President Obama Reptilian

Edward Snowden Files Reveal Obama is Reptilian

Snowden Asylum in Venezuela Reveals UFO Documents

Edward Snowden UFO Files
Has Edward Snowden released files showing that the US Government knows about aliens and in fact that Obama is a Reptilian?

The internet is buzzing with the story that Edward Snowden has been granted asylum in Venezuala and now that he is safe, has released files showing a deep connection with the US government and aliens.

According to one source that claims to have interviewed Snowden the President has daily updates on the UFO activity:

“The president receives daily briefings about their activities. Analysts believe their technology to be so far advanced that we stand little chance of survival in any potential war. The general sentiment is that we are but ants from their perspective, so there is little chance they would empathize or attempt to communicate with us, and the current contingency plan is to detonate nuclear weapons in deep caverns to ‘sting’ the foe we have no hope of destroying in hopes it would discourage further attacks.”

Do You Believe that Obama is a Reptilian?

President Obama Reptilian
Will Snowden’s files also reveal that President Obama is a Reptilian?

What is the next fantastic revelation that Snowden will drop on us?  Secret files that finally reveal that Obama is truly a Reptilian that has been put in power to achieve some long and elaborate goal?  12,500,000 Americans already believe that Obama and the others in control of the country are Reptilians.

This would seem to make no sense if the rest of the government is keeping tabs on aliens in the Earth’s crust.

“Because ballistic missile tracking systems and deep-sea sonar are kept as state secrets, scientists don’t have access to data about these objects. However, most of the contractors at DARPA are sure that there is a species more intelligent than Homo sapiens living in the mantle of the Earth. It makes sense, if you think about it, because that is the only place where conditions have been more or less stable for billions of years.”

“Extremophiles may live at different temperatures than us, but they have been able to thrive and develop intelligence at a seemingly accelerated rate. That’s not true, because they’ve simply evolved at the same rate, but without many of the vicissitudes which set back surface life . ”

“The president receives daily briefings about their activities. Analysts believe their technology to be so far advanced that we stand little chance of survival in any potential war.”

Could the aliens they be monitoring actually be entities allied with human kind and fighting a resistance battle against an  enemy that has in truth already won?   Could it be the reason that the government doesn’t care about UFOs is that they are in charge and those are those ships with fleets of Greys doing genetic manipulation on the world’s populace at will with the blessings of our Reptilian leaders?  –> Fighting Back Against the Reptilians

How Much of What We Know is True?

I will be honest, I don’t believe a word that is written in this article.  It was started because this week an article about Snowden leaking UFO files claiming that the American government is keeping tabs on secret alien bases in the Earth’s crust.  The article originated as far as I can tell on a bogus news site that is full of articles claiming things like “Selene Gomez Dead at 19” or  “Snowden Granted Sainthood“.
This article is  a bit of a rant on UFO and conspiracy believers that don’t take a second to think before they rage and start reposting things!  Do some reading people, check your sources and then repost what looks to come from reputable sources.

There are conspiracies out there, Aliens and UFOs are real, and the strangeness has no bounds.  But we need to keep that separate from the fanciful imaginings of people link baiting to get traffic to their site!


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  1. This entire story of Edward Snowden revealing these ‘UFO files’ is TOTALLY FAKE, TAKE THIS FAKE GARBAGE DOWN IMMEDIATELY! you have no idea how much this hurts serious credible UFO researchers.

      1. I don’t believe that Obama is a Reptilian. But I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he and his clan of followers in the White House have knowledge of UFO and Alien life. Things that are denied to us citizens! A lot more respect would be given to Obama, I think, if he would just come forward and be honest about our government and them having known for along time about Aliens.

    1. There actually are serious UFO reporters? From what I’ve seen they are mostly *rants*. I trusth Snowden with my life more then those *reporters* that often have a communist agenda.

    2. There actually are serious UFO reporters? From what I’ve seen they are mostly *rants*. I trust Snowden with my life more then those *reporters* that often have a communist agenda.

      1. That’s what I have been saying all along Heatblizzard
        How’d you like to be a Colonel in the new East American Army?

