twisted over me and put his right arm around me & said to this thing (inches from it) ‘GO AWAY’ in this demonic voice I’d never heard from him after years of living together…(he’s a good natured human being). After doing this he promptly rolled back from me and resumed the prior sleeping position (snoring again) as he was moments earlier…?

          This thing totally disappeared after this….I felt it suddenly leave after my husbands unconscious demonic demand…
          I sat up, turned on the light & tried for several minutes to fathom what had actually happened….when I did wake my husband, he of course. had absolutely no memory of this but did support what I had been through.
          Can anyone please tell me what occurred? I was absolutely under no influences of any kind…just a hard working RN nurse trying to relax for the night.
          This is the kind of stuff movies are based on and not what most people consider real life.

  2. Hello,

    Please review and share.

    Documentary Preview Link:

    The three students went missing in June of 2016. Sarah McCormick, Kyle Miller, Joseph Moore all three went missing together on their trip from Florida to Tennessee. The three students were making a documentary about the mysteries of the Shadow People. Their documentary was cut short at the abandoned Yost house. They were not to be inside the Yost house but the decided to go inside and set up cameras in effort to investigate the Shadows They found it. Nothing but mystery surrounds this case. Police have no leads in the case. Video surveillance captured the event.

    Sarah McCormick 23yrs, Kyle Miller 27yrs, & Joseph Moore 28yrs. The students of Tampa, Florida went on a road trip to document the witnesses of Shadow People also known and recognized as the Shadow Man, a ghostly aberration that stalks people primarily in their sleep. There are tens of thousands of cases related to the Shadow Man. Deaths and disappearances alike. Millions of people believe the Shadow People are real and most of them have reported seeing the figure at some point in their lives. The three students went missing of June 2016 and not a single clue to there whereabouts. Police have no answers in the case at this time and are asking for anyone who may know to come forward with any information.

    This is not the first case related to Shadow People. There are thousands just like it. Parents of Sarah McCormick are demanding answers from the authorities but there aren’t any answers. Sarah and her camera crew vanished police say. Authorities have now come forward with the information that video surveillance was found inside of the abandoned Yost home that shows the crews last few moments documenting the Shadow People before their mysterious disappearance. Strange anomalies were found in the home before they disappeared and police say a shadowy figure was caught of video right before the students vanished. Still no answers in this case.


      1. But people actually experience this stuff I’m 14 rn and ive experienced this from 5-9 and people say it’s on the corner of your eye….I’ve never seen it in the corner of my eye ive looked right at them and they just ran away….. And its scary because my mom and sister and Dad have been experiencing sleep paralysis and I’ve. Heard my mom try to call on me to wake her up it just happened to my mom 20 minutes ago that is why I’m on this site rn but idk it’s scary I’m hearing stuff all around me rn….it’s 1:36 rn


          2. Right?!! I came on here seriously trying to find out if I going insane or if what I have experienced is for real. Interesting at first and turns into a child (?) telling ghost stories. That being sad, I am 50 yr old female, living alone and I am seriously scared.

      2. Ive been trying too find out bout shadow women BC ive been seeing one and a child in my moms home i feel its good but I don’t quit know BC my dog that sleep in my room everynight had pasted and he was only 6 witch my room is where there most active they don’t bother me just my family she the shadow women watches over me at night and the child acts like me too my mother and my cuz tried grabbing my lags to get my attion and he had a grip on my lags and he for some reason he fell and it was father away then where he was standing when he grabbed my lags and he had a tight grab so he had no reason to fall but its also vary cold at all times in my room and the heat vent works and the child torments my bf. When he stays the night and my step dad witch other sleeps on the couch or in my mothers bed room and when he did the other day he saw the women for the first time she doesn’t touch anyone she just watches

  3. I woke up one night with one standing between my bed and my bookshelf. It was very tall and a bit thin. I had the impression it was wearing a beanie and either a jacket or a sweater… It was just standing there. I don’t think it was even looking at me. I think it was looking at my cousin who I shared a room with at the time. It wasn’t scary… it was just chilling.

    I saw it another time where it was closer to the door, also watching my cousin. I can’t say if it was before or after the other time.

    1. I had the same reaction to one, not scary, but chilling. I think what I saw was the black mass shadow people. That scared me because the article says that the next phase was a demonic shadow person. I had my encounter at a hotel in Alabama. It stood, or more slighty hovered above the ground. It would keep leaning in toward the bed but then backing away. It eventualy left though.


  4. Hello I hope you guys could help me I have a 8 year old girl and a 2 year old boy my oldest have been seeing things for a while now I didn’t know how to explain to her at first because she was younger and I didn’t want to scare her but now that it has increase and she’s a little older I told her that what she’s been seeing are shadow people to just ignore them they’re trying to feed off her fear and to tell them to go way. Now my youngest has been seen them to,he used to be able to sleep in his bed almost every night now he all ways goes to my bed all scared. Oh and one more thing I forgot to say that my daughter didn’t tell me she told her aunt that she all ways see shadows behind me. My has passed away 5 months ago I really don’t think it’s her. What do you guys think?

    1. If you don’t see them, it makes sense. Children and animals have a closer connection to the paranormal, then adults. What she is seeing is probably a shadow person tied to a specific location. As long as she is not harmed, she is safe. As for right now try to figure out what type of shadow person it is. When she stops having fear reactions, it may move to another home, or person in your home.

  5. My wife and I bought a little place in southern Oklahoma. From night 1 we both have seen these thing. Shadow people. Not 1 or 2, sometimes as many as 20. Moving around all over the block. Didn’t believe what I was seeing at first. But I have noticed after 5 years of it, they follow my wife everywhere she goes. They have not engaged her, or tried to communicate. She is terrified.

  6. We have a shadow person who lurks outside of our home. It’s very hostile, but it doesn’t fallow us when we go anywhere. It usually disappears when it gets light outside, but as soon as the sun goes down, it stands in our driveway by the cars. A few times it has gotten in and hasn’t gone past our kitchen or living room. I’m so afraid of it that I’m making my fiance and I move out. Over time it has gotten more aggressive. I could be wrong about it being a shadow person, but reading this article made me think it was an angry one. I want to.get rid of it, but I don’t know how, or if getting rid of it is even possible. Anyone have any suggestions?

    1. I’ve had a shadow man appear off and on when my husband and I are fighting. I will often sleep in a different room and the shadow man will show up at the door and watch me. It started watching my daughter and that’s when my husband became a believer. It would crouch in the top corner of the room by the door. We have to cleanse our home about three times a year. 1. We open all of the doors and windows. 2. Command it with confidence “in the name of Jesus Christ, you are not welcome here! go away!”. 3. With a rosary in hand we do the sign of the holy cross over every doorway and window, while my Husband is burning sage and sweet grass behind me. 4. Close the windows and doors as you anoint them with holy water or oil ( top, bottom, left, right). This has worked for us for several years. As soon as it comes back you do the cleanse again

    2. Read your bible and pray to god and call his name Jehovah and ask him to help you rid your home of this being. It does nOt belong in this world. Call on jehovah and ask for his help and he will help you.

  7. Just saw one in my bedroom. Did some googling which led me here. This isn’t my first encounter with them. This one though, appeared as a dark shadow in my corner on the floor. At first I thought my eyes were just playing tricks on me in the dark cuz if I stared long enough the shadow would slowly get brighter before vanishing. I was dozing off but something made keep opening my eyes and then I saw two small pin pricks of light for its eyes. They weren’t red light everyone always describes, I’ve never seen one with red eyes. But if this was a shadow person I’ve never had them appear to me like this. The ones I’ve seen usually look like a human, no clothes, no hair, just a solid black mass.

    1. they are quite strange how ever unlike most i see and sense them on a daily basis you learn to live with it they never have caused and true harm to me besides freaking me out although now I’m getting use to them they seem almost curious of us who knows but I do know I would like to learn more about them

      1. Yeah. Mines keep coming through the window. Slowly gets closer and closer. Until I get a scream out.. Then it postures as if it says what a punkass, and leaves lol

  8. I don’t know what type of shadow person i saw or if it even is a shadow person, i don’t know what time it was but i had just opened my eyes for a few seconds or so i thought and i saw a young male figure in a bomber jacket and crystals all over his chest just staring down at me, i blinked once, still there, blinked twice, still there, blinked one last time, gone, i thought i was facing the wall in my bed but i had been staring blankly at my closet door for who knows how long. i know i wasn’t dreaming because i sat up after i realized i wasn’t facing the wall and turned my lamp on. i don’t know if i was just seeing some random figure or i just saw a shadow person that didn’t fit the description of a regular one.

  9. I’ve only had one experience with shadow men, it was when I was about 5 or 6 years old but remember it like yesterday. And unlike many of the other comments there was no malevolent feeling to them, and they were actually quite helpful and caring. Anyway I had been asleep in my bed one night and has awoken to my little sister crying in her crib on the other side of my room. I tried to go back to sleep but her crying continued for a couple minutes, I began to sit up and noticed her blanket had come off her while she was sleeping, I think she was cold which was why she woke up. So I was about to get up and go cover her back up, and that’s when I watched three shadow men come into my room through the wall that led to the street. When they entered they were all side by side and came through at the same time. One of them was the or a “Hatman” which looks very similar to what has been described by many others and resembles the illustrations I’ve come across. He was tall and wore round brimmed hat, and what was more like a long trench coat rather than a cloak. I don’t remember much about the other two as the Hatman was the one who stood out the most. None of them had eyes, just large dark figures. I watched them as they entered from the wall, they walked/moved towards my crying sister in her crib. And one or all of them covered her up with her blanket and she went back to sleep. They proceeded to walk through the wall behind my sister’s crib and never saw them again. The experience itself was a little different than when reading this, and by that I mean, when you read this it’s kind of broken down and you imagine the shadow men stopping at the crib bending down grabbing the blanket and covering my sister. But it wasn’t quite like that, it was idk smooth, one motion I guess, no stopping or bending, it just happened. They were in and out and gone. Anyway that’s my story.

    1. Back in 2013 I was pregnant with my first child which is when I had my third and last visible shadow person experience. The night started out pretty normal. We were both dozing off while watching tv when I heard a splat sort of sound. At the same time that I was hearing this sound he sat up some and was surprised to see a huge water bug on his chest. In the same moment that he realized this thing landed on his chest he swiped it to the floor and killed it. This was particularly odd because my ex is neat as hell and I had never seen anything crawling around in his room EVER. He got up to wash his chest and hands and came back to bed. (This is where it gets creepy) We both talk about how weird the bug falling from the ceiling was and turn over to go back to sleep. While I’m dozing off I can hear his cat jumping around in the pitch black hallway (hallway has no windows) as if its playing with someone or something. All of a sudden his tv goes completely black (this makes me open my eyes) and red light appears on it like the tv is becoming bloody or something. I scared as s***!!!! All of a sudden a the balloon he has in his room begins to float to my side of the bed. Let me stop here and tell you why this is absurd. I was laying on the side of the bed nearest to the window. The window was situated at the very end of the bed with an air conditioning unit in it on full blast. Yet the balloon was still floating directly towards it. This is when I said to my self “ahh f$%%”. I knew I’d better close my eyes before the balloon stopped floating. I laid there tense. I could feel my baby tensing up in my stomach as well. I knew my babys’ father knew something to because his body was stiff as a board. Anyways though, I could feel something watching me intensely. I curled up into a fetal and shoved my ex in the back and whispered his name but his punk a** pretended to be sleep. I told myself to “stop girling” lol and so I peaked down the bed to see a huge, wide, pitch black, shadow in the dark behind the balloon. It looked as though it were hunched over some. I guess that was because the shadow fit the whole height of the room and then some. The ceiling was not really all that high. I’m about 5’6” so the ceiling was maybe 7′ at most. (it was a small room in height and width). I peaked just long enough to be able to make a description and I snapped my eyes shut again. I tried not to think but all I could think was “wth does it want? Is it watching me or my baby? You can’t have my baby.” At this point I wrapped my arms tight around my stomach and asked God to make it go away. I laid this way until the sun began to come up. When I heard birds tweeting I sat up, stared at the balloon and I kicked my ex for being a punk. He told me something along the lines that he knew something was happening but that he wasn’t crazy enough to look.. After thinking about it alot. I believe this same shadow had something to do with the cat jumping around in the hallway and I believe it threw that water bug on my ex. That night still creeps me out.

  10. Ok, so I am not the type of person to buy into paranormal stories. I work for an industrial company, like to party with friends, fish/ hunt etc. Nothing like your typical “paranormal believer”. I am currently in the process of moving across country with my fiance, and to be honest our move has been extremely stressful. Money plays a big part, but a lot of things haven’t been going our way, and because of that me and her have been having some intense fights, to where we almost broke up over it. So what ended up happening, is she left the day we were fighting the worst, and drove to our moving destination. She took her clothes and small stuff, whatever she could fit into her car, and left without any plan of ever seeing me again. Almost 8 hours later, she starts to text/ call me saying how sorry she was for leaving without me/ saying how much she regretted everything, proclaiming her love through tears…. and I did not handle that situation the best. I was hurt, and angry. I told her I wasn’t going to move with her anymore, and was playing hard to get. It was at that point that everything changed. She starts threatening suicide, saying goodbye, and then goes silent. This is at about 10pm. Apparently she said these same things to her mother, because her mom calls me shortly after hysterical, crying, not knowing how to save or even find her daughter…. We tried calling the police, but being so late the only number that answers is 911. And they hung up on me after saying there was nothing they can do, since she was out of state! The police hung up on me! So obviously at this point I am a complete wreck. I’m screaming please. I’m clawing at the carpet, I’m blowing up her phone, trying to think of anything I can do… this lasted for what felt like an eternity, but was actually just a few hours, until I finally was able to get her on the phone. She was ok. She thought about driving head on into a Truck, but thankfully changed her mind at the last second. So anyway, she makes it to her destination the next morning, and I agree to finish packing and cleaning the house, and to meet her there in a few days. It is now a few days later, and I am planning on leaving in the morning. Since that night, very strange things have been happening here. Three first thing I noticed was hearing the door open. Not what I thought was a door, not a noise that was far off. I heard the door open and knew someone was in the house. I’m not a paranoid person. I knew. I immediately got up, and walked into the main room. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And this was in the middle of the day, at a house in middle of nowhere. Not near any main roads, or other houses. I wasn’t scared. More confused than anything. So I shrugged it off. Then today, I was on the phone with my fiance, when I heard the front door slam shut… It was so loud that my girlfriend heard it on the other end of the phone. The problem with that, is the door wasn’t open in the first place. It was latched shut. I went to investigate and again, found absolutely nothing. Now tonight I am in bed, scrolling through Facebook until i fall asleep, as to being the tv, and everything else has been packed in the truck. When I came across this article. It intrigued me, because when I was very young, like 4 years old, I had a dream. Well, more of a nightmare really. I remember feeling alone in a dark space…. Nothing around me but darkness. I was lost, and scared, when suddenly a hand grabbed my left shoulder. It was so sudden it woke me up immediately. And that’s when I felt my shoulder. It hurt. And when I looked, it appeared to be a red mark in the shape of a hand in the exact spot that something had grabbed me in my dream. I ran to my parents room, woke them up, and then I remember my father running around the house looking for an intruder. Of course he found nothing, and insisted that it was the way I was sleeping on my blanket. But I could tell that he didn’t even believe that himself…. anyway that was the only time that kind of thing happened until now…. and I hate to say this, because I truly dont want to believe in this stuff, but the entire time I’ve been writing this, I have been hearing a lot of things I can’t explain. Even right this second… I’m hearing footsteps, and tapping on the walls all over the house. I’ve been here for 2 years and have never heard anything like this. The more I type the louder, and faster it has gotten. I have even stopped typing, and walked through the house several times since I started writing this, but every time I get up and walk out, all the noises stop immediately. And as soon as I start typing they start back. I’m seeing things out of the corner of my eyes, and at this very moment, I am completly terrified. It is so loud now. My dog even started barking and racing around the house, but he is now on the bed with me with his hair straight up. Something is in this house. Something angry…. I might just leave now if this doesn’t stop

  11. At 3am today, my daughter came into my room like she usually does. She layed down, her chest to my back and hugging me. I told her to close my bedroom door. I saw her get up to close the door, but she didn’t return to my bed. I layed in bed for about 5 minutes and then I got up to check on her in her bedroom. I asked her why didn’t she close my door or return to my room? She looked at me like…huh? I asked her, ” Nala, didn’t you come in my room, lay down behind me hugging me?” She said, “No mama, I never left my bed.” I was spooked when I realized it wasn’t her. You see, my daughter have braids, and I put them in two ponytails. It dawned on my that the figure I saw had braids, but they weren’t ponytails. Also, the figure had my daughter’s physique, and it was a black dark shadowy figure. This is just the recent event. THere’s way more that’s happened to me, to the point of me calling in my uncle who’s a pastor to bless my house. THings resided until now.

