We Couldn’t Have Faked The Moon Landing

Did NASA Fake the Moon Landings?

This is a small departure from our normal fare, but this video is compelling enough that I thought it warranted bringing it to your attention.  We all know of the conspiracy theory that the United States faked the moon landings.  The debate over if we did or not has raged for years.  I myself have been on the fence and while I’m dubious about a lot of things our government does, I’m thinking we actually were determined enough that we would send a couple guys up into space in little more than a tin can to go plant our flag on the moon just to show off how awesome we are.

A bit of evidence that really sways me into thinking we did is this video from sgcollins that explains why we could have gotten men into space, but why we couldn’t have faked the moon landing simply because we didn’t have the appropriate technology yet to do it.  I haven’t vetted all this information, but it sounds reasonable enough.  Take a listen…

So What Is The Truth


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