        You can keep or sell back to me the weapons and gear of any West American you kill.
        I’ll be waiting for a response
        your commander Deadeye

        1. DEADEYE, what is new East American Army?And why do you want them dead? I feel like I am missing something.

          1. Because the West Americans are going to be our enemy Dawn. They support things that we find immoral and sinful. They hate eating any form of meat. Meat in general. Isn’t it a wander why folks in the East are 12 inches taller than our Western enemies? Or why The East is prospering while the West is suffering? Cause Obuma won The West by a huge majority He barely got any votes in The East because of what he supports. See I like you have no major problems with Gays or Muslims so long as they are in another country Yes I said my religion forbids Gays and Muslims
            But so long as they are in the West preaching their equality and not in
            The East poisoning our air with their propaganda. And I merely told
            Heatblizzard that he could keep or sell back to me the guns and or gear of any enemy soldiers he killed. In war it’s kill or be killed Why side with them? Yeah you lived in California but from what I’ve read about your life in
            The West it sounds like a nightmare Drive-by shootings. Kidnappings. I’m glad you left that turmoil in West and settled down here in The East
            I’ve even thought of some slogans for our nation How about this one
            East America Where if a drive-by happens the shooter gets some of his bullets shot back at him Type back if you like it And if you understand what I was saying to about West America. And the Trading outposts with
            The West will only work if East and West keep tensions at an extremely low level Ok? I think I’ll go for a quick swim. I look forward to hearing from you soon
            Your Friend and Fellow East American

          2. Deadeye, A lot of my family still live in Cali.They are meat eaters and are tall people.None of them voted for Obama.I accept that some people prefer the same sex in bed with them since I am not there in bed with them I could care less what they do.They are just like us but have a different preference.I believe that most of that stems from reincarnation.I thought that you believed in reincarnation too. Do some research on that subject and you will be amazed at the times that our souls switch genders and remember their names and meet with relatives and astound them with their recollection of details that no one else could know.
            I believe that Obama is screwing up the United States with his lies.In fact I came across this site,, it has a vote on impeaching Obama. You sound like you have a lot of knowledge that you would like to share about changing America why don’t you take a poll to get signatures so the government will have to address.One good one is Change.Org.They do everything to put you issues up for voting.It even has a place to put pictures if need something like 5,000 votes I don’t remember but I am always getting to vote on subjects that I want to change.Give it a look see, it is a awesome site and it has made a big difference.
            I love the name of your paranormal investigators! Do you have a web site? I agree that in town it is hard to record anything especially if a car goes by.In California we had one of those Bionic Ears.It caught so much interference especially when a car went by which was constantly! I am so happy to be in the country.There is not much traffic.I still have a good security system, old habits die hard!
            Let me know what you think on those polls

      1. Your anger is noted.Wiggins is that your real name or did God make a funny when he gave you that name?You always seem to be “Wiggin” out on all your replies.Lol, take it down a notch and stop” Wiggin” out on everyone.There are things out there in the world that happen every day that are supernatural whether you choose to believe them or not.This site offers up a lot of weird things and that’s why I like it. What I don’t like is people that are replying “Wiggin” out and calling each other names, if you want that, go onto Twitter and vent.Let us “idiots” discuss whats happening on the Paranormal.

        1. LOL! Dawn that’s so completely funny I can’t stop and please don’t call yourself an idiot ok it’s those who side with Lord Obuma that are the idiots Yup it’ll be they that suffer the worst Yes Jodie Wiggins is wiggin out on everyone why? I can’t really see into her mind. Wiggin out OMG!! I may not even go to bed tonight cause i’ll be too busy ROFL over that Yes he may start a war setting East against West But I can convert California and Nebraska into Eastern colonies I had a dream where we marched right into DC and raised the
          East American Flag over Obuma’s white house and we hung Obuma along with the rest of his communist buddies
          So Jodie Wiggins LOL can Wig out on everyone but she’s only proving her point that she’s secretly a Communist That’s why she’s sticking up for him Communists always stick together Why do you think Stalin said we die separately or together? What rank were your kids in the military?
          I’d like to know so I can have someone to run our Muslim Prisons

    3. That’s not even true at all! He did find Documents regarding the extra terrestrial phenomenon. And huge space ships out in space also a space program!

    1. DANIEL,
      If you have proof 911 was an inside job why don’t you tell the media?At least give us the details here on this site.I would be interested because I have always felt that.

        1. I own a little part of the media, too. BOOM BITCH GET OUTTA THE WAY BITCH GET OUTTA THE WAY

    2. they have the weappons, the full control of drug trafic. Afeganistan have the opium, México have cocain.So what they need more? Money is in Fort Knox aliens are comming to tell the all true about UFO. América must disappear from the earth

  2. Can you imagine what he spends on sunscreen to keep his scales moist? I mean really he probably has a heat lamp or a heat stone to sleep on or in the Oval Office I mean nobody has seen him making a speech in the office since the 20th of January. Kinda fishy

  3. LOL! This article is awesome! I think the only way this article could be better is if Snowden came out and revealed that Obama was really a Republican, rather than Reptile. But meh, close enough right?