    1. I was seeing these shadow figures and never thought they could be real till my son said about seeing them. My home has had previously been lived in with the previous dying of cancer—then I had developed many health issues and almost died. I was becoming closer to the Lord and felt he had saved my life with my asthma doctor catching my internal bleeding. The amount of bleeding I had? I would have died that night. I began praying regularly and began seeing beautiful bright white orbs in my home recently and felt extremely blessed with their appearance…realizing I haven’t seen any dark shadows in my home for months.

  12. I find this interesting.I first started noticing these occassionaly out of the corner of my eyes. The minute I made contact they disappeared.Thru the months the figures began to stay longer and become more defined.Just standing and watching. It is at the point now where I can stare back at them without their flight.Its important to point out that I have had the red eyed figure once and thank fully it has never returned.We have recently moved and for the first few months, there was no contact. That has since changed. I feel no ill intent from these but it is somewhat disturbing to wake in the night to one or see one coming down your hall.

  13. This morning I woke up and saw a shadow of a thing with horns at the foot of my bed. I have had things happen before. I have seen things, heard growls next to my bed (I don’t have a dog), etc. nothing that scares me but this did.

  14. The reason I looked up about these shadow people article was because my aunt has just called me yesterday and was telling me how she set up her phone and records things and one night she said a black shadow figure it horns started walking to the camera and made loud breathing noises. I’m not entirely sure if she’s being truthful but she also said that her youngest son won’t go back to his closet Because he saw a man standing in there. But a few years back my aunt was sleeping one night and she turned over and she saw a tall shadow figure looking at her in the corner with a top hat on. And then her brother my uncle would see a shadow man in. Corner and the house just has a creepy feeling to it… The weird thing is I had a dream just last week about my cousin and my aunt’s Boyfriend being possessed… Any ways that’s just a coincidence?

  15. Strange i see black shadow people out of the corner of my eye looking around my door into my lounge. I walked into my kitchen and one had it’s back to me and in a instant it was gone…it’s not a scary feeling that it portrays..just inquisitive I think is the word thst springs to mind

    1. Mine are very similar to what you describe. A shadow flicking out of corner of my eyes. You know what you saw but kinda think..maybe I’m just tired. But, I always have an uneasy, seriously scared feeling. My home now was the old someplace of my daddy’s parents and where I was raised. My dad died in middle bedroom June 2013. My husband and I moved in with my elderly mom right after. He died (53) Oct 2016 taking my mother to her Dr appt. Massive heart attack, wrecked and she died June 2017, in back bedroom. I alone and have felt weird sense of dread or unease. Not all the time but a lot more lately. Same flicking shadow moving low on same knotty pine wall in hallway. It kinda reminds me of the scary demons in movie Ghost
      Sat night it got worse when I went in bathroom off hall, looked up(like I’ve done 1000s of times) I saw a evil, wild armed image come out and around doorway. No shit…i felt like a little girl being chased back to my bed. Sorry post is so long..what I have done?? I talk to my hubby, mom and dad all the time..this is for real, sleep with all lights on shit. Trying to register on website took me 45 minutes..couldnt type my name



  16. A few months ago I saw a shadow person standing over me while I was laying in bed. I was just trying to go to sleep, but I couldn’t get comfortable. I rolled over onto my back, and I saw a large, shadowy figure standing directly over me. He (no disrespect is meant to the shadow person, but I will refer to it as a male because it had the physique of one) was very big, and had large, broad shoulders, which is why I refer to him as Box-Man. He, unlike many other shadow people, did not seem to be hostile, but actually friendly. He gave off a peaceful aura, and I got the feeling that he did not want to harm me. We stared at one another for several moments (at least I assume he was looking at me, as he only had dark circles where his eyes should have been), but then I squeezed my eyes shut, not because I was scared, but I just wanted to see if he was real, if he would still be there when I opened them. Alas, he was not. He had disappeared when I opened my eyes, and I actually felt a bit sad. I have since looked for him at night, but he has not come back. My girlfriend has said that she has never seen the same shadow person twice, which makes me sad, as that increases my odds of never seeing the Box-Man again. My girlfriend and I have had numerous arguments over this topic, as she thinks all shadow people are evil, and she thinks that I’m crazy for liking a shadow person. I can assure all of you from personal experience that not all shadow people are bad, and although you should heed caution when dealing with them, there is no need to be frightened unless you feel that they are there to harm you 🙂

  17. I was sleeeping one night and woke up because i was uncomfortable. I looked at the wall near my shut door and saw this short shadowy black figure. It scared the life out of me , so i started praying with a cross in my hand and it disappeared. This didnt start happening until after i saw the realistic paranormal movie. Then sometimes i wake in the middle of the night to breathing and i thought it was the fan in my room above me but it wasn’t because it wasn’t on. I thought it was my grandma because she appeared in my dream but she has this unique smell to her but this thing smelled different . Like nothing ive smelled before. Do you know how to tell if it is a family member or a random person? If you do i am taking suggestions.

    1. Well u say you know the difference with your granma smell now am not an expert the one you need to watch out for is the smell of rotten meat usually. Means demonic and they are the most hatefull oc them all if that’s what your experiencing call a priest to do a blessing on your home

    2. Assertively ask it, “what is your name? “…. I have to ask you what makes you think it is a person? It’s not. People are flesh bound spirits. Once we leave this body we are no longer human beings. But yea to answer your question ask it its name. Be assertive when you so though…. And it smells??? Like what?

  18. One time when I was younger,10, at a residential. I saw the human one I remember it just staring at me sucking out my energy. And every time I looked away it was still there. I don’t know why it was there or what it wanted with me but it has haunted me to this very day, I’m now 12.

    1. You’re 10 you’re 14 and now you’re 12??? Come on bud you can’t say you’re three different ages on the same page? There’s no need to share your age to begin with…. But just invade you’re telling the truth about your experience (which I doubt you are)… Next time you see something ask it in a strong confident voice “what is your name? “… Then if it doesn’t answer, say, “I am not afraid of you spirit!” “in God’s name I command you to be gone!”

  19. Just thought id share my story with you’s so it was one afternoon and me and my mum were at her friends house with the kids across the road from our house and my mum wants a ciggie and realised she left them at home so she asked me to pop over to get them so I did pulled the house door to and ran back over to give mum her cigs so an hour passed and we headed back home so as we did mum tried to open the door and it was locked so mum said give me the keys a said I didd t lock the door she didn’t bilieve me so we looked for the keys at a friends house cymudnt find them so frustrated mum phoned a locksmith so as he was chipping away at the lock he stopped and looked at mum n told hrt that the keys were in the door that it had been locked from the inside no one was at home horrified mum called the police they came done a search and cudnt find anyone at our all the windows were closed as well no one cud get in or out without using the door,mum went into the kitchen to realise That the mol,bucket bad been knocked over and on the kitchen floor were tiny footprints so mutch more happens in that house it was so,uneasy,there hard to talk about still scares the hell outa me thinking about it

  20. I have also seen one of these things I’m 14 I was in my room trying to sleep when I looked across the room and saw what looked like a little girl I couldn’t make out a face but unlike a real shadow she seemed to have depth so I was siting there in my bed staring at it It was looking in a mirror at its self when it turned to me looking strait at me or i think it was I couldn’t see its eyes but I could feel it watching me we both kinda looked at one another then i decided to try to talk to it when i said hello i jerked back and seemed to move deep in to the corner of my room i didn’t know what to do so i tried again to talk to it i said hello again and i let out a ear ripping scream that made me cover my ears and i closed my eyes when i opened them she was gone and ever sence that ive felt her around at random times of the day if anyone has info to explain this to me plz tell me plz

    1. She is probably a sad harmless spirit. OT sounds like you scared her. She might not even realize that she’s dead. Next time you feel her, instead of looking at/for her just ask in a soft sweet voice, “what is your name?” if no response, tell her you mean her no harm and ask her again “what is your name? “… If still nothing then just ignore her until you see/feel her again and again ask her her name. Keep asking her ever time until she answers. But just invade she is dangerous (which I doubt ) make sure to never offer to help her or invite her into your life in anyway. At least not until she tells you her name. If she doesn’t tell you her name just ignore her.

  21. I need advice! I’ve seen one but I didn’t know what it was until my girlfriends mom told me last night about a shadow person she has seen. When she described it I knew I have seen one too and decided to do some research and was glad to come across this site. I shared a house with my younger brother and saw on many occasions a tall, dark, man-shaped figure standing in his hallway. My brother had his own side of the house where his kitchen and bathroom were. I’ve seen many things in my time and knew not to be scared since these things feed on fear but it creeped me out to the point I would sage the house regularly and I wouldn’t go past the kitchen towards his side of the house at night. I also knew the first time I saw it that it was not an intruder but something supernatural watching me. My brother moved out a week ago and I have not seen it since, at least while awake. I told my girlfriend that I could feel the negative energy the other night and she is a believer in these kinds of things but told me she didn’t feel it. I fell asleep in her arms on the couch in the living room (which is past the kitchen just on the other side of the wall to my brothers former room) and woke up confused and honestly a little freaked out. I dreamt we were in the house, which is the first weird part since I have never dreamt about my house before. The dream almost mirrored reality since we were trying to watch the show she was watching while I was sleeping but that “thing” as I called it was there and it kept grabbing my arm, hard, squeezing it like it wanted to pull me somewhere. I don’t remember seeing it in my dream only feeling it. We burnt sage and banished it in my dream and it let go of my arm as I threw it out my brothers bathroom window. I woke up as I said confused and a little unnerved. I was still half asleep and she says I just kept repeating “it grabbed me” and kept running my arm on my way to the bedroom. I had a redmark on my arm and I have two bruises on my arm where he grabbed me in my dream now two days later (I take a couple days to bruise). One is shaped like a long finger and the other just looks like a finger tip. We went to visit her parents for the last two days but I’m returning home tonight and will be staying by myself (and my puppy) for the next few days. I think banishing it in my dream may have been enough but for good measure I’m planning on burning sage and blessing my house but was wondering if anyone else had any other suggestions? Also I think this thing has attached itself to my brother and I think it follows him. My mother had many issues when he lived with her and I would have to sage and bless her house regularly. Once he moved out of there I was able to get rid of whatever was lingering for good. I worry for my brother tho. I think he played with a ouija board years ago when these problems started. He used to complain about his tv turning on by itself even when he unplugged it but then one day, out of nowhere it seems, stopped believing in the paranormal and now thinks I’m crazy. Since he doesn’t believe (or is just pretending like he doesn’t so it goes away) do you think he’s safe from it? Is there anything I can do for him? He refuses to let me sage and bless him in person. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  22. One morning before dawn in September or Oct 2015 I was awoken by an acute sense of dread and despair… Now let me explain first I’ve had less nightmares than I can count on one hand in my entire life. I’ve spent many nights alone in the woods and typically feel safest in a quiet dark room alone. What in saying is I’m not one to panic or feel irrational fear. I’m extremely self secure…But this one morning was VERY different… So it’s just before dawn(i never wake up that early… Ever). I’m in my bed sleeping alone when I’m awoken by this overwhelming feeling of fear and panic. I literally woke up with a loud gasp and immediately felt like I wasn’t alone. Right away I notice 4-6(at least 4 but I was so scared I’m not exactly sure how many, but no less then 4) dark shadowy figures. They were all around me and very large… Now I want to explain that I’d never experienced anything like this before and had never heard of “shadow people ” until I stumbled onto this site yesterday reading about Beks. When I started reading about the shadow people I started feeling intense chills all the hair on my whole body seemed to be standing on end. When I read the basic description of shadow people I knew immediately that they were what I saw that one morning almost 3years ago… OK back to the story… I was there in my room in the predawn darkness surrounded by at least 4 very large shadowy figures. I was in a state of shear panic! I looked left and right and tried closing my eyes but they were still there and moving around my bed like they were toying with me or something. They’d move in really close, within inches of my face, then back to the edge of my bed in turns, reaching their “arms” out towards me. I tried putting my covers over my head thinking it was all in my head or a dream or something. But their presence was unwavering. When I took the blankets off my head they were right there like on/in my bed right in front and on both sides of me. I started rolling back and forth with my face in my pillow, telling myself “this isn’t real this isn’t real”. I looked up and noticed they went back to circling my bed and taking turns “touching” me (swooping in really close then back out to the edge of the bed). My thrashing back and forth along with whimpering seemed to amuse them. I was experiencing feelings of shear terror, dread, regret, and sorrow, as well as physical pain (like nerve pain) all over my body all at once. I wanted to get up and out of there but I couldn’t, I was able to move but just unconsciously rolling violently back and forth on the bed. I couldn’t think clearly enough to make any sort of intentional movement. Eventually I started crying and screaming into my pillow “I’m so sorry lord I’m so sorry! Oh God please forgive me! “… At the time I didn’t really notice but as soon as I started asking God to forgive me they probably started to disappear. Though I can’t be sure since I wasn’t looking, I had my face in the pillow still tossing my body back and forth writhing in physical and psychological torment. I just kept saying “I’m sorry lord I’m sooo soo sorry” and crying for maybe 10 minutes or less before I realized I wasnt in physical pain anymore and didn’t feel nearly as dreadful. Then I finally lifted my face from the pillow and looked up and they were gone. I started sobbing in relief and thanked God, though I still didn’t feel right at all. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t catch my breath, while I felt slightly relieved they were gone I still felt panicky. I got up and walked around trying to relax I tried to sit in meditation(which I did and still do frequently ) and just focus on my breath, but no matter what I couldn’t shake that feeling of panic and existential fear… I even ended up calling a suicide prevention hotline haha for the first and only time in my life. I chalked it up to experiencing my first and only(so far) “panic attack ” … Eventually once the sun was up completely and I started watching talledaga nights I started to feel a real relief. Eventually I was able to breath again and actually started to feel relaxed. Then I smoked a little pot and think I even got some lorazepam from a buddy and finally felt normal again… . I had never and have yet to see shadow people or feel so panicked as I did that day. Thank God!