    1. Obama a republican? HA HA HA HA HA Oh snap! What exactly have you been drinking? I want some of that Kool Aid!

  4. usa wants to reshape their continent to make a shipping route through the middle of usa/canada

    M pattern kind of

    to then be able to get oil to china faster to pay off their debt

    (some youtube video i saw)

  5. Wow some really open minds here. I would not put much faith in the article it was posted in BUT I would trust any mainstream media even less.
    What I have discovered is the deniers of anything new is generally from people that are not willing to read most anything that they instantly dismiss because our mainstream media did not tell them anything that is possible really exists.
    I started reading stories that on the surface appear to be fiction mostly because of the headline appeared to crazy to be real. Now that I have began reading articles like that a whole new world was revealed. Many still believe UFO’s and or aliens do not exist. It is those people that will be caught very unprepared when the quite shocking truth does come knocking at their door. I am sure the German Jews were clueless when they jumped on a train headed toward their planned execution. It was the well informed German Jews that investigated with an open mind that was able to escape Germany before the bad stuff came knocking. Most of the world still have no idea about Hitlers search for Atlantis and Alien life down in the Antarctic. Our military did at the time and thank God because had we not interrupted those research explorations Hitler might very well have had a working Flying Saucer. Had Hitlers war started 10 to 20 years later they had a real chance of conquering the entire world with his small country. Had America not recruited Hitlers Nazi scientists we would not have working flying Saucers our selves. Yes we do have large fleets of the these space ships and had we not stolen Hitlers scientists Japan might have dropped nukes on us. Yes there is huge amounts of secrets that several people like the other posters will never know anything about simply because they have to hear it from mainstream media or our leaders first. The world will soon be overwhelming to people with closed minds when our thousands of secret technology is unleashed and they never suspected a thing because CNN or our leaders did not take them to the water to drink. NEVER trust any leader of a country because they all will certainly lie to you and that’s a FACT.

    1. Thanks for making sense *for a change* instead of a long angry rant because I’ve never heard of those things either.

      I’ve notice NEITHER political party seems to represent America though more so on the left but people keep changing parties and betraying each other that there is really no way to know who is who.

    2. What if the nazis never lost the war….look at the battle in antartica against the nazis….corperal bird went to fight and lost….cia is the S.S….I may be hunted for his but do your research…its all there if you look hard enough…we are run on a reptilian agenda….band together people….its the only way….usa is becoming a policed state….concentration camps…obamacare chipping there people….gun control…it all makes since to those who know the truth….we must fight…

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  7. no one has speculated that perhaps the ” prez” is a paid actor an impostor like the movie ” dave”. nor has anyone speculated that he is a DNA experiment and his DNA was taken from a dead Pharoah” { heaven help us} he has the attitude of entitlement and arrogance and has called ” Americans stupid” when he thought the mike was turned off. I would quite frankly prefer a humble man in office who truly does not ” patronize” the voters and have such disdain and condescension and someone who is truthful and is NOT pathological in his stories. Just review all his comments and they are all lies. Who wants a liar a deceiver in the office? We are writing these bureaucrats ” paychecks” they should be subservient to the electorate not patronizing the public.

    1. Valerie Benson My name is Deadeye and mister Obama isn’t a bureaucrat. He’s a Filthy Communist Ever hear of Hitler or Stalin? He’s turning into someone worse than Hitler or Stalin put together I bet he’d even give The Antichrist a run for his money All of his little Toadies need to be thrown out on their butts

  8. Obama acts like a slithering snake with all his lies I can surely understand why some people think he is a reptile! He needs to shed some skin and take care of us Americans, oh wait he is a muslem and according to what I have heard, the Koran says to be friends with people if there are more than you and wait until you are trusted and then strike hard when you are able.I don’t care for his actions as president and I am confused as to why he is still our leader.Something weird is going on keeping him the president of the U.S.

    1. Yes Dawn I agree with you 100% there. You’re correct there is something keeping him in there All the Communists in Korea and China They want him to build up our debt to Asia so much that Germany and Russia will loan us $3000000 then we will be in debt with all of Europe then the Africa will give us an x amount of dollars then we will be in debt with the whole world and we will start World War III I say we boot him out so fast it’ll make his grandkids dizzy. Please reply if you agree

      1. Oh yes I agree with you there DEADEYE! I just don’t understand why he is still in office with all his lies.

        1. Glad to see that you agree with me there Dawn Please click either yes or no if you think we should form a new nation

          1. DEADEYE I choose yes that we should form a new nation.One that has the American flag as an important symbol of America.One that allows The Pledge OF Allegiance To The Flag to be recited every morning.Screw the people who are offended, they can kick rocks back to their own country they are in America USA now! God bless America! God has a big part in the U.S. Why are we taking GOD out of everything? You know that it is bad when U.S. arrests the silent prayers and sign holders but allows Muslims to pray outside the White House.And the fact that if you talk bad about the Muslims you are considered dangerous and arrested for it.OBAMA IS A MUSLIM!OBAMA WAS BORN ELSE WEAR AND HAD HIS PAPERS SECRETLY FIXED UP!OBAMA HAS LIED OUT LOUD MANY TIMES!
            I think we need to bring in a Monica Lewinsky on this president and see if anyone cares? What more does he have to get caught in and lie about before we pull him out of office?