    1. Yes. You described the feelings I get to a tee. The crazy way I can describe what I saw sat night after the low moving shadows would be like one of those crazy armed blow up men at car dealerships!! It’s so ridiculous that I am unable to describe what I saw . I just can’t find the words…and like you, I never have been scared to be alone. Maybe I am just overwrought..i don’t know ..

  23. I had some WEIRD stuff like that happen to me! And noone believes me! I saw a man with a golden aura. I was getting ready to leave my unless and was parked on the curb. My ex was in a car behind me, I could see him plugging in his ipod in my rearview mirror. We met up there and were on our way home. Suddenly, there was a man with a golden aura. He was translucent almost, and gold. so shiney. He looked as if he had the same eyes as my ex. I know his grandfather passed many years before and he was really close to hom, and looked alot like him. But, nope. It was not my ex. I could see my ex fiddling with his ipod right through this man. It was as if he was sitting in my back seat. I turned around, saw nothing. But, there he was, looking right at me in my rear view mirror! I pulled my glasses off, rubbed my eyes, looked again, and he saw me see him, looked right at me, and grinned, then disappeared! I just got goose bumps all over my body from retelling this story! Noone can tell me what that man was! I have done so much research too and still have no clue!

  24. I have had experiences all my life i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I got older I noticed they are spirits I’ve seen grey spirits it was small like a child I sensed it’s fear and it pushed on my bed trying to wake me , I’ve seen dark clouds hovering off the ground I sensed their anger they are always moving fast they seem restless and agitated ,I’ve seen light blue like someone just passed and are trying hard to communicate they get in you face they can’t believe I see them I’ve tried communicateing I have to read lips and they can send me pictures telepathicly but if one knows I see they all follow but I believe they are spirits some angry some sad some mad the darker they are the angryer they are probably stuck in this world just to observe because who would want to help I believe they have a choice they may not have boddies to speak but they can choose not to be bitter about their death and except it instead some spirits are mad because they can’t do crap anymore they are bitter because they were slaves to this world and continue to be.to answer your question about a golden spirit it must be hevenly and if you seen it plain as day and it smiled all is well who they were is up to you to decide if it’s a Angel then it’s watching someone’s back

    1. I’m soon to be 40 I’ve been seeing shadows since I was a child I used to scream in the middle of the night watching these things floating around quick and disappear it was a lot of them. My mother used to yell at me about it and told me not to speak about it to anyone and the same thing about my vivid dreams

  25. I remember sitting in my room once, at my desk by the far walk from the door. I dont remember why, but I had my lights off. I was listening to music on my computer. Suddenly, I saw movement by the door and quickly looked up from my screen. I saw a shadow man walk into my room and stand by my bed. He was clearly Male, but had no defining characteristics except for his extreme height. He was partially see through, almost like a thin fog. When he stopped by my bed, I could tell we made eye contact, even though I couldn’t see any eyes. The second we made eye contact, he started to slowly fade, like steam from a pot does as it rises. That was about half a year ago, have not seen him since.

  26. I had been ready for bed. The lights had been off and I could barely see light from the closed blinds.I then noticed that the night dark was getting much blacker starting from tbe edges of my room and moving towards me. Inky black and totally devoid of light .I had my eyes open .This is not the only time it has happened. I know others it has happened to. What is this???

  27. When I was young probably 8-10 years old I was asleep but woke up then I saw a black figure it was n my bros bed then jump frm tue very top and land on the edge of my bed and choke me from far away I dont know how it did it but when I put the blanket it couldnt hurt me so when I left the blanket on and sleep and the nxt day y I didnt see it at all

  28. You seem to all have experience the hybrid human ie extraterrestrial human. They have big dark eyes when they interact with you. It is true that they can change forms and they have a an agenda. The powerful ones are indeed doing possession yet to eliminate them you have to drink either a mix of ginger and holy water or whisky and holy water. Per a pastor that i just spoke with you have to constantly read the psalms and listen to christian music. I believe the agenda they have is to steal, kill and destroy whatever gift you may have received from The Holy Trinity.

  29. What I’m about to share barly happen a few days ago but I can’t stop thinking about what it all means.If any of y’all can tell my I’d really appreciate it.So a few days ago it rained,and me and my grandpa love the smell of it so we decided to go outside in our backyard.We were talking when a car had passed by of couse the lights on it showed on the dark night but in those few seconds I seen shadow clear as day walking casually. I didn’t freak out tho I thought it was a person walking in the rain so to be sure I stared at the spot in hope to see a person walking but there was no one to be seen.i told my grandma if he seen it and he said no idk if what I saw was a person or not.Maybe it was just a tall guy walking home late at night in the pouring rain but if it was why was he going toward the trees that my small towns “woods”that are rumored to be haunted by evil spirits.Or was he one of the evil spirts.Btw don’t forget I live by those woods because there’s more imma say.Anyways about 3 or 4 days later I had a dream In it I seen a dark figure of a little boy and by his figure size is say his age was 7 or 8 but he made me feel uneasy in the dream and very emotional like I knew him and i felt a connection towards him,I also felt hate for him in my dream.I haven’t lost any love one that might be him.Besides that I felt threat like I knew he was evil.He was a dark figure like I said but then he looked misty and like a sketch in real life that’s the best description I can give you.Anyways back to the dream.My dream also took place in the backyard I was standing close to the door when you go to my backyard and the boy figure was in front of me about a few yards away but I could see him as clear as day he started like transporting towards me he was started to move really fast closer to me. I started screaming”Go away!” Probably like 3 times then he went away probably 1 in. away from me then I turned to see my grandma who was apparently beside me the whole time.He was completely lost at what just happened.Then I turned to him and told him”I saw someone”then I woke up after that.I never once in my sort lifetime messed with anything that’ll connect me to the dark side because u love God so why is this happening to me.Also my grandma told me a story that happened to him and his friends when they were young.
    He said that’s went to those SAME woods in the afternoon about when the sun was setting to go smoke when one of his friends saw a dark figure with wings and red eye’s they all started running my grandma said he felt a cold breath on his neck.They all for home safety.My gramps thinks something happened in those trees.But I still can’t help but wonder if all of this is related.

  30. I’ve seen three (at least I think it’s three different ones) over the last year. It’s really weird too, I’m not afraid. I have sleep paralysis, and during the first occurrence it was short, maybe 4 feet, standing directly beside my bed, angular face, onyx-like skin, and it was just staring at me. I felt shakey and my head rolling, and I was cussing at it, telling it to get the fuck away from me, calling it horrible names, anyway, I saw the same thing move from by my window to behind my closet door one day too, I wasn’t sleeping at that point. The second one I think I saw, I thought it was my daughter peeking into my bedroom after i had put her to bed, so I jumped up and chased into her room where my daughter was fast asleep. The third one, was about 6 ft, it had red eyes, standing at the end of my bed at my husband’s feet, and same thing, I was shaking, cussing at it telling it to get the eff out of my room, and I fell deeper into sleep, then woke again and it had started moving towards my husband’s head area, I was like verbally berating the thing and it just stopped and looking at me, honestly it felt like it was obeying me. Also I never thought I was really shaking though, I thought it was an hallucination like I thought the shadow people were,but that particular night i had been sleeping on my husband’s arm and he woke me up because I was shaking. I don’t have a seizure disorder that I know if, but every sleep paralysis I’ve had I’ve felt myself shaking and head rolling. I wasn’t using Jesus as my defense during those times, so idk why it would listen to me, and I don’t even know if I really saw those during my sleep. I’ve had sleep paralysis for about 12 years, the first starting at 16, I’ve never actually seen anything up until about a year ago when I’ve started seeing them now. Also I’ll hear weird noises, like the doors opening and mouth clicking almost behind me occasionally. I’m not crazy, I do have depression and anxiety, but I’m a very rational, logical person. Im not sure if a crazy person would question their sanity as I’m doing. Anyway, idk if anybody has any answers. My mom told me after I told her v about the 6′ red eyed one that when she was pregnant with me she had a dream where she woke up, saw a red eyed demon in her closet, it ran at her and dived into her stomach. Am I cursed or something? Lol…I’m not even kidding though I just don’t know what to think

  31. I was asleep in the spare room of my home and awoke to two female human form shadow People. One of them took the shape of my girlfriend holding a flash light as it was looking for something in the room. This is all at night time by the way. I said babe, what are you looking for? The other one was the shape of my 13 year old daughter. All of a sudden they turned their heads very quickly to look at me then charged after me with great speed. I threw the covers over me and awoke. But how could this be a dream? I’ve had demonic sleep paralysis a bunch of times throughout the years and it’s scary. But that doesn’t even come close to the shock and terror that the shadow People gave me. It’s a whole nother ball game. More realistic and much more terrifying! Scared the piss out of me. So I been seeing other things at night that look real but it’s not a shadow all the time. It’s trying to take physical features of my girlfriend but it’s not her! Crazy! So I thought I could trick them by wearing a sleeping mask. It helps but now they speak! I’m not joking! Sleeping on the couch in the living room and at 4 a.m. I hear something say, “hey Rick “! I jumped out of my skin! No one was around. First time I ever heard them speak. It almost had the voice of my girlfriend but she was down the hallway asleep in her bed. Crazy! So if I sleep with the sleeping mask, now they want to talk! I can’t win! What’s next, ear plugs? I don’t know what the fuck these things are but they give me panic and terror. Shadow people is a whole nother level of shock and terror. It seems all to real. I’m 41 and this just started happening around 2018. Talk to me people.

  32. I heard that shadow people of different heights means if they’re evil or good. Like if they’re 6ft+ they’re evil. But if they’re under 5ft, they’re good. Mine is as tall as me (as of what I can tell), and he’s not evil at all. My friend would stay nights years ago, and she would tell me that someone was pulling the blanket off of her at night, and asked if it was me. I said no, and remembered that ‘he’ sits on my dresser in the corner away from the light on my TV. So I told her about it, and she shrugged it off. After a fee more nights (she didn’t like being at her house too much) she would keep telling me that ‘he’ keeps pulling the blanket off of her, and he’ll even tickle her feet. I think it’s pretty funny. He hasn’t done anything like that to me though. But it was definitely different. Like when I was sitting in my room, alone, reading a book. I was reading on my phone with the lights, and the TV off so it was prime time to scare this girl. As I was reading, I randomly see a face slowly move toward my line of sight. I freaked out, and jumped up, but he wasn’t there. So I turned the lights on, and went out to tell me dad, and my ex. They thought I was joking until I described him. My dad said that he sees him too. But not as much as me. Instead of scaring him like ‘he’ does to me, ‘he’ decides to just stand by the door going to the stairs. He’ll stand there, and my dad tried talking to him, but he wouldn’t answer. But most of the time, he’ll sit in my room with me, and keep me company. I named him so I didn’t have to call him shadow person. But I call him James. My ex also saw James when he lived with me. He said that he woke up in the middle of the night with James sitting on his chest just staring at him with red eyes. I’ve never seen his red eyes so I think he only shows them to people he’s trying to protect me from. I don’t understand why he would’ve wanted to protect me from him though. Although my other ex, that really messed up, has said that he saw something, and it scared him so bad. So I think James protects me? Is that possible? I honestly want to figure out if it’s true. Because I don’t feel any negative emotions around him. Actually I feel calm, and at ease when I’m in my room with James. It’s kinda weird though because he’s a prankster. Not at all mean, or anything. So if I could get an explanation on this, that would be great.

  33. I Think A Friend Of Mine Has Encountered A Dark Entity A Few Times(i Think It Might Be A Type Of Shadow Person) She Works Nights At A Home For The Elderly The First Time Was When She Saw A Shadow Run Past Her Down The Hall Into A Residents Room Then It Ran Across The Hall Into Another Room The Back To The First One When She Entered The Room The Residents Lips Were Turning Blue And He Was Close To Dieing But The Medics Got There In Time Then The Second Time Was When She Went Into Another Residents Room Who Was Acting Confused Asking Why There Were Flashing Lights And People Bing So Loud She Took Here Over To The Window To Show Her There Was Nothing There Then Put Her Back Into Bed Where The Women Then Said To Her Im Gonna Pray For You My Friend Said Awe Why And The Women Said Because Of The Big Man Standing Behind Her Saying He Was Unhappy With Her And She Needs To Get Out Or He Was Gonna Kill Her The Third And Most Resent She Was In The Elivator And When It Opened On Her Floor It Pushed Her Out I Need Help Iding It

  34. Will reading this I have encountered them in different places I have lived red eyes as I call them always gave me only a long dread stare when I have had encountered them in N.Y VA WA BUT what I haven’t heard much about is yellow eyes that I had also encountered in battle ground WA in a vivid state of mind just so you know yellow eyes likes to afflict pain onto us from my experience the second time he came at me I remembered getting mad and my thoughts was of anger and I said to him why you and went athim off the bed and he began to go backwards like leaving me and that confused me badly and once I had a since of doubt because the nights before he was tormenting me I was on myhands and knees as he was waving his hand over my head and mybrain felt like it was going to ooze out of my ears I felt it as itwas pain full nothing like red eyes as he was making my brain throve inside my head I felt it as I feel myself typing this now real feeling of torment and pain I began to groan and I began to groan louder the more he kept on me to a point I groan so loud I woked up in my body two night later he came atme this time I was sitting on the edge of the bed in the bedroom looking around the room was as is and myself was outsidemy body I lookedand saw myself sleepingas I do by the wall my body and beside me was a girlfriend of mine as shewas sleeping besidesme I saw us sleeping than from the door bedroom door he began to creep into the room as I was sitting on the edge by the feet of my friend feet I saw him coming into the room as the door was believe it ornotwasopening more I know you saythey can walk thru walls never seen one walk thru walls but I have encountered them as I am telling the story to you now as I saw him anger became me and said whyyou as I was saying that I was coming off the bed yellow eyes will he began to move backwards out the door nottakinghis yellow eyes offof me than I began to stop and think like why areyou fleaing me and once mythought came to mind as tho he began to move forward back towards me and I remember my eyes gotten big and I stared hard at him and than hewaved his arm at me and than I woke up it was and out ofbody exsperance shadow person with yellow eyes myfirst time seeing him butin Lincoln city OR as well red eyes all thru this naighborhood I waswalking thru I saw thereshadowy body
    As theylookedatme with therebeadie red eyes glowing atme before hand I saw red spiral glowy red eyeslaying in the sand I took to the sands layingdown on mystomach staring him in his eyes in alart mode than a voice said to me he’s notgoingto do anything so I had gotten up from the sand began to walk back to wear I was staying stayedon the beach walking home than the five appears as I had seen them before in VA beach on the beach theylike to walk the shore line one behind the other in different heights the one in front of them was doing somersault and I ran than walked back home with fear

  35. When I was 2 or 3 I would see a dark figure standing at the foot of my bed every night. My mom said I described it as part human and part bird. It was also during the time, unbeknownst to my parents, that I was being molested by a friend of the family’s son. Don’t know if what I saw was real or just my mind playing tricks on me bc of my situation. To this day, I’m 32, I’m still highly intrigued by it.

  36. One morning after 3 a.m I woke up not breathing and my boyfriend looked up and saw a dark figure over my body that was about a year ago. About six months ago my grand father had passed away and I was givin one of his lil boom boxes. I brought it home and left it in my closet on my shelf for months. Didn’t touch it or anything then last night at 3:31 am the radio turned on and it was all static waking me up I freaked out got to the radio noticed it was on the off position and no cords attached . I tried to turn the station but it was the same sound took a few minutes but finally turned off. Then about 730 I got out the shower and saw a dark figure standing by my door way. I looked down then back up and it was gone again. My heart was pounding and I was totally scared. I’m not sure what is going on. But I need answers .