        2. Not too much more Dawn but giving those filthy Muslims the vote is only the half of it He’s also talking about Equality for Gays and Muslims. Up till now We considered Homosexuality and Islam to improper but according to Obama this should be encouraged he says Muslims and Gays are not that different I say we throw him out so hard it’ll break his back and I have come-up with a name
          befitting our new nation the UREA United Republic of East America
          And I even drew-up a design for an East American Flag
          It’ll have 33 white stars 1 red star and oak branch on the right side of the star
          symbolizing strength and an olive branch on the left side of the star
          symbolizing peace and I even drew plans for an East American Army
          Read carefully.
          300000078000450 troops
          30’000 big guns
          20’000 tanks
          15’000 aircraft
          183’000 warships Write back if you like my figures
          Long live the UREA
          Your friend Deadeye

          1. Dear Deadeye, Dawn, and Raypoz – That’s a great idea for a new nation, but let’s call it FANTASYLAND. In our new constitution, we will guarantee all paranoids the right to babble effusively about reptilians, aliens, black-eyed children, muslims, nazis, etc. Apparently, this makes them feel better about their lack of ability to write a sensible sentence and spell. If we can keep them busy murmuring about this nonsense, that will protect the rest of us (who live on the planet earth).

        3. Well Dawn I checked out that site and sent Deadeye the link. Don’t know if he’ll respond tonight though He did a whole lot of running around with his mom getting last minute summer supplies and stocking up on food before Obuma gives Queirs and Muslims the power to kill the rest of us with chemical and biological weapons Deadeye also told me that over in Iraq and Iran they are still preforming crucifixions and Deadeye tells me that we are going to put Obuma through the same treatment that the Romans put Jesus through
          Yep we’re going to give him 100 lashes on his back then 100 lashes to his front then drive a crown made of barbed wire into his head. Then we will place a rainbow collared robe upon him to represent the fact that he’s quier and a purple armband to say that he’s a muslim then he’ll be forced to bear his cross like Jesus did but unlike Christ who cried out FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!! Obuma will probably Cuss everybody attending his crucifixion then sprout little horns on his head and a tail then Deadeye even told me what he’ll say to Obuma We know exactly what we’re doing Satan we’re purging the world of a great evil

  9. Illuminati (reptilians) own media….own economy…I trust snowdens word….I believe the presidents as of late or right through the whole ordeal are reptilians as is royalty…do your research….anyways…we can beat them….there are people fighting them….the major threat to reptilians and nwo is that we as humans band together cause we are advancing spiritually….now if this happens on mass…they can no lnger control us….love is the key as they don’t know love….we need to stick together as a human race….not white, black, red, yellow, brown….let’s lose the discrimination and band together….they can not win if we as humans of earth so no…..they truly know this….its time to be humans as one

  10. Illuminati (reptilians, nwo) own media….own economy…I trust snowdens word….I believe the presidents as of late or right through the whole ordeal are reptilians as is royalty…do your research….anyways…we can beat them….there are people fighting them….the major threat to reptilians and nwo is that we as humans band together cause we are advancing spiritually….now if this happens on mass…they can no lnger control us….love is the key as they don’t know love….we need to stick together as a human race….not white, black, red, yellow, brown….let’s lose the discrimination and band together….they can not win if we as humans of earth so no…..they truly know this….its time to be humans as one

  11. Hello Citiboy I hate to inform you that we already have a name for our East American nation And the paranoids will be confined to trading outposts with the
    United Federation of West America so the rest of us will be able to have honest to God conversations with people who are down to Earth. Our Eastern Constitution will ban Same-sex couples and Muslims from being out at the same time as the rest of us then they will be transported to ghettos and outposts where they will be sold to Western officials thus purging them from our Eastern country Jews and Nazis will serve as the East American police force and BTW. Calling our nation Fantasyland is so disrespectful That is so
    West American

    1. I have no problem with gays or gay marriage that is normal.As for Muslims, I have no problem with them either, unless in America they are put at a higher level of respect than Americans and that is my problem with Obama. He is Muslim and it really shows when he allows Muslims to go in front of the white house and pray but does not let Christ be worshiped any where. CITIBOY, you are a real piece of work.You come on this site and try to belittle what this site is all about! I wish you many ghosts and spirits that you can see and I think when you see that paranormal is real and in our lives daily.I hope that a UFO takes you and probes your dumb a$$! As for the other people Keep on telling us about your experiences, don’t let CITIBOY bother you with his stupidity.I believe that his eyes are closed and he hasn’t experienced the paranormal.One day he will learn to not open his big mouth talking about things he knows nothing about.I will pray for you CITIBOY and God please guide you so you can finally become a CITIMAN!