  37. . i was about 8 years old I was visiting at my grandma’s house. I wanted to see where my uncles where so I went down stairs in their basement because that was where my uncles room was to see of maybe they where down there. as I walk into the basement I see my da working on my grandmas sink as I was passing by. i walk through enter into the hall way as I felt the sense I needed to turn around. But I was 8 at the time, I didn’t understand why i needed to turn around so I continued on walking to the end of the hallway. as I made it towards the end o didn’t see my uncle’s in their room and I just started getting scared. I tired to show no fear, so slowly walked back like I wasn’t scared. as soon as I was about to leave the hallway, I giant blob shadowy figure slowly moved on to me and held me agints the wall. I wasn’t scared, i felt very calm as it held me against the wall making pound whispering sounds as it was breathing warm air on my neck and only my neck. I just stared into the the whispy shadow as I felt calm and numb. my mind was blank as I felt evil pleasure. Then after about 5mins it slowly started to move away as I watch it travel into the bathroom. Then I thought maybe it was my uncle playing a trick on me and I stated calling for it. The a sense of fear hit me again and this time o felt like I needed to get out. But I doubt wanted to act scared so I just walked away.

  38. My maternal family has a rich history, in fact, there are many stories about the Witcomb witches in Baltimore, Maryland. My great, great, aunt used to paint her body black and crawl around naked in some kind of ritual that Iv’e been told was to evoke a spirit of some sort. My grandmother has an uncanny way of knowing things involving her family as they are happening, no matter how far away. As kids we used to sing the “Santa Clause” song about her, “She knows when you are sleeping, she knows when you’re awake” lol I myself am highly empathic. So it’s never been considered strange or alarming to my family that something or someone has always followed me but never in shadow form. It’s always been a mischievous type and it likes country music, lol. It used to turn on the radio and switch the stations until it got to a country station, and then turn the volume up very loud. Sometimes it would turn the lights on and off, or open and close doors. For quite some time, after I split up from a 12 year long marriage, it would wake me up by tickling me on my sides and under my arms, at first I would laugh and say “stop it!” but that would make it jab at me harder to where it hurt more than tickled, but it would always stop when I would say that it was hurting me. It stopped doing that after a few years, I think because it really didn’t want to hurt me. My family has always told me that it protects me, presumably from all the spirits and entities Iv’e encountered in life. At any rate, I have recently begun to experience a shadow person. It is human shaped, about 5″8 tall, with no cloak or hat. Sometimes it walks through the house like it has it’s own agenda, and all of my family has seen it. On two occasions, it knocked an item off of the kitchen counter into the floor. For the most part, it follows me. I never felt any sort of negativity from it, until one night I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I walked out, it was waiting for me, and I found myself face to face with it. It’s face, which was just a dark, head shaped mass, was inches from mine, and I stood for a moment looking at it, it looking at me, before I went around it and quickly got back into bed. When I looked back up at it, it was gone. I woke my husband up and told him about it. Once again, I didn’t feel any negative emotion from it, until afterwards. I felt violated in a way, It had been waiting for me, it waited there and knew when I came out of the bathroom I would meet it face to face. I didn’t like it, and I went through the house that night looking for it, all the while telling it that I didn’t like what it had done and that we could live together peacefully but only if it respected my boundaries. A few nights later, my husband set up a motion sensor camera aimed toward our closet where it seems to appear the most. It took several pictures, all were distorted with bright lines going across the top of the picture. At one point, the picture was aimed at a completely different spot in the room. The shadow person moved the camera. A few weeks ago, I was cleaning, and my 4 year old daughter told asked me if I saw the shadow behind me. I asked her what it looked like and she said that it was a shadow person with no face, and that it disappeared after she had looked at it. She then said, “I guess I should have been happy to see it again, but it startled me.” I asked her what she meant, and she said she used to see it a lot when she was smaller, and that this was the first time she had seen it in a very long time. I told her to just ignore it, and if she saw it again, to act like she didn’t even see it, not to acknowledge it, but that she shouldn’t let it get too close to her. (She’s not a stranger to these things either, and used to have a spirit friend who “lived in her closet” and whose name was “Sissy” but when we moved to this place, she stopped seeing her.) Last night, my husband went outside to take our dog, Eve, out, and saw through the window someone walking through the house. When he came inside he asked if I had gotten out of bed while he was out, and of course, I had not. We assume it was the shadow person that we have been encountering. Besides the time that it waited for me outside the bathroom, I still have not felt any negative energy from it. I wonder if it’s possible that some shadow people are not negative at all, but just curious, or is it possible that it could just be a spirit of a person or something else taking the form of a shadow person?

  39. I’ve had a black shadow for years now but never harmed me but I had no control of my body and then just last night it seem like a black shadow was trying to molest me which I’m scared I need help I don’t know what to do can someone please tell me what to do

    1. Ask GOD Almighty for help next time it try’s something it worked for me. Like God if this is evil please protect me from it or please send peace between it and you if you provoked it.

  40. this morning when i woke up at 2:30 in the morning it was still dark out side and got up to go to the bathroom when i got back and lay down . i remembered my how yesterday my mom woke me up in the morning cause there was shadow person messing with me while i was asleep she yelled at it and when my dad flushed the toilet in the bathroom to com see what was up it or they dissapeared. then this morning i felt like i was being watched. my whole life when i look at anything in the dark you see the poke a dots of color that make up the dark and they always tend to look like they are moving so i thought it was happening again this time the side of my face facing the closet felt red hot as i heard the sound of a clicking type of creak . i called out to my mom but she didn’t hear me, i was so scared i started to cry i stayed like this till the noise stopped then so i could see the shapes of the stuff in my room i opened the curtains all the way. then i heard a growl . last night before i went to sleep my dog was growling at the closet. once i finally went to sleep. i told me sister about it when i woke up and she said this had happened to her when she was younger she said they would make her feel like she was in a very hot shower.
    now all day i feel nauseous she did to after an encounter with them
    what do you guys think? i am really scared of whats in the dark now anything you can say would help

  41. When I am in my bed I feel something kicking me and feel movement on my bed. I will go in one of my room mates room to sleep and it does not occur in their beds. Objects will fall over and move and this does not only happen at home and other people are witness to this. I also am kicked and shoved while walking. Objects I am holding such a beverage in a cup etc. will fly out of my hand. Other people have observed all of this happening. There is a paranormal investigator that lives on my street and he has said this seems like something that usually happens to teenage girls but he is not sure and gave me a phone number of someone else in their organization to speak with about this.

  42. I just found out my mother was always stalked by a tall dark shadow of a man as an infant. My grandmother says this dark shadow would watch over my infant mother at night. My mom has always been a special person. No matter what troubles she faces in life, she can never be harmed. Something is always there to protect her in all scenarios. She recently encountered legal issues and even that was miraculously dropped. Her attorney couldn’t believe the judge ruled in her favor and we all know this is just another time in her life she’s been protected. She is also a very lucky person. She always wins raffles, jackpots at the casino, radio contests and giveaways in general. She sense’s things! She knows when bad things are gonna happen before they happen but she sense’s good things too. Animals follow her but do not cause her harm. She’s very wise. She is extremely generous and finds true joy in helping others. She cannot see ghosts or shadows but she did see her late father once, sitting on a chair just staring at her one night not long after his passing. What can this be? She tells us she scares herself sometimes cause she knows she’s not like other people. We all know what she’s experienced is not like any of us or unlike anyone we know. She’s got something protecting her or looking after her and some sort of special ability but what is it? She is also not into psychics or any kind of paranormal activities. She’s never seeked the help of any of their services. She’s not a very religious person but she believes in God and Jesus and was baptized as an adult by a Christian pastor. She also experienced a lot of trauma as a child. She had a VERY BAD childhood, full of abuse of every kind imaginable, and for some reason now… No harm can touch her. As for those people that caused her harm as a child, well… Life has taken care of them in the most horrible ways. From demonic possession, yes some exorcist shit!!! To horrible death to themselves or someone close to them. They have all paid with blood for her tears as an abused child. And as an adult, people that harm her have all experienced some sort of instant karma. Just bad things like car accidents or gravely sick family including their children, or unexplained sudden illness to themselves. She sense’s hate. She feels bad for those that treat her badly because she knows something terrible will soon happen to them. She does not control how or when these things happen, they just do. I’m an adult in my mid thirties and I’m nothing like my mother. No one I know is special in the sense of being protected. Who or what is causing this? Can someone help give me answer. Oh and by coincidence, her last name is Angel.

  43. My name’s Tracy and I’ve always had a Shadow man around me . I’ve felt it lay beside me I’ve seen it in the room in corners or by the door ..but last night in my dream he was beside the bed looking at me his body looked as if it was being pulled at I scream I’m not ready to go with u what do u want I was creaming n crying n trying to wake my old man up but he didn’t hear me finally I woke myself up screaming this scared me ..I wish I new why it’s around me I’ve had a really hard childhood my father was a very mean man who abused me in alot of ways ..also my first sons father died he left me at 16 and didn’t help me with are son before he died I thought he might be the shadow man but now I’m not to sure can u please help me

    1. This sounds less like a classic “shadow man” and more like an actual haunting. I would look at finding someone that can cut whatever attachments this thing has to you.

  44. I had an experience that lasted 6 or 7 years. I would be asleep at night and wake up to the feeling of something staring at me. I would see the outline of a male in my bedroom doorway. He appeared tall 5’9″, medium build, narrow shouldered, with a light shirt and darker pants. He had shoulder length hair. In the next instant he would be sitting on the foot of my bed, still staring at me, and he would cross his legs and his arms. I would sit up in bed and ask who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? I would never get an answer from him, but I didn’t sense anything bad about him. I felt like he was peaceful. After a few minutes, in my mind I would think Oh well, if you’re not going to talk to me I will roll over and go back to sleep, which I did. This happened at many places I lived, houses, apartments. What do you think this could be?

  45. I’ve seen and felt a lot of abnormal things in my life time from black, white shadows, human ghostly figures, demon monsters but mainly black shadow figures. Some of my earliest encounters were black shadow people small in size like a toddler. Even though they are toddler size they don’t move like toddlers very agile and nimble.
    I was around 4 or 5yrs old when I remembered my 1st encounter. I had a bed next to my parents and I saw 3 to 4 small shadow people come from the window of a 2 stories house they were jumping and playing in the dark one of them jumped on my dad and started walking on him. I tried to wake him up saying dad monster dad monster. My parents brushed it off saying I was ill and gave me medicine.
    Another earlier encounter was when I was 6 to 8yrs old I would go cuddly with my mom in the morning before watching cartoons as I entered my parents room I saw a little black shadow man sitting on top of my mom’s chest choking her as she was mumbling loudly. I kept rubbing my eyes at what I was looking at. The shadow figure didn’t notice me stare at it for awhile then it turned its head at me but it had no face accept black. Once it notices me it jumped throw the window like lightning speed. My mom was yelling at me why I didn’t help her.
    As I got older I saw them at random an started to experience what they do to you. When I’m half awake half asleep they touch me and I can’t move I can maybe twitch a finger or mumble but it’s like I’m paralyzed. Also I noticed it feeds off my fear so if I’m scared it comes and gives me nightmares and wont let me out of my dream. To wake up I have to try really hard to struggle. I think it gets a kick out of doing this. Not all are like this but these are just a few of my experiences of many.

  46. So my encounter is very different from most. All my life I have had what i call my “Spirit Companion” whom i named “Shadow” (for obvious reasons) follow me and what i strongly know, guiding me and stay by my side. (Kinda like youd see your own shadow connected to yourself in front of light.) Since I could remember when I was probably about 3, Ive always been scared of the dark. I like to think more as ‘scared whats in the dark’ and my parents would leave me in a dark room for me too sleep in which I did not like. I would see things that I would never imagine was real at all but I know I was not in any sort of vivid, interacting dream at that age. Well there came along ‘Shadow’. Hes not a shadow MAN but is in fact a shadow dog/wolf. When I was little, shadow looked as a puppy form. As i grew older and bigger, Shadow dog would grow with me. I Have never told this to any one not even my own family due to fear of being called crazy. I knew I was the only one who could see him. And he was far from harmful, every time i was upset or over thinking or facing challenges, I could not only see Shadow dog sitting next to me but strongly feel his aura. I can Vividly remember when i was about 7 yrs old. i was sleeping in the bed with my mom, well shes asleep and room is pitch black. All of a sudden i see what looks like a green geometric globe spinning over the bed. It didnt scare me, and i would get up to go to the restroom and i would take the covers off Shadow puppy and i would see him following me to the bathroom, PETTING HIM AND INTERACTING WITH HIM AS WELL. Like he was real, but he clearly was not. And it was no dream at all, but it seemed like, the darker the room or place i am, the more clear and defined i could see Shadow dog. Ive done some research on this but cant find a similar story, I dont know wether to see Shadow as maybe a spiritual guide or something that could possibly tie into my spiritual totem. My spirit animal in the indian totem is the wolf. And coincidence that Literally any dog i approach, its like almost i can talk to it and we understand eachother. Wether the dog is aggressive or skittish, I can get almost any dog to instantly warm up to me, understand my intentions and will walk by my side (without a leash). Like they look up to me as some alpha and i am positive that this is a happening due to the spiritual side. Ive been diagnosed with psychosis and bipolar 1 and ptsd for reasons i dont see is any kind of illness. I believe that I can comprehend alot more and have a gift that not many people have or know how to use. Some one please help me get an understanding of what any or all of this could possibly mean.

    1. HI Valerie,

      I have several graduate school degrees- the lastest in Clinical Psychology. I do NOT see any psychosis in you. You don’t write as someone with true PTSD would write. You are describing your experiences logically.

      I have had paranormal experiences my whole life. Many times others were there to see. In 2012, we entered the age of Aquarius. The “veil” is slowing being removed. IF the veil were removed immediately, everyone would have psychotic breaks – especially people who don’t have paranormal abilities.

      I have many abilities and whenever I have gone to a Psychiatrist, my MMPI scores are all within normal range. One psychiatrist said I was on the extreme end of being rational and as far away from schizophrenia and as anyone he evaluated. I told him about many experiences I had. In the end he said we use so little of our brains that I might have access to more than others. BUT, I should probably say I have a genetic disease and the way my human body works is very different. IF you met me on the street, I would be the picture of Health as long as my genetic disease isn’t triggered. Then it’s off to the ER. These paranormal incidents are reall.

  47. My son (7), daughter (5) were sitting at the dining table as I made dinner. After dinner, I took them a bath and got him out first to get him ready for bed. He stood in his room and proceeded to tell me “my imagination scared me”. I asked what he meant..? He told me as I was making dinner, I opened the fridge and a “white man” was in the kitchen & ran towards me. Once the “white man” was behind me “he” disappeared. I was very frightened after what he told me and began praying, later crying and unable to sleep. The morning came and I asked him about the “white man”. He confirmed to not have watched a movie or talked to his friends about this “white man” so I don’t know now how he made this up! The “white man” was facing me and ran like a cartoon/video game (not running strides) in my direction. He was not Caucasian/white skin, but a “white man” not naked. This has never happened before and his story is not changing or just imaginary like he described when he first broke the ice about the white man.

    Sidenot: my Dad as murdered May 5th. His first birthday since passing was yesterday and I was unable to attend. My mom said it might be him & im hoping it is now. I rebuke any evil or negative spirits from my home. THEY ARE NOT WELCOME HERE

  48. I’ve seen them my whole life. White one and the black ones. I dont know much about them. I’ve never known anyone else that sees them. The move around like they’re doing things. I dont give them any attention cause I’m scared if they know i see them theyll start messing with me. I dont know this to be true I’m just scared to find out. I dont see details. They’re either black or white very tall and I see the out line. Like a shadow of a person and the move around. What they’re doing, I dont know. I did have once experience that scared me so bad It took me 3 days to tell my husband out of fear. I did a deliverance prayer. The first one I’ve ever done. I wanted to rid any evil around me. At the end of my prayer I yelled at the top of my lungs IN THE NAME OF JESUS and i could hear and i could feel a dog growl and snap at my face. I didnt not see it but i could hear and feel the wind like it was right there in front of my face. I’ve never been that scared in my life. As for these shadow people . I have seen then all my life. There here now. I see them now. I pretend I dont see them cause I’m scared of them.

  49. In the house I grew up in, the upstairs bedroom which was mine.which was my older brother’sroom before it ever became mine Ithink, I’mnot sure, we had a shadow figure entity. For years as a child, Iwpuld wake up in the middle of the night and a large dark man would be leaning over me. Firthermore, my bedroom walls were always very cold to the touch and for most of my childhood Iwould fall asleep at night to the spund of a roomful of people talking. theivoices were never loud enough for me to understand what exactly was being said. but it was definately multiple voices conversing with eachother. Due to this when i moved put of my house, I needed to have the tv on low to fall asleep because I couldnt sleep to the sound of silence. I was perpetually scared as a child in. This house because I always felt like I was being watchex and I would catch something dartinof the corner of my eye, but could never prove it, so i actually feared for most of my childhood that maybe I was crazy. One time when I was a teenaher, I was walking down the hallway and a bright orb came floating down towards me and went through me. I tried for years to tell my mother abt. it but she told me my whole life I had an overactive imagination. I was raised as a witness so she told me it was all in my head. Years later (10 years ago) I was speaking with my brother and he stated that he also 3xperienced the dark man leaning overhim when he slept in that bedroom before it became mine. We had never once had a conversation abt. It before this night, him being significantly older than me. My great grandparents had built the house in the 1940s, I’m not sure if that has any bearing on this. the house has since been sold and 3 sepwrate times it has been bought and sold 8n a short period of time. I wonder if the dark man or whatever spirit(s) there dont want anyone but my family in this house. I dont know if anyone has any info on what I grew up with. but maybe someone can explain to me what my brother and I experienced and why.

  50. I am 71 years young and just encountered what I think was my first shadow person. My wife and I were working on an old car. The room was kind of dark but light was coming in from an open garage door. I saw someone walk up behind my wife and I thought it was a friend of ours. Not wanting her to be startled, I said, ” We’re being watched.” At that moment the shadow turned and looked directly at me with rather sparkling glowing yellow eyes and then turned and walked past a supporting column and disappeared into thin air. It was a shadow that seemed to have mass, no light passed through it, but it clearly had yellow eyes. When I said , ” we are being watched” my wife said she felt a cold breeze pass over her and she got a cold sensation inside. She was closer to it than me by a few feet and I felt nothing. No fear, no threat, just a kind of surprise for both us and I think the shadow person. My wife saw it too as it departed into thin air, but she did not see the eyes. What do you think? Shadow person? We felt no threat, it was just like it was passing through the room and was surprised that we could see it and so hurried on to wherever it was going.

  51. Scared people. We probably don’t need to be. Cautious, in what way? Is there anybody have a defined statement to make as to whether these are ghosts, aliens, or my favorite; time travelers. Most everyone says they try to ignore them, why? fear? Or, like me just out of not knowing what they are I am not willing to say anything to one of them. I’ll sound really crazy, but after looking one directly in the eyes face to face only a few feet apart; they aren’t human as we know humans to be. It was there, it saw me, but there was nothing to read in it’s eyes. The only thing I am left with is some thoughts about reality that I never had before which is kind of disconcerting. Did that thing give me these thoughts? I’m not eager to see this fellow again. I can’t tell you why, I’m not afraid of it, but there was something omnipotent about it that would suggest it would be wise not to pursue it. Does that make sense? Well, I keep hoping to find someone that can actually speak to the being I saw that has some experience with these things. I have to go back into that building quite a few times and if I see it again I’d like to be armed with some knowledge besides “be careful”, since I don’t know what that means. Thanks

    1. Hi Tom,
      Even if it’s a few months back I want to give you an reply.

      It is getting more clear for me that Psychic self-defence lessons is as vital as real self-defence. You never know when you’re going to need it and you never are really prepared for when it happens but you’re glad you know something when it happens. There are a lot of books about it but not all are that indepth and explaining how it works but a average basis to keep small negative spirits away.

      To give you atleast a little more knowlegde (hopefully not to late) I will tell you in short the knowledge I collected in the years out of books and people. It all comes down to positive (high frequency) and negative (low frequency) energy and emotions. Negative emotions like fear and sadness create negative energie and love is a strong positive energie. To simply put it these entities feed on this energy. We are all connected to this energy source (some call it God) even in dead we are but negative entities refuse to connect or think they aren’t and God forsaken them. They use us and even trap spirits and use them as batteries to grow more powerfull.

      Now how to defend yourself in an encounter? Negative spirits will use your negative memories against you so that you feel bad and get into conflict with yourself (so they can feed while you’re busy with yourself). Fight it with awareness (know it’s attacking you), selfknowledge and willpower. Whatever you think you’re trying to tell yourself in the moment do your best to feel love. Think of someone you love mom, father dog whatever gives you the feeling. I have been in encounter where even that is somehow impossible, I just couldn’t remember the feeling. Then I whent for the next best thing happiness through laughter. I couldn’t think of anything funny either but I faked laughter. Just start making the noise ha..HA..HAHA and force a smile. Conditioning kicks in and control comes back. Your will shift from their frequency to an higher one and they will no longer can get to you.

      Hopefully this information will help you. I can talk and write for hours about this subject but don’t want to lose you in details.

  52. I’ve had paranormal experiences in the building where I’ve been living for over 20 years. For instance, I was sitting in the living room with just the light of the TV when I, and my cat, saw what looked to be a huge black millipede about 12 inches long and close to 4 inches across with legs about 3 inches. I threw a shoe at it and it disappeared into a wall! The cat saw it too. I was 100% sure of what I saw! It was 3D and not a shadow of some kind. When I moved into a different apartment here in the building, I began seeing shadow beings. First, just glimpes peeking around corners. But one night during a bad thunderstorm I came downstairs and was sitting in the living room looking at the large window and could see the perfect reflection of a black human-shaped being standing in front of my sink. When I looked into the kitchen it was gone and also the reflection of it. Again in a (snow)storm, I saw a black human shape on my porch looking at my window. When it realized I could see it it blinked out. I checked for footprints in the snow right away–none. One night I was getting ready to go to bed, locking up etc., and saw it on the inside of the window in the living room about 7 feet away from me. Again, I got a very good look at it before it disappeared but this time was different. I got what I called a psychic attack that felt like it struck me with psychic force, but I think it might have been a vision. I felt I was seeing it in my mind but clear and 3D. It spread eagle in a tunnel of some kind. I was looking down at it from above and then it was gone. It was very short, just a few seconds. And shook me up. One night I was setting up the coffee maker and turned to take the pot to the sink when a black 3D shadow thing about the side of a large dog glided quickly right past me and disappeared on the other side of the room. I saw no head or even legs, it was nearly 3 feet high and maybe close to 3 ft long and about 10-12 inches across the ”back” I was looking down at it. It was gliding. The being I saw before was very tall, about 7 ft, and very elongated–long skinny arms, hands, legs, and body and even the head was quite elongated. The one outside was very tall but not as elongated. I could see it’s head and the upper body. Absolutely not the shadow of anything in the room or outside. No hat, no features. It didn’t walk or move at all. I felt somewhat shaken, I didn’t run screaming but it was creepy. There was an experience both I and my niece had at different times. It was standing on the basement stairs. Lighter than the darkness around it–not bright just somewhat. Shorter, around 5-5’5” with a well-formed head and shoulders. From the shoulders, it was very visible but no legs or arms that could be seen. Just a shape. I hadn’t told anyone what I saw and my niece described it exactly.

    1. Those are some crazy sightings! I always find the phantom bug encounters interesting as they don’t make any sort of sense in our world. Possibly trans-dimensional creatures?

  53. I have been attacked while trying to sleep By a shadow Figure . It literally ran towards me as I turned around to hide it slapped me on my back and kept running. I decided never again. So we moved ( not because of that ). After a while a shadow person I saw running through different parts of my house, mostly at night.
    The first time I saw it in my new house , I laughed at it, dismissed it as a bozo nightmare idiot, telling it that it has no real power as I’m a spirit from God ( I’m not religious but spiritual ) telling it to keep moving and it doesn’t even come near me. It makes itself known from time to time, but as fast as I see it and dismiss it, it disappears. Two weekends ago I’m sitting on my front porch in a suburb of philly and I saw a different shadow person walking down the street , classic coat/hat etc.. as fast as i was it, it was gone…
    remember nothing like that can hurt you if you don’t want it to. Plus always remember you are a child of God and make sure these things know you know that they can’t hurt you!!!

  54. 10 years ago, I was laying in bed next to my husband…i had an outter body experience…I was standing next to my bed, watching us sleep when a black shadow covered my body. It was in the shape of a human. The face was over my face, chest on my chest. It started to sink into me. I was going back and forth, watching from afar and experiencing it at the same time. As the face melted in my face, I could hear voices saying negative things such as he doesnt love you, youre worth nothing, why dont you just die. But they were saying it all at once bit I could understand what was being said. As the chest melted into mine, I couldnt breathe….I rebuled it in Jesus Name and it went away but I woke my husband with gasping for air and shaking like a leaf. I told him what had happened and he dismissed as a bad dream.
    My oldest daughter was away at college. I called her the next morning and told her what happened. Later that evening, her roommate called me and told me not to be upset with my daughter but she told her what happened to me. She continued to tell me that the same thing happened to her.
    That evening my middle daughter came in my room about 10pm, while I was praying, to say goodnight. She wasnt gone 5 minutes before she returned. She was out of breath, cold to the touch, her hair was soaked, pale as a ghost and gasping after every word as she asked why didnt I help her, as she screamed for me. I had no idea what happened nor did I hear her screaming for me. She told me that a black shadow put its hand under her chin and its fingers on her top lip, trying to clamp her mouth together and cover her nostrils at the same time. She rebuked itnin Jesus Name and it went away.
    This all happened over the course of a week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. My husband was a Pastor who walked away from the pulpit because of an affair. We were trying to work on our marriage. We planned on going to church for the first time, as a family, Easter morning. My oldest daughter was home from school and i woke up excited. pounding on everyones door to wake up and get ready for church. My girls proceeded to tell me that they were up all night and couldnt go. My oldest layed on her back, one leg straight out and the other bent at the knee but laying to the side. She felt a hand at her knee and was working its way up her leg. When she opened her eyes, in the darkness, she saw blackness…a shadow. She screamed for her sister to turn on the light and it went away. Needless to say no one went to church that morning.
    The next day my oldest had to be back at school and I asked my husband if he’d like to take a ride with me. He said no. When I got back, he greeted me at the door and told me to sit down. He told me that he never stopped seeing the other woman, he was going to be a father again, and that he was leaving. A lot happened during that time after that talk that eventually ended in divorce but we never was visited by a black shadow again

  55. I had an experience last night with a possible shadow man. I’m not certain what it was. Around midnight I had woke up to use the bathroom. Leaving the bathroom, I looked to my left and saw something standing by my back door as if it was going to leave thru it. We were probably 12ft apart. It was human-ish in appearance with no discernible features. It was a gray color and more solid than smoke. Its head was thinner and longer than a persons. It stood as tall as the door.
    I’ve had experiences with ghosts before and this was not a ghost. It did not feel male or female, nor like it had ever been human. If that makes sense. My first thought was, What is that! As soon as had this thought an image flashed in my mind of a face with empty eyes and it was screeching at me. Then just as quickly the vision went away. I did not feel afraid at all. I got the impression I had surprised it, like if you walk in on a child doing something it isn’t suppose to be doing. I kept looking at it and my brain was realizing this is nothing I’ve ever seen before. My rational thought was telling myself maybe this is my husband going out for a smoke and I can’t see well without my glasses. I leaned closer to look at it and it sort of crouched a little and turned its head to the side a bit. I almost asked ‘hey are you going outside to smoke’. But that didn’t seem like the right thing to do. So I said Screw it and I walked back to my room. I got to the doorway of my room and realized my husband was in the bed. I stood there for a moment and than ran back to the back door since my brain was just not catching up, that was not my husband. But it was gone and the door was locked. So, I have no idea what it actually was. Does anyone have any insight?

  56. I recently had an experience while sleeping I woke up still very much half a sleep it was probably 5 or 6am as one window in my room was open and it was getting light outside. I looked over to the left corner of my bed still the darkest part of the room and there it was a 6/7 foot tall cloaked figure jet black the best way I can describe it is looking like a dementor from Harry Potter. Initially I turned closed my eyes tried to get back to bed and assumed it was a dream but I opened my eyes again a second or two after closing to test if it was a dream and the entity was still there. I stared it down and it gave me the feeling that it was staring back though I never saw it’s eyes, oddly enough the more I stared at it and the more interested I got in wanting to ask it questions the more it’s head, just it’s head perhaps just down to the shoulders the entity’s body kept fazing like a projection buffering. Unable to really move or speak due to the fact I was basically half a sleep I accepted the fact the entity wasn’t going to hurt me or couldn’t as if it was it would of had more than enough capability to do so. I went back to sleep. I woke up one more time the entity was still there not moving but still fazing but this time a second entity was here something not so neutral looking and a bit darker than the shadow. I only saw a black head behind my sofa in my room with two distinct horned on either side. The horns bent inwards slightly then outwards in a sort of very mild zigzag shape, it did not have red eyes and looked significantly smaller than the shadow figure it looked almost as though it was a parasite trying to sneak its way into whatever the shadow figure was doing but what was definetly clear was the shadow and the what I can only best describe as a lesser demon where not friends. It was almost as though the second more malevolent entity new not to go further than the sofa as it would not pass the cloaked figures shadow. After staring at the second entity for no more than a few seconds I’d had enough of looking at the two I closed my eyes went to sleep and this time when I woke again all entity’s where gone from my sight, the light was pouring into my room lighting up all of my room and removing any patches of dark, the two figures where gone and I’ve not seen them since. In a further coincidence if such things are to be believed 2 days before all this a butterfly entered my room. The significance of this is of course that in some beliefs if a butterfly enters your room it means that someone is coming to visit you.

  57. Ok so, it started with me being curious about demons. Then after researching about it, I started to dream about it. First, I dreamed of being in a Church then I was talking to a priest, confessing my sins to him. Then in the middle of our talk, a black hand touched my shoulder, it was heavy and hot so it made me turn my head then I saw a black entity with white and red fiery eyes, grinning widely then he started to drag me down with him. I was too damn afraid, I screamed in that dream, I hold the sleeve of the priest then asked for help. The priest glows so bright like I was looking directly to the sun then he tried to pull me up. Then after that, a few weeks later I dreamed again, just like the first dream but there’s no one with me in that dream to help me, luckily my dad woke me up because I was literally screaming that night. That’s not the last time but I dreamed again, this one is different, i was standing in an isolated dark place then someone standing a couple of meters away from me and asking me to go with him in the dark but I refused.