      1. Thank you dawn you go girl! I support you all the way except for gays they are not normal nither are muslims. We should round of all the quiers and muslims and do to them what Hitler did to the jews You know I had an experience with a BEK once the year before last The sun had just sunk below the treeline and I had fixed supper for myself and my two younger brothers John and Casey When I heard three dull taps on my door so I answered it and there was a kid standing there. He asked me if he couldn’t come in and eat and escape the heavy rain
        And I just couldn’t say no to a child He was wearing light blue jeans and a red t shirt
        I told him to slip out of his dirty clothes and take a shower then he could eat. He walked past my room I was reading my Bible as I do every Saturday night The kid was wearing only his underwear and I saw his eyes. Solid black but rather than being terrified I asked him if everything was ok He asked me what that book I was holding was and I asked him if he never saw a bible before He went on to say that he did believe in god but never picked up a bible After the kid showered he ate with us then after that since I had no rooms available I offered up my bear’s old cage He liked it there I came in and read the bible to this kid with black eyes He asked me all sorts of questions certain chapters But he wasn’t evil like most people claim. Well post back if you want me to tell the whole story

        1. Are you kidding? Of course I want the whole story! About the other same sex and Muslims issues we can agree to disagree on these things. What would Jesus do?
          You are so brave to keep your cool and read him the bible! Please finish your story about BEK and any other paranormal experiences.I love to hear others tell about their experiences because then I don’t feel so weird about mine!

          1. Well Dawn it may surprise you to know I too have had encounters with BEKs My first one was 2011 I was a Civil War Re-enactor and I had just gotten promoted to the rank of Colonel in the Confederate Army
            I saw a couple of kids walking towards me I asked them if they needed help They asked me if I couldn’t bring them home and I noticed that they weren’t looking me in the eye so I ordered them to look at me when speaking When they did I saw their eyes. Solid black. They repeated their question to me at the same time I blew out of there faster than General David Wilshire did at Gettysburg

          2. Ok Dawn I am ready to tell you the whole story after this kid with black eyes came to my door and I allowed him to sleep in my bear Tex’s old cage I came into the cage and wanted to ask this kid what book he wanted read to him he wanted to hear Matthew I said Alright little man this is for you Before I even started reading he asked me if he could take his shirt off and make himself comfortable I said Do as you wish He removed his shirt and laid it on the floor of the cage. I started reading and after only an hour the kid was asleep I asked him if he needed anything else He asked me if I could fit an iron chain around his ankle His mother did it every night to prevent sleepwalking The next morning the kid was up doing morning exercises. He liked to use the anti sleepwalking chain as a counter weight for pull-ups. I thought that was kind of weird but the kid had his way of doing things He told me his name was Hector I told him my name was Ace

          3. WOW what a neat story.Did you really have a bear cage? Did his eyes stay black all the time? Why didn’t he want to go home? I’m sorry for all the questions but I am curious! How long did Hector stay with you? Thank you for telling me your story about BEK’s

  12. He stayed with me for one night and yes he went home I didn’t keep him in that cage
    You know you’re the second person to believe me on this story I really wish there were more people like you out there Dawn BTW The cage that Hector slept in was 10ftx18ft so it was a big cage Just big enough for hector to do his exercises before breakfast After Breakfast I took him for a tour of Manchester Mane It’s my hometown I even showed him the church where I preach To keep people from getting alarmed I had Hector wear a pair of sunglasses My uncle Henry was preaching then My family takes turns preaching at this church Uncle Henry put his hands on Hector and told me that he could since a good energy coming from this boy Despite the fact that Hector had black eyes He left not long after we got back from Manchester and I’ve seen Hector only once or twice since then
    I think he was with his big brother Last time I saw him Well Cheers To you and Deadeye on forming The UREA
    Your friend Ace

    1. Thank you for telling me more and for speaking out Ace.Why wouldn’t I believe you? There is some seriously weird stuff going on out there!