    After dreaming those dreams, I started to see the shadow man, he was tall and a bit skinny. Tho I’m kinda used of seeing ghost and other stuff I always ignore him but I always feel him beside me, looking at me every time.

    One moment, when I reached my weakest point in life, this is the time I started to hear him. He said that he will never leave my side, and he’ll be there wherever I am.

    After a couple of months after hearing him, I moved out and lived alone. I’m used of hearing him, asking me things, like what do I want and he’ll give it to me, which he always do. Everything I asked him he gives it to me (Not literally by him but by anyone around me) Then after that I saw him again, and it’s getting more often.

    I am asking his name but he always refuse to give his name.

    Is there anyone can help me with this? I am now afraid because we’re so attached to each other, he never hurt me tho but some said this entity is just waiting for the right time. If anyone knows how to deal with this kind of stuff. Please contact me.

  58. I had an experience at Silverton Casino in Las Vegas. Around 4pm I was relaxing in bed, reading a book. I received a phone call and as I was answering the call the lights next to me flickered, about 5 seconds later they flickered and went off really quick. I felt off so I told the person on the phone I’d call them right back. As I looked up a black shadow walked all the way across the room at a quick pace. Male stature, and the shadow of a fedora type hat. No contact no anything, it just walked across and right out the other side. I was outtttttttt of there. Left everything. Barefoot I go to the lobby, I wait, I get to the desk and calmly say hey, this is crazy but I think I saw a ghost in my room, I need to move. Not even a question or strange look the lady replies, ok we will have someone up to move your things to a new room. Nothing further happened.

  59. How do you find a creditable person to help you figure out what is happening and how to get rid of it? I have heard a loud growl and twice I have awakened to a black figure standing over me when I woke up and hour after I went to bed. The first time I was swinging at it and last night I physically climbed over my husband to get out to the bed away from it. When I heard the growl it was in the daytime I was so scared I ran outside. Whatever is going on I am the only one experiencing it. I have already had the house blessed a year ago by a priest.

  60. About a month or two ago, my fiance mentioned seeing a 7ft tall black man standing outside my grandmas house at the front door looking towards him, he said he wasn’t able to see his face and that he had a cowboy hat on. My fiance sees spirits roaming every now and then and had brought this up randomly. He asked if my grandpa or uncle was tall which they were, but not that tall, he said the spirits sometimes stretch when leaving the body, I asked if it was evil he said it wasn’t. I told him that no one died in this house, but in the hospital, my grandpa from a blood clot, my uncle, who was a chain smoker, from lung cancer, and then my dads girlfriend, who was a heavy drinker and was told she would die if she kept drinking, lived here briefly and once they moved out she found out she had swollen lymph nodes and pancreatic cancer and passed away in a hospital.

    I’m 22 years old now. My grandpa’s death happened when I was around 4, my uncles when I was around 7, and my dads girlfriend when I was around 18. My grandmother is about to turn 90 and really has no health issues and constantly keeps herself busy, not the average 90 year old the only problems she’s had recently have been with her bladder, which she just had those resolved. She also is going through slightly noticeable forgetfulness. My fiance thinks it’s my grandpa waiting for my grandma because he’s seen him multiple times since he first saw him, he hasn’t mentioned the shadow man in the house only outside the front door that I know of.

    However, since I’ve moved here when I was 20, I felt a presence whenever is leave my room at night sometimes in my room. I stay up late and I thought I was just psyching myself out at first. One night I wasn’t even thinking about it and all of a sudden I felt something right behind me as if it were breathing down my neck sure enough when I turned around nothing was there. After my fiance and I first met and started dating I would stay with him all the time and we’d renovate houses, when left alone at these houses during the night mostly, but at one in particular both during the day and night I’d feel a presence which later after finding out my fiance sees these entities/spirits he confirmed there was something there and that in the house I felt a presence no matter what time of day it was nothing nice.

    The only times I have ever seen spirits or entities was when I was younger after my uncle died I would get a glimpse of him and when I’d do a double take he’d be gone, when I was around 16 I had sleep paralysis for the first time a night after looking into my TV and seeing a black figure in it and felt a presence that struck fear in me. The sleep paralysis happened at my mother’s house I was sleeping on the couch because after the night before I was a bit terrified I had fallen asleep and woke up in my mental state looked up in the corner of my living room to see a black tall slender almost alien like man with sharp teeth looking down at me I was paralyzed for the moment I saw him and was able to move after about 15 seconds I got up ran to my moms room and had her Sage the house. My last occurrence where I physically saw an entity was at my friends house after moving where I currently live, so I was 20, I was sitting in the living room with her god father, it was late at night, and all of a sudden from the corner of my eye I saw a black shadow fly across the ceiling I didn’t say anything about it because I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me until he asked if I saw that and I asked what and sure enough he described exactly what I saw.

    Okay now back to my grandmas house, since I’ve moved here I’ve rarely stayed the night here because I’d rather be with my fiance. However everytime I am here I feel that presence some nights stronger than others, my fiance said he hasn’t seen anything in my house until 2 months ago like I stated previously of the man with the cowboy hat. Might I add, the next morning after I felt the presence the strongest at my grandmas house I was talking with my dads girlfriend and she said that she thinks there’s a negative presence in the house and she was hearing things the night before as well as felt a presence. Since then, whenever I am here and am up most the night I distract my mind from it some nights it’s inevitable and out of no where I get that feeling a presence is around. There’s also a lot of depression between everyone in this house deep down including me however I’m the peacemaker when things get hectic here since my dads girlfriend is mean without her meds and like a whole other almost evil person when she drinks, my dad also is a bit insensitive when he drinks as well, but not to that extent. My grandma isn’t mean unless she is pushed to that point in which my dads girlfriend pushes her there not keeping in mind she is 90 years old which I then have to calm my grandma down and tell my dads girlfriend to just drop whatever it is and not to bother her anymore. However, that only happens when she has too much to drink other than that she is a totally different person and helps my grandma when she needs her to.

    Now with the most recently mentioned event with the shadow man was this morning from my dads girlfriend who knocked on my door asking about the cereal and then randomly saying that there’s something negative/evil in this house and I told her about what my fiance said, which freaked her out because she said she’s seen a shadow figure only her description wasn’t entirely the same and she wouldn’t tell me much about it only that she’s seen it hovering watching this house.

    I apologize for rambling I just wanted to include as much details as possible as to what this might be or what it might be from. After finding out someone else in the house has actually seen something similar to what my fiance has seen I’m curious as to what’s motives are. If anyone has any ideas or similar experiences I would appreciate if they could share them with me to maybe gain a bit more insight as to the intent and what it might be.

  61. I’ve had two encounters with stuff like this. Both the black and the white ones. But they didn’t fit any of the shapes described here. It was more like some sort of smoke that moved. The black one stayed in my bedroom for one day but nothing happened, I believe that not being afraid of that thing probably made it go away.
    The white one stayed for or 4 days and usually followed me around the house. On my studio room one time, my studio monitors started emitting some sort of whitenoise without having any sort of sound source active. They were connected to my computer but all the channels were muted. Keep in mind that those are studio monitors with electromagnetic shielding. You can have your cellphone near them and it won’t disturb the sound output.

  62. Last night, a little after midnight, i was laying on my stomach playing with my phone in bed. The lights were out and I was facing an open window. It was pretty light out. I occasionally look up from time to time to look out. At some point i looked up and a black shadow like figure went by the window. I woke up my husband and told him i think someone is on the back porch. He asked if i had seen someone. I told it sounded funny but it floated by…i got up and looked around to find everything the eay it should be and returned to bed. I then layed on my back and told my husband everything was ok. I went back to playing with my phone. Not 5 minutes later there was a tugging on the comforter on my left hand side. I sat up and shined my phone down at the area. I layed back since there was nothing there. I changed my footing thinking i was just catching it wrong. Not 2 min later i felt the tug again accompanied by a push on my left knee, then my right. Again, i sat up and shined the phone around the bed. My husband asked if i was ok. I told him what happened and he said its prob the wind from the fan and i should get some sleep. Not a min after i layed back down something flicked my ear! I jumped out of bed and put the lights on…they stayed on all night…

  63. This morning around 2 or 3am I was standing on my front porch in California I saw a fuzzy blurry looking dark silhouette of a man fairly tall standing in the empty field across the street. I lit my cigarette and locked eyes at it and yelled at it thinking it was one of the many druggies that populated the area and that it was fuzzy because of the darkness and the distance. I yelled to it “come and have a go! If you think you’re tough enough!” It stood there and although I couldn’t see any eyes I swear it locked with mine after about 3 minutes of a bit of a staring contest it sort of dissipated like a mixture of smoke and dripping water. Can anyone explain what that was and why it behaved that way? This is not my first experience with things like this though this one was different. I had a distinct feeling it was weighing its options. Please tell me anything you can is this a shadow person?

  64. i have seen the red eyed shadow when i am at school he appears to watch me, sometimes he points at my boyfriend and friends. He has only ever said one word to me that would be ‘no’.
    he scares me a lot because i always feel i am being watched.
    i wake up sometimes and he will be watching me sleep so i just say awake.
    i am very confused of what he wants with me???
    i have a lot of mental issues but this is the worst
    i don’t know what to do

  65. On July 19, 2017 I woke to a very large shadow figure back snuggling me in my bed. His body was pressed firmly up against my back and his left leg and arm were stretched around my torso and limbs, locking me in a very tight but comfortable embrace. Although his limbs were heavy and his ‘body’ felt hard against my back, he was not physical but a black, misty shadow. My skin felt extremely tingly to the point of numbness and although my heart was pounding out of my chest from terror and I had the ability to jump up and run, I had zero desire to move, as though I was under its spell somehow. I was too frightened to turn my head to get a good look at him. I heard it say telepathically, “Shhh, go back to sleep, you’re perfectly safe”. I eventually did go to sleep with it still snuggling my back, but my heart continued to race until I finally fell asleep about 10 mins later .. It eventually became obvious that my night visitor had the ability to control my thoughts and emotions while seemingly trying to comfort me.
    This was not a dream and I was wide awake, probably never more so with my heart trying to race out of my chest in the way it was. I just wanted to put my story out there for all of you who think you’re going crazy because you’re not. What IS happening is the veil between worlds is thinning so entities like our shadow people have easier access to the people of this world. Whats now a rare and abnormal experience will soon become very much the norm. Peace and Love!

  66. It was shortly after my father had died that I experienced two consecutive encounters with a shadow figure with piercing, menacing red eyes… I started sleeping in the same bed my dad used to sleep in after his death, because I missed him, and to also be there for my mother, who needed my support, as well… both times this shadow man “visited” me in 2017 (for the first time ever in my life – I was 33 then), it was truly a nerve-racking experience… it didn’t last a long time, but long enough to petrify me and forever etch the happening in my memory… the first time, this figure shook me fiercely by the arm and woke me from my sleep… I could feel its clenched grip… there was something evil about it, no question… as I opened my eyes, there it was – a tall, black man, pitch black, but you could decipher its humanlike form, and those glowing red eyes… it stared at me, I at him, and then, I don’t know, I guess it just disappeared… it left me bewildered, I couldn’t grasp the reality of the situation, what had just come to pass, how could this be… I kept on lying in bed, unaware of what I should do next… I thought it would appear again… I eventually got up… the second time, I was asleep again, I believe it was the following night, or the night after that… this time, I felt something close to my legs on the bed, as if someone was sitting there, pressuring the bed with their body weight… as I began to wake up, there was a firm pressing I felt on my back, as if something didn’t want me to turn around and see what it was… but I managed and saw the same red-eyed figure… no sound, no other entities as far as I could see… that was the last time it happened to me… today marks 3 years since my father’s death, so it brought back the memories more than usual… I hope I never get to experience anything like this ever again, but if I ever do, I can only hope God will be there to protect me…

  67. I grew up in a group home when I was nine years old my brother and sister came to tell me that my father committed suicide. I depended on him to get me out of that home. It was a very brutal strict home that I grew up in for 10 years. After they told me this I walked very slowly down the hall in shock and I sat on the edge of my bed. I know I was in shock because I would have gotten beaten for sitting on my bed. I said now I’m never going to get out of here. I laid back on my bed and speaking to God I said well I guess you’re my father now. I then looked at the wall and a black shadow sat up from my body While I was still laying down and it flew out the door. I then awoke from my state of shock And ran down the hall screaming. I was then sent to a psychiatrist and they said I was having trouble with my father suicide. All of my life I have been wondering and searching for what happened to me that day. I’ve chosen to believe that that was the day I got saved. But I know there’s more to it than that and I wish someone had an Explanation. If anyone can explain this to me please don’t hesitate to email me.

  68. I just want answers. I have seen apparitions all through my life. I see them in the day. All hours of the day. When I was young I was visited every night by a dark shadow. Recently I saw a black apparition in the daytime. This is the first time I’ve seen a totally black one. I’m 64 and l’ve seen them all my life. I want to know what they want.

  69. when I was a little girl I used to wake up in the middle of the night and watch these figures walks around in my room but when they left they have like little fairy dust and they would enter my body and go away I have been trying to figure out what that was I was seeing cuz I wasn’t asleep I was wide awake

  70. So I was dead asleep and I woke up suddenly at 5 am to a shadow person standing over the crib of my 11 month old son and I was terrified. I have encountered these entities when I was younger good and bad ones. I have to wonder if one of them attached itself to me 10 years ago and has been with me all this time or not. But when I saw it I got a serious Sense of dread and I hurried up and turned my phone on and the light scared it off. My little angel is sleeping perfectly fine so I went back to sleep. But he is always looking into that direction laughing and babbling I have to wonder can he see it in the day?

  71. I currently have a short 4 foot one that has followed me around to a second hotel now. It stabs me throughout my head and body. I am hoping this is not doing any damage. I only feel a sensation but still it is a disgusting and annoying feeling. He a very light dark shadow person really only visible in light. I’m thinking demonic and have been seeking the catholic church’s intervention. Crazy, huh.