  13. That was cool Ace thank you for sharing your story remind me to tell you some of my stories They’ll make the hair on your head turn white

    1. Ok DEADEYE I am ready for white hair do tell your paranormal experiences! I love this site because people can finally breath after everyone else (((I won’t say any names))) doesn’t believe them or think they are lying.I say let them live in their safe little lives were all is peaches and cream! I wish that I could but I have seen to much early on so please, share your story with us.
      By the way, last night I watched a show from UNSEALED:ALIEN FILES. They unsealed some cases that showed that some women were taken and lots of ‘women’ experiments were done on them and they got pregnant but 2 or 3 months later the fetus was taken and the doctors were baffled.The aliens where making a alien human combo person.Can you imagine how many of these alien humanite people were made and then left down on earth when they mess up and create a monster.It sure could answer some of the weird monsters people report! It creeped me out! That was in the 70s so I wonder how much they have improved by now. I’m not a weirdo or UFO chaser but these shows make a lot of sense to me.

      1. Hey Dawn I am glad to see you like my Story But remember My story about Hector the BEK Is most definitely a true story He even told me how old he was. He said he was about 15 years of age but remember I didn’t do anything like what those communists like CITIBOY If he is listening tell him to stay in the United Federation of West America Let Deadeye stay in the United Republic of East America
        After Obama is kicked out of office there will be two American Nations With Gays Muslims and Communists in the West. While Straights Christians and liberalists live in the East

      2. Hey Dawn I’m not sure you’d like my stories they’ve scared even the most unshakable men I know several hard-core men who turned into little boys when I told them about the Headless-Horseman. Everyone’s hair turned white as snow And two little girls actually wet their pants LOL But what really spooked everybody was when an Amish Buggy was rolling up the road as I got through the story I said OMG Here he comes and sure enough every strong man except me of course were hiding behind something One girl hid behind a fake tombstone and I had one of those
        Drop-down dummies and well let’s just say she refuses to come to any of my parties anymore Oh well I guess I’ll talk to you and Ace in the Afternoon

        1. I love to get scared ,especially when they are TRUE STORIES! I promise I’ll still come to your birthday parties. lol Give me your best!

          1. OK my first Story happened when I was 19 years old I had just gone out scouting around my family’s lake When BOOM I fell on a patch of mud and ice And I broke my leg and these ghostly soldiers wearing Confederate Uniforms I could tell they were Confederates cause of the color of their outfits I used some very very colorful language if you know what I mean But I got out of there thanks to my dad my uncle and a pair of ghost soldiers After I got out of there I had to receive an operation and 8 sessions of PT And let me tell you my leg was as sore as Obama will be after we throw him across the East-West border LOL. BTW I live in Eastern Ohio 3 miles outside Patriot. I’m easy to find. Mine is the only house that flies the Confederate Flag And that was a Halloween party that this girl whom I spooked was at Look forward to hearing from you again

          2. wow I have heard that on tv that soldiers flying their colors are still up and walking around. I am in Tennessee and Memphis and Nashville are supposed to have lots of soldier ghosts.
            When I was in California we lived in a haunted house.My daughter would always hear footsteps up and down the halls.I would see an Indian always before something bad happened.He would appear in my driveway at first and there was always trouble when I got home.One morning I hadn’t slept all night and he appeared to me before my 2 kids woke up to go to school, I was expecting anything bad was going to happen, so I said I am driving you to school.My son said no he will walk his sister and then he would walk himself.I saw the Indian that morning so I was persistent.My son had a small truck that we could drive but he didn’t have his license yet.He was worried because I hadn’t slept and kept saying we will be ok.No body but my husband knew about my Indian so how could I let them go? So we piled in the truck and I dropped off both of them.I drove home fell asleep while I was driving and ran into a parked car that hit the car in front of it! Thank God that no one was hurt but me.I had passed out from hitting my head and the ambulance took me to the hospital.My sons truck was totaled and I felt like crap! The Indian was right but I got the wrong message! He came again the day that our house had a drive by! Several other times as well.Since we have moved to Tennessee my Indian must have stayed because I couldn’t see him any more!
            Tell me more!