  72. I believe I may have one of these in my room I only saw it twice, in the same spot. It was in the same place both times, on the heater in the corner of my room, in the fetal position rocking back and forth. I think it might be one of these because the only way I could describe it is a tall shadowy transperant figure. I could not tell the gender of if it was wearing anything. Thought I should share this info

  73. About 3 years ago my children and I were looking a homes to rent there was this one home that myself and my kids felt like we were being watched do we went to the house at night and started taking place criers both with the lights on and with the lights off when we looked at our pictures we saw several shadow people and we caught the devil it had horns looked like a ram also a little boy with black hair and a demon like figure Smiling almost seemed like he was smiling for the photo.
    My youngest daughter would not go back into the house after the first time we went to the house she felt like she was being watched. My oldest daughter liked the house but felt a presence there and her and her boyfriend at the time were the ones who went to the house with me when we took the pictures. After the first time going there I saw a showdow lurking in the kitchen also I felt like I was being watched and as soon as I left the house the first time I started having nightmares and couldn’t sleep with the lights off. We were staying with my parents while trying to find a place.
    After we took the pictures and posted them on Facebook to show them off some people could see what we saw others could not. Witch I found to be wierd. Because of my weery feelings when I first entered the home, I didn’t want my friends and family to think I was crazy for the way I was feeling about the house so that’s why we went back to take pictures. We knew we may catch something and we may not. I was convinced we would considering we were only looking at the place not knowing we wanted it yet or not. I seen the shadow that moved in the kitchen and feeling watched. Like they were making there presence known!
    Which freaked me out
    I started having nightmares of a boy with black hair standing over me as I slept and then when we took the pictures seeing the same little boy in one of the pictures we caught, the same boy that was in my recent nightmares.
    Mind you I have never been afraid of the dark until I stepped foot out of this house.
    So as I was saying I posted the pictures on Facebook saying we got the house but I was scared to death to be there alone,
    I got a message from a friend who told me to get ahold of this lady who delt with this sort of thing to call her immediately and to not go back to the home. Which I did she told me you hat something had attached itself to me and that’s why I was having nightmares. She told me to say a few prayers to the arch angels and if I saw any figures at my moms house to say by the power of Jesus Christ I command you to leave. Which I did for almost a month before I could sleep with the lights off. Everything seemed fine again we gotta house and lived there happily for two years and then I went through some financial issues and was evicted. So I’ve been staying at my moms house again with my youngest and I think something from the haunted house is still at my moms. Whatever attached itself to me is still there. At night we leave the bathroom light on. I’m too scared to sleep in total darkness. I feel something watching me from the closet. Everytime I feel like something is standing there behind me or watching me I say by the power of Jesus Christ I command you to leave.
    I have to say this every night because I feel it watching me lurking. Without telling my daughter how I was feeling she says to me one night before going to bed says mom I feel like something is watching me. She says one night I woke up and seen a shadow behind the tv, and it was dark like someone was standing there watching me. I then told her that I’ve been seeing the same thing only when I see it it’s either behind the tv or next to the closet and when the lights are on I feel it inside the closet watching me and she said she felt the same but didn’t want to say anything to me until she went to get up to go pee in the middle of the night and saw it behind the tv
    She said she held her pee hid under the covers and eventually fell back to sleep.
    Last night we woke up to a bang the tv had been knocked over the heat was on but we both felt really cold. We both said a pray and said by the power of Jesus Christ I Command you to leave.
    We both fell asleep
    Tonight we are at a hotel room
    I’m going to tell my mom about it when we go back tomorrow.
    She knows about the haunted house and she’s seen the pictures we caught
    My mom never believed in that kind of stuff until she seen the pictures I took
    And at first she didn’t see the faces
    My dad was the one who saw them and told me to stay away from the house.
    He said he would’ve never believed them if I hadn’t been the one to take them he knew I didn’t photoshop them at that this was for real.
    They also kno about me calling the lady who told me how to pray to get rid of the nightmares I was having.
    I just hope they will believe me when I tell them what is going on upstairs in the one bathroom in their house. I hope they are willing to get someone who will come in and take care of this problem!

    1. Sry there is a lot of miss spelling I hope you can understand what is going on
      I apologize I di reread my story to correct the misspellings
      Also it is not in the bathroom up stairs the shadow person we are seeing in the bedroom

  74. These shadows are the same shadows that you see when your walking down the street at night under moonlight or street lamps…they are your own. The secrets you have not told. Trauma you have buried, denied, or repressed. Guilt from the things you did or didn’t do. Regret. Fear. Insecurities. The shadow people ARE real…just as you are real. Those haunting shadows are not some alien being, ghost, entity, trickster, or demonic creature though. They are YOU. Manifestations of your own trauma; your own secrets; your own demons. And that…that is the scariest thing about these “shadow people”

  75. I saw a shadow figure next to my bed one night. First, I looked around the room to see if something was casting a shadow, but it had mass and was off the wall not on the wall. It may have had a cloak: since it was all black, I couldn’t tell if it was a cloak or if it was the shape of the hair. It was holding a walking stick (not a sickle). Honestly, I freaked out and starting praying, and it disappeared.

  76. My daughter was in kindergarten . my husband and Baby son where in the house . When daughter And I came home it was daytime sunny . WE were getting the groceries out of the car. I saw it so did my daughter . IT was as tall as the house dark, we could not see though it . I call it dark matter. We couldn’t see the woods behind it. MY daughter ran at it and around the corner of the house . I dropped bags and chased my baby screaming stop. SHe lost time didn’t know why or what it was. She remembers chasing it but never heard me yell. I went in and my husband asked what happened why. Was I screaming . It has always been scary to talk about she still sees them and is always wanting to know more.

  77. My encounter seems to be different than most here. It was during the day and I was driving down a road towards my house. I live pretty far outside the city and the road is surrounded mostly by desert. On a part of the road that is straight and flat I saw a shadow figure cross the road. It was dark and very slender, abnormally so, with no discernible features. It almost seemed blurry. It seemed about average human height. I thought my eyes must be playing tricks on me and that it must have been a person, though its stride did not look like a normal person’s walk. As I approached where I saw it cross I looked along the path that runs along that side of the road to see if there was a person walking. There is a barbed wire fence next tot the path, so it is unlikely that a person would have crossed the road and gone beyond the path. Anyway, I looked all along the path and there were no people at all. There are absolutely no structures of any kind on that side of the road that someone could have gone into. There was simply no place to go, but I couldn’t find the figure anywhere. I can’t get the way it looked out of my head. I’m sure my family thinks I’m seeing things.

    Does this sound like a shadow person? I didn’t see anything that looked like eyes. Maybe it’s one of the travelers? I didn’t get any kind of “feeling” from it, but I was pretty far away when it crossed the road. It never turned towards me, it just crossed as if I wasn’t there.

  78. my son saw a shadow figure in the hallway while getting ready for school in his bedroom. He described it as a tall dark male 2 dimensional with no face . as soon as he made eye contact it disappeared. any suggestions on what it is or how to get rid of it?

    1. I wouldn’t get too worried unless it shows up again and is taking up residence. Doing some version of a spiritual cleansing on the house wouldn’t hurt though.

  79. I have a very serious question! Please give me an answer. My cousin has seen what we believe is a shadow person that seems to be in a cloak. She explained to me that she could only see the eyes and it’s shape. But the eyes were not red. The only way that she could describe them was that it was like 2 black hole but there was an almost holographic colored ring around the so called eyes. She is afraid of it and she feel in danger when she does see it. The first time she saw it; she took a photo in her mirror, and when she went to look at the photo it appeared that her head was being pushed upward and it was behind her in the photo grabbing her throat. She then saw it a couple weeks ago at the end of her bed where she froze in fear and woke up her boyfriend.
    Please help me figure out what this thing is to save her and help her to take the precautions that she needs to. Thank you 🙏🏼

  80. I’ve had 2 encounters. The first was at friends apt that I visited frequently. I caught a black shadow that I had only seen glimpses of before, crossing a hall going from his bathroom to his bedroom. It was in the shape of a cat. I turned my head just in time so it wasn’t a ‘corner of the eye’ image and I saw the back half of it clear as day as it walked through his closed bedroom door. My friend had been having the same ‘corner of the eye’ experiences as well. That same night after I told him what I’d seen, we witnessed his bathroom faucet turned on by itself and a picture on his kitchen wall come flying off. After that night weird things would happen at his place but only infrequently. My second experience was in a dream after my father passed. A tall male shadow figure in a hat had me follow him on a journey to a site where my father was waiting to see me. After I connected with my father in my dream the shadow figure disappeared.

  81. I am the executor of my parents house who have both passed away. My father passed away in July of 2009 and my mother actually passed away at the house in January of 2016. In October of 2017 I was watching TV in the family room at night and happen to look towards the walk through kitchen to the back of the dining room and saw a very dark human shaped figure walking into the room behind the dining room. So real was it that I immediately jumped up thinking someone was in the house and quickly went to see but when I checked nobody was there. I sort of passed it off that my my eyes were playing tricks on me. Then in 2018 the following year at about the same exact time of year in October I had just went to bed. It was about the same time of night around 11:00 pm. I was laying in bed on my side looking out my bedroom doorway into the living room which is only about 10 feet from my bed. My small dog was also on my bed in front of me looking in the direction of the living room. All of a sudden a dark solid very distinct figure that from the outline looked like a man walk passed my bedroom doorway from the living room towards the dining room in the same direction as the year before. This time I know what I saw was real because just as the shadow person walked by my dog saw it too and immediately started barking at it and jumped off the bed running to where it walked by looking towards the direction it went and continued to bark until I called her back to the bedroom. Somehow I wasn’t scared at all but definitely startled and left me with goosebumps all over. In all my years I have never seen anything like that before. It seems like it only happens once a year around October. In 2019 I did not see it but figured I might have missed it since I unfortunately had not written down the exact time and date that it happened before. Wish I knew who and what it was and why it passes through the house in the same place and direction every year. I will be watching for it again in 2020. Any clue to what it could be?

    1. Obviously you have some sort of spirit wandering through. I’m guessing that it isn’t anything malevolent since it doesn’t seem to be paying attention to you, and only shows up once a year. As for why October, that is a really good question. Was October significant for anyone that lived there and has passed away?

  82. I have seen them. One was in an apartment i rented. The apartment used to be the upper 2 floors of a house, the house was the former home of my landlords mother in law. She lived there by herself and in her old age needed help to stay in her home. The family found a caregiver listing and hired a lady to help her without ever meeting her in person. My landlord was living in California at the time and the mother in law lived in Akron,Ohio. The caregiver was abusive and neglectful but on the phone she sounded friendly. The family had the gut feeling that something was wrong and feared as to why the caregiver wouldnt let them speak to their mother, explaining that she was ill or sleeping. They had a wellness check done but nothing came of it. Everything seemed to be in order. Their mother in law was too afraid to, or her dementia was so advanced that she didnt have a voice to say wether anything was going on. The family moved to Ohio and found all of their mother in laws belongings were gone. There were lots of people coming and going from her home taking what they wanted. The neighbors told them that they watched the house have visitors all through the night and loud parties and several people staying there. Turns out they drugged and neglected the old mother. The family confronted the caregiver who denied everything. The mother in law died and the family kicked out the people abusing her for her home. They converted the home into 2 apartments. One upstairs, one down. I learned about the mother in law’s story the day i signed the lease from my landlord after he learned that i was a Senior Caregiver. I re assured him this was my calling and not just a job. He said they could tell i was different, that is why they rented to me for so little money. I moved in. Everything was bright and peaceful. I talked to the neighbors, it was a nice friendly neighborhood. I did have the feeling that i wasn’t alone in the house but nothing sinister. I had an appreciation for the house that was built in 1910. It had pretty details in the trim and moulding and big windows looking out on the brick streets below. I was luck enough to have off street parking so i couldnt complain. I first noticed the smell, like a ghost of perfume, and the feeling of not being alone, like i was being watched. I wasn’t scared just aware. I started leaving th T.V. on around the clock, the apartment was my domain and i kept it cleaner then the day i moved in. Then one day while upstairs, i felt a change. A wind through the converted attic space with no open windows alerted me that i should not be up there. I felt like the woman who died there was still there and she just needed space. I started moving my things downstairs. I had plenty of room with 4 bedrooms and just me. I wouldnt need the upstairs. I moved my things downstairs and as i finished carrying the last box, the door shut behind me. I thought, Yep, okay, happy to give you your upstairs back. But that door shutting behind me still rattled me. I began to slowly pack up more things even though i had 6 months left on my lease i was moving my things into boxes. I was living out of neatly organized boxes and the only room un packed was my bedroom. I was sitting in bed listening to records when i saw this tall cloaked figure float past the outside of the door. It was wearing a dark cloak i could see the details in the fabric as it slowly glided past the door. I saw the back of it the with of the shoulders it had no face no hands it was darkness underneath. It was so Tall! I t didn’t make a sound, no footsteps, where the feet would be it faded to nothing, i could see through to the carpet and hall. It went into the bathroom and disappeared. I imagined it kept going straight into the next house through walls. I was terrified, i thought i would never sleep, i turned every light on, i thought, from now on, every light will be on, if it shows itself, the lights are all on. After that night, i was almost expecting to see it around. I would catch movement just out of the corner of my eye and turn to see some elusive black figure already gone. I thought it wanted me to chase it which is exactly what i would NOT be doing. I moved out 3 months early. I have been living in my home a couple years when i got up at 3:33a.m. to use the bathroom in my own home and there it was in my home standing behind me in the mirror over my shoulder in the furnace room, i turned and watched it dissappear before my eyes. I still will not be chasing it. I had a thought pop in my head when looking into the empty space where it stood. “AND THIS KIND GOETH OUT BY PRAYER AND FASTING”, RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE WILL FLEE” , I had to google those words, they are scriptures, from the judeo christian Bible, i had not heard them before, they are about casting out demons. You don’t usually hear people talk about that part of Jesus’s life on earth, he regularly casted out demons. Pretty interesting. If it returns, there is a cure for it.

  83. I had my first encounter last night. Large Man in cloak with squarish helmet. I woke up for no reason and saw him watching me. Didn’t scare tho. I looked at him and rolled over and went n back to sleep. Gone by morning. Not sure why. I’ve been having strange dreams lately and i don’t normally dream much. But not sure what’s happening really.

  84. I’ve been seeing multiple shadow people in my room and occasionally other rooms. While I’m not scared of them as I have seen them plenty of time throughout my life, I am curious as to why they are around me. my family also sees them but not nearly as much as I do. The most frequent one that I’ve seen was last night at around 12:00 o’clock. Now this one didn’t exactly just disappear as soon as I saw it, It actually let me stare at it for a good few seconds. Not sure what it wanted. I’ve been seeing them for as long as I can remember. If anyone would like to tell me their thoughts about this, please feel free to do so.

  85. Bonjour, si quelqu’un consulte encore ce site je me permets de poster mon message. Je devais avoir environ 7/8 ans à l’époque. Je dormais dans un lit superposé en dessous de mon petit frère, de trois années plus jeune. Le couloir de la maison restait allumé le soir pour que nous n’ayons pas peur, la lumière tombait sur nos têtes. Le lit était dans un coin de pièce et rejoignait en longueur le centre de celle ci. Un soir, alors que mon frère dormait, je me suis rendue compte d’une ombre, suspendue au plafond, tête vers le vas, une cape et une large capuche la recouvrant, je ne voyait pas ses yeux ni un visage. J’ai pris le temps de m’assurer que ce n’était ni mon frère, ni une couverture, en sortant la tête du lit, j’ai remarqué qu’il était suspendu au niveau de l’ampoule de la pièce, éteinte. L’ombre de me quittait pas, j’ai commencé à pleurer, mes parents sont venus deux fois, ont allumés la lumière, il disparaissait. Il réapparaît à la lumière éteinte mais j’étais la seule à le voir, même mon frère ne me croyait pas. Mes parents en ont eu marre, ont éteint toutes les lumières, et à force de pleurer, j’ai été prise de fatigue et me suis endormie devant lui, je ne l’ai jamais revu.

  86. It has been 5 years I from time to time see or being attacked by these ghosts. First attacked was when I was sleeping alone in dormitory first ghost take me blanket away I immediately woke up and turn the light on then I slept again and was again this time ghost attacked me I felt it badly very negative energy attacked me I woke up and couldn’t sleep and 2 years ago when I was sleeping white ghost attacked me I saw it I couldn’t speak it was shapeless and flying and lastly this year when I was sleeping I got attacked 2 times in different months I knew they come when it is totally dark in the house. White ghost are totally hostile they can be short or 2 metres long even can tell your name. Lastly yesterday for the first time I saw the black ghost when it was totally dark but some light shining from the outside therefore I saw human shaped ghost he run away through the wall. They see us but we cannot

  87. All of these entities so many ppl are experiencing are demonic in nature. Even those that seem less than malevolent are demonic none the less. Ive experienced many of them myself. We coming to the end of this age. Heaven and earth shall pass away and be made anew. The closer we get to the end the thinner the veil gets between the physical world and the spirit realm. Plus you have organizations like CERN openly stating they are attempting to open portals between deminsions for things to come thru. I’m here to tell all of you who are looking for help that there is but one way to be rid of these things. That is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Whether it is a UFO abduction or the harassment and oppression of these entities calling on the name of Jesus is the ONLY thing that’s proven to help. It’s been documented many times over. That being said it’s not a magic word. If you ha e no relationship with Him and call out in your moment of terror it may stop that time but if you don’t seek that relationship with Him the next time it may not. I was tormented from my very first memory in life that must have been at the age of 1.5 -2 years u til 2014 at the age of 38 when I truly gave my life over to Christ. Then I found peace for the 1st time ever. You can get deliverance from these beings and it’s not hard to do. He’s standing at the door and all you have to do is invite Him in. Much like those entities. It’s natural law. Once Christ is in your life your given authority over all of those things walking this world. I hope this comment blesses someone and you’re able to find peace. God bless!

  88. This site helped me come to better terms with my own experience, so I wanted to share my story. It’s been roughly 15 years since I had my encounter. I was around 10 and had fell asleep in my mother’s room while we watched tv together. I woke up in the middle of the night, unaware of the time, and was thirsty. I sat up in bed and went to reach for my Mother to ask her to get me something from the kitchen. The red eyes high in the bathroom doorway caught my attention before I got any farther. I looked harder because my eyes were still adjusting to the dark of the room. The eyes never left though and as I looked I began to see the outline of a man’s figure of at least 6’4. He was solid yet also a blur of black brown. He wore no clothing but had no defining details of a regular human body. He taped his long fingers along the side of the door frame as I watched him. My breathing and ability to speak were taken from me in the fear. All I could do was watch in terror while it watched me. My body finally made me take a breath and in that moment I ducked under the covers. I laid there praying it would go away. I couldn’t even gain courage to move my foot and attempt to kick my mom awake. I can only assume I fainted because my memories are blank after that. I woke up and told my family and of course I was 10 and wasn’t believed. I never saw it again after that night and I pray I never do. It was real and a dream just doesn’t come close to an explanation for me. Feeling that kind of fear leaves a permanent mark.

  89. When my sister and I were younger we heard scratching and growling in the walls. We told our dad and he said it was just a raccoon. Anyways one night we saw a huge black mass with red eyes come out of our closet. It glided between our beds, leaned over my sister’s bed. We both screamed then it swooped back into the closet. After that we wouldn’t sleep in our room anymore. When my daughter’s were younger the exact same thing happened to them.

  90. Hi I’m 22 now i have this problem and am seeking advice. I was 13 when this first occurred I was in my room alone with my door cracked I felt like I was being watched and rolled over to see a big black tall shadow like figure with red eyes horrendous long fingers standing a good foot away from my bed it had pure white teeth not like fangs or sharp teeth but they were huge but for some reason it was smiling at me I then hid under my blanket scared the night after I saw it I then saw another tall black shadow like figure with red eyes but it was taller than the one I saw the previous night with 3 long fingers and with 3 horns and white jagged teeth. It’s mouth was open every nerve in my body made me freeze and the air was cold the thing with these two figures is they’re bodies were solid black. To this day I still see them when I am about to fall asleep the only way I can see them is If my bedroom is dark I refuse to sleep with lights off. Can someone tell me what this means or what I should do?

    1. Doesn’t sound like a good situation. Sounds like time for some blessings and maybe someone trained in Reiki to cut whatever connection these creatures have to you.

  91. In short shadow people are demons. They are looking for bodies to inhabit because they are left without ones and are cursed beings. They are the roaming spirits of Nephilim that God rid of during the flood. They are the offspring of the fallen angels aka Watchers from the line of Cain. Study your Bible and rebuke them when you see them as we have authority over them in Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiahs name.

  92. I believe these things are connected with other dimensions, even possibly UFO’s. I have been seeing them since June of 2021 after seeing a UFO. They come and go. I hadn’t seen them for quite a while until this Wednesday morning when not only did i see the shadow but it flew over my bed rather than disappearing into the wall. Turning to the window, I aslo saw a green figure with a long gree tail flying up to the ceiling where it vanished. Why did I see them that night? I think I may have insulted them after watching a ytube video about them. These are the watchers and they don’t like being insulted and will let you know. They have never actually made me feel uncomfortable, except for the green one on Wednesday. My point is, they are not anyones friends and are not to be trusted.

  93. “Shadow people” are the result of sleep paralysis, it is when you are transitioning from being awake and asleep, you see figures of people because they are a part of your dream. essentially, you’re dreaming while simultaneously being awake. they cannot harm you although after seeing them you may have a nightmare, to prevent this try to stay calm, as negative emotions result in bad dreams.

  94. I was 15 years. I slept in the lower bed of a bunk bed. I was staying at a one floor building for ladies because our high school was a residential academic center. My bedroom connected with another bedroom through a bathroom. In the middle of the night, my brain woke up. First thing I saw was this pitch black manly shape looking at me from the feet of my bed. The room was completely dark and this thing was darker than the obscurity of the room. I remember it had eyes, but can’t remember the color. I’m 100% sure I was NOT dreaming, but I was seeing it with my mind’s eye. The upper bed was not in the way. It was like I was sleeping in a regular bed. That thing started looking at me the moment I noticed it. I was emiotionless while we looked at each other. I did not experienced fear, surprise, or any negative feeling. After what it seemed like a few seconds, that thing turned to the side and moved towards the bathroom and disappeared out of my sight. Immediately I felt a rush of panic and fear. That’s when, I guess, I opened my eyes and frantically turned on a night lamp. Never saw it again. I have a feeling that it was searching for something or someone else.

  95. Just wondering…. my mom seen a black mass about 3 weeks ago in here bedroom. She told me she watched it go down her wall. But was not scared. A week later she told her nurse, she seen it again . But in the kitchen this time. A week later my mom was dead. What happened to her.

  96. I’ve seen shadow people my whole life and one weird black one that was solid full body but it was straight black with pointy hair kinda like Lisa Simpson but more like horns last night on my neighbors porch. It wasn’t dark just yet so no mistake it was a spirit, alien or something in the nature. Now I have seen a white one and it was like a long streak that floats across the house but I got to see what it really was and I was shocked to the point of frozen when I did see what the true form was. I can say it’s more dangerous than the black one because I had a black one pick me up by my feet only leaving the back of my neck touching the pillow. I wasn’t aware of it but my ex was. He woke up and I was hanging upside down. He started praying and it dropped me and ran out our bedroom door. It was like 7 foot tall. I’ve seen it before so I know. Now the white streak was a very thick bold man in white with what looked like horns trying to grow out his head but had not broken the skin yet. He was crawling on his hands and knees same length and hight of this streak that floated through the house. The evil looking wolf man is the meanest most dangerous of all and no shadows person of any kind can match him. Promise that… But anyways I had to look up what I seen Last night. It was weird and I would be lien if I didn’t say I was flipping out a little on the inside…

  97. I’ve had encounters since my earliest memories. In 1976 I shared a room with my older sister, but we shared it with a very angry old woman. I remember my sis telling me to pull the covers over my head and she can’t get you, Eventually the old woman pushed my sister down the steps leading to our room. My mom doesn’t talk of that shack of a house. Over the years, moving to different homes across the southern U.S., my dad liked moving around, I experienced a variety of haunts. Simple memory type to full on people run out of the house. I always know when they show up and the emotions they are radiating. Twice have I experienced something that truly terrified me. The first I don’t speak of. The second was with a Hag. It was June 2004 outside High Springs Florida. I woke freezing cold, I could see my breath. I couldn’t move. Nothing, not my head, arms, tongue, just my eyes. To my left at the edge of the bed was a dark shape, dark rotted dress, leaves and branches, dirt, The smell of a swamp bottom. As she raised her hands, I could see something like a veil over her head, draping down with her matted long hair. My brain is screaming to move, to speak, I start forcing the thought, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, trying to make my tongue work. The third time I made that thought, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, my tongue gave way, Like a whisper it came out, but in my head it was a roar. I watched her draw in like a black hole to a pin point, then nothing. The room lightened up, ever for being night, and warmed up. It took me several minutes forcing myself to move before I regained feeling in my body. I didn’t sleep anymore that night. She has never returned. I thank God for that! I had an encounter last night that troubled me, because it was different. I woke a little before 3, 2:47 to be exact. That’s how I know I was awake, I could read the clock. There was a shadow being, humanoid, standing in my room. It was like I could make out a red coloration, dark but streaking, hard to explain. He rushed me, I didn’t react. Stuck his face towards me then out the closed window. Just never seen the red highlighting, coloring, whatever. I had a smoke and went back to bed. Just very odd seeing color.

  98. I cannot seem to find anything out about shadow “creatures.” About 15 years ago, I took my dog outside (this was daytime) and saw one peering from the corner of my house. It was maybe 3ft tall, had horns, one “hand” was grabbing onto the corner of the house and it looked as though it had long skinny fingers or claws. It was blacker than black….couldn’t see any facial features at all. Just pure black. It disappeared as soon as it realized I saw it. Second time, same scenario, it was peering around the opposite corner of my house, but this time, my dog saw it too and gave chase. It completely disappeared. Third and final time…same scenario and, again, my dog saw it and started to chase it but it disappeared again. Never saw it again but I have been curious and intrigued ever since. I didn’t feel threatened or scared…just amazed (probably because it was daytime in all instances). I wish there was more info out there about what these could be and would love to hear from anyone else who has seen these.

    1. Definitely a unique encounter! I always wonder if the more unique things people encounter aren’t entities that fell through a rift to our world, like I think sometimes happens to people when they disappear under mysterious circumstances.

  99. I’m a middle aged woman now.
    When I was around 4 or so years old I started having the same terrifying recurring dream.
    The dream was set inside our childhood home in the same location each time. Our house had a corridor and along that corridor were the bedrooms & the loungeroom. My brother’s bedroom was facing the loungeroom.
    Every night or every week till I was around 13 or 14 years old, I experienced this frightening ‘dream’. Or was it really a ‘dream’?
    The ‘dream’ would often start off with my attempting to sit on my brother’s bed simultaneously looking out through the bedroom door (that faced the lounge room). And there stood a very tall dark silhouette-type man. He was around 7 foot tall with white piercing cold irises. I could not make out his clothing. & he was not wearing a hat. He did seem to have black wavy/curly or frizzy hair around his head. But the detail of it was not clear. The rest of the body was a shadowy silhouette-type figure wearing dark masculine-type clothes of no description. While the figure was there staring at me, there was also an extremely low pitched electrical type buzzing sound, almost like the sound of the lowest note played on a giant electric church organ. Simultaneously, the figure had the power to pull me towards it. I kept fighting it to get away from that ‘pull’. But each time, I just could not get away. He pulled me towards him till I was a certain distance from him, often till I was around 1 meter away from him. My heart was racing & I could not scream. Then the figure disappeared or the ‘dream’ ended there.
    The feeling I had in this ‘dream’ was one of debilitating terror. I was VERY scared.
    And this ‘dream’ happened over & over & over for many years.
    I’d start off getting to sleep in my own bed only to wake up crying, screaming, sweating & vomitting.

  100. You already have TONS of comments so I’ll try to keep mine short.

    You incorrectly grouped “hat man” with other shadow beings. It isn’t your usual shadow person, and is its own entity entirely.

    A lot of these beings, Hat Man especially are malevolent towards some, and benevolent towards others. I believe those who are haunted or treated maliciously by this spirit to be well, shitty people. Hat Man can see through all the facade you can conjure. There’s no fooling it.

    Hat Man’s acts of benevolence may not seem as such. It takes interpretation. I highly encourage you to investigate the phenomena of him pursuing people in their dreams. He’ll try to stab them in a specific location, then people wake up before it happens. Now, here’s where it gets weird. A lot of people with these reoccurring dreams end up learning that their health is suffering in the area he’s trying to attack. When i saw Hat Man he chased me into the back seat of a car before i woke up. A week later, i was in a car accident that should’ve by all means killed me but i came out with nothing more than a bunch of lacerations (paramedics said it was because i had been drinking, and i was “relaxed” FYI I was the passenger. I would NEVER drink and drive).

    Now here’s where it gets even weirder. We were on a country road, hit black ice and lost control. Right when this happened i saw him again. Sort of poking out behind the telephone pole. If i hadn’t looked over to see him, the roof caving in would’ve caused my neck to snap when the truck landed upside down. Because i had been looking to my right, my head got lodged in between the roof and doorframe, and i survived. Never saw him again after that.

    So, in my experience and in that or many others, Hat Man can be a harbinger of sorts. He can even interact. I whole heartedly believe that if he’s pursuing a certain part of you in a dream, get it checked out. If he’s downright hostile towards you then we’ll, you’re probably a terrible person anyway.

  101. My experience with a shadow person was by far one of the weirdest paranormal experiences I’ve had. This was my first ever experience with the paranormal and I was like 9 or 10. So, me being excited, I named him Jeremy, sadly Jeremy never came back. Anyway, I was getting ready to go to sleep after a long sketch of a dragon, it’s early spring so there are a lot of bugs around. Now, in front of my house there is a road and then a field. This field had lights blaring on it from almost every direction, so it was pretty light. I for some reason found it mesmerizing to watch all the bugs flutter around in this light. So I’m watching these bugs when I see this figure appear. It was like a shadow (it was Jeremy). It was pretty tall and wearing almost like a suit type thing, it didn’t have color but I could tell because how the ruffles looked. Then it began to run, but it’s run was abnormal. It was like Jeremy was running on air, not only that, but Jeremy must have been a marathon runner, cus the speed he was using was faster than any human or animal I had ever seen. Now, this field is about 1,020 square feet, and Jeremy ran across it in about 3 seconds. Though I will say, I never felt scared when Jeremy was there, his energy almost felt like a joyous little child running around, like he was happy. When he got to the end of the field, his head jerk up in like a split second, and he had glowing eyes, glowing white eyes, not red. We locked eyes for another second before he vanished. And I never saw Jeremy again 😭.

  102. last night at my new house i moved to a couple days ago, i was laying down and i had my vr on my head i suddenly heard a sound of a box moving me thinking its my mother or sister i take the vr off see a box turned in front of my door i was like okay.. but then i looked up a little more and seen a shadow figure that was slightly darker then the room. i dont recall if it had white eyes but it then quickly disapeared when it noticed ive seen it.

  103. I have seen shadow people on and off all my life. Never had glowing eyes always had a tophat was a tall male figure. Scared me at first but as I seen it more I slowly started feeling comfort from it until one day it just stopped showing up. 8 years went by, we moved into our home and a few months in I started having random occurrence. Saged and blessed my house and everything had been fine for the last 2 years until a few nights ago my daughter and husband both woke up and said there was a tall shadow figure standing on top of me while sleeping, my breathing was uneven like I was having a nightmare and it had glowing white eyes. My daughter said it looked right at her and she felt sick to her stomach and became scared. She watched it “step” off the bed and dissolve into the wall heading into our front yard where she no longer seen it. Afterwards I’ve felt more angry which I’m keeping under wraps and also hearing 3 knocks starting around 9ish pm going throughout the night. I’m headed to grab sage and other supplies to bless and purify my house of whatever is attacking me.

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