      3. Hey DAWN I came back to this site like I promised I would last night Remember?
        I said I’d be back the next day in the Afternoon? Well I’m ready to tell you about my Encounter with the Supernatural Write back if you’d like to see your hair turn from
        brown to white cause my tails will do that to people

          1. Hmm Well I had so many I doubt that this blog can hold them all But I’ll tell you what I can.
            My next story happened in 1982 About 9 years before I was born. My family all lived in this big house and we had a poster of Ozzy Osborne
            Well My grandmother who is no longer with us was a police officer was cleaning a table and she took this bible that she always read before going to bed Well she set the Bible down besides this poster and this ding-dong
            poster moved out of the way and folded itself up and waited for someone to see it. Grandma came back and saw that the poster had moved. She waited for my grandfather to get home and she moved to put the Bible down on the poster again and it moved again and they got rid of it I know this story sounds like a made-up tale but it really happened

          2. That’s scary! I once got this Ouija board from this haunted house.The old lady that had died had a journal with a whole lot of spells in it and another journal about her thoughts, kinda like a diary but every entry also had the moons position and stars. Any how we were going thru her house and I found this old round Ouija board that looked really cool and I took it home with me.I hung it up in my front living room and went to sleep. The next morning it was on my kitchen table.I yelled at my kids not to mess with it and they said that they hadn’t touched it so I hung it back up again.This happened 3 more times. The last time I slept in the living room to make sure nobody messed with it. I had horrible dreams that night involving the round Ouija board! I woke up and it was sitting in front of me on the coffee table! I knew that I couldn’t burn it and it kept coming back to me when I took it down the street where we kept a bunch of stuff and I wrapped it up really good with plastic and news paper and then a box that was weighted down and went home.I was a bit shook up because of the way that I felt around it and my front room seemed to make me feel sick when I was in there.I picked up this ladies journal and read the next page.She said in the journal that she was scared because her daughter no longer was happy as a white witch and quit their Coven and was dabbling in black magic.She also stated that she knew that her daughter was planning on getting rid of her to take over her house and all her many books on witch craft! It gave me the shivers because I had never met both of them but I dreamed that other night of killing an old lady! That was my nightmare! a whole lot of weirdness happened since we went to that house.We knew the girls boyfriend and he wanted us to demolish this house and go ahead and take what we wanted from the place.Yet when we went to the house together he wouldn’t set foot in the place!

  14. Dawn For your own good leave Those Ouija Board things alone They are extremely dangerous if I were you I’d get a pendulum and hold it above a piece of paper with the alphabet on it and start asking questions to the Pendulum Board rather than a Spirit Board
    A Pendulum Board produces far better results cause the Pendulum board is not a doorway to a demonic world. It only allows human spirits through Hope you and your kids have a better run with the Pendulum Board
    Your Friend Deadeye

    1. Thank you DEADEYE. Unfortunately I learned that the hard way! I won’t even use a pendulum to contact spirits.When you call them they will come! It’s really something that I warn people about now when they ask about Ouija boards.

      1. I only use this tactic for paranormal investigations Dawn If you’re looking for something to do to resolve a haunting that is the way I think when I use the Pendulum. I just hold it above the alphabet and direct the spirits to answer questions with specific movements of the Pendulum. Left means no. Right means yes. Up means hello. Down with no directions means goodbye When the
        Pendulum points to specific letters they are spelling a specific name place or thing
        Like when I was in West Virginia with my investigation crew the Pendulum told us were in the right place. I asked one spirit for it’s name it spelled ANGELA. I asked her why was she there She spelled WAR. And DEVIL I asked her if she was there to protect the family from a war with the devil and the Pendulum pointed toward me with aggression and I asked her if she was good. She spelled YES. I also asked her how she died. She spelled RIVER. I asked her if she died in a river. And the pendulum pulled us toward a nearby stream I asked Angela if that was the place where she died The Pendulum pointed at me again with aggression meaning we were right on the spot where she died She then spelled out EDWARD then JACOB. I’m still trying to figure out what Angela meant

        1. That is pretty cool! I didn’t know that you are a paranormal investigator. I believe that I always end up bringing weird stuff home with me when I mess with spirits.It took me a long time to shake the evil off me from just having things that belonged to that women’s house.Also when I was trying different things and dabbling in spells from a dark witch, her daughter I had such a heavy sad feeling any time I read from this ladies journals.I became obsessed with the feeling of her being murdered and then to find a clue in her journal, I put my whole time into looking for something else to prove this.I was sitting in my garage one day reading intensely through the pages and a friend was across the garage sitting in a chair, and suddenly from the rafters at the top of the garage, came a loud bang.He said dammit Dawn what are you doing? I went over and an old stop sign fell down almost hitting him.It had two sides to it 1 said go and one said stop, it had fallen on the stop end of the sign! I went ahead and said ok I will and shut the book. There was no reason for that sign falling down.I had even forgot that there was a sign up there.But he immediately asked what I was doing because so much other weirdness had been happening to me and I had told him about it prior to the sign. So along with several other things involving that women’s possessions and weirdness happening I think that I shouldn’t dabble any more now that I have moved across the states and things are normal again.It is funny because cleaning out the garage several years later it came up again when I opened up my books bin. My daughter has asked if she could read it and I refused to put her thru what I went thru but I found it incredible hard to not open it up and start reading again! It was something strange the way it called on me to open it up again! I tossed it in the burn pile.

          1. Glad you’re moving on with clearing out your bad experiences with the Supernatural But it ain’t all bad. I mean sure you run across a spirit or two that’ll scare you clear out of your skin but that’s extremely rare to me anymore But I researched West Virginia Murders and found out that there was indeed a murder of a 22 year-old woman named Angela. and that her killers were named Edward and Jacob. And they were members of a Satanic cult And they killed Angela right about the time that the Civil War started So maybe that’s what Angela meant when she said
            War Devil Edward and Jacob. Maybe she was trying to get a message across from beyond the grave In my research I discovered that Angela had been disrespected and buried like an animal and that’s why she used the pendulum so aggressively when she was trying to get through
            But I had the great-grandson of the minister who baptized Angela give her The Last Rights. And pray for her spirit to reach Heaven. And I also found out that Edward had killed her. And that Edward and Jacob were hanged in Point pleasant West Virginia. And that Edward Place a curse on everyone who came to witness the execution Saying that he would return from the grave to haunt everyone and their grand-kids till The Day of Reckoning
            And then the trap-door fell out from under them and the rope broke their necks and that’s the end of Edward and Jacob. As for Angela her spirit has reached peace She has not bothered the family my crew helped anymore

          2. Deadeye, I am not giving up on the supernatural.My mom was a good spirit and I saw her rise from her body.I had asked her to show me if what I believed was real and she made sure of it.It is just dark magic that I stay away from.
            The satisfaction of knowing about a spirits/ghosts, when they are alive, and what causes them to haunt and stay back from ‘the lighted tunnel’ is incredible to me.I would love to be a paranormal investigator.That’s incredible that you found out the whole story about Angela Edward and Jacob! The research must have taken a long time!
            Have you ever ran across a case of reincarnation?

  15. Yes I have ran a course on reincarnation before and I found an old picture of a blonde headed girl and her name was Angela Same girl who got killed by Edward and Jacob
    I saw the same girl with the same color hair She walked up to me last fall while I was looking at some Blue Jeans and she said Thank you. I turned around and said You’re welcome And she was gone and I know I helped someone Then an older woman called her daughter Angela And I stopped her and asked her if she knew about anyone who got murdered in West Virginia in 1861 and she said her great grandmother’s name was Angela and She was killed in 1861. And She had a baby on and off for a generation all the way up to the present day. And she asked me if I’d investigated Sorrel cove creek I said yes that’s where I found her Great grandmother’s spirit. I showed Angela the photo of her Great Grandmother and she said that’s her Great Grandmother And Angela gave me a second Pendulum for anyone else who’d want to be a paranormal investigator Please reply if you want the job what we really require is someone who can operate the Pendulum

    1. That is so cool! I really wish that I could join you all in my dream job but God has other plans for me.I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, which is scarring of my lungs and terminal. I am on oxygen 24/7.I am lucky to have a computer even tho it is a dinosaur! I had been told that I only have 2 years 3 max but here I still am at my 6th year! I believe that Crystals have been helping slow down the scarring some.I have a grid of them that I keep in a drawer under my bed.Don’t judge, they are working for me and some of my sanity.Anyways, cry me a river lol. Where are you located? Have you done any ghost hunting in Memphis or Nashville? I have been hearing that Tennessee is the most haunted places in the world.(tv) I live in Tn. and I am wanting to take a weekend or more with my husband and go on a couple of tours.I’m wondering as I get closer to crossing over, if I will see the things and people my mom and granpa saw 2 weeks before they died. It is all so fascinating and if you want I can keep you posted on any freaky events. I expect some things will happen because I am so open to this stuff. My mom saw this man that stayed with her during the night at the hospital.I stayed with her most nights and yes she was drugged but she was sitting up and talking to me about the things she saw.She also saw our old dog that lived about 10 years and she kept saying that he is peeing on the floor that the nurses were going to get mad! She said the man comes everyday and sits or stands behind a table just watching her. My gramps was so old, in his 90s and he started to get dementia.I was his baby sitter and I slept on the couch and could hear everything he was saying in his room next door.He would be talking to some one and arguing because he said that I want to go with you now, and got really mad that he couldn’t go now.I walked in and he pointed at the corner and said can’t you see them? ~ Chills~At the last week he was determined that he was going home. He would put on his cowboy hat and said, I’ll see you later honey I am finally going home if I can remember the way then he would leave his house and walk down the street looking for it.He got happier the closer that it got to him passing and would talk to all kinds of relatives in his room just as excited as he could be.Shame I never felt nothing but I definitely believed him.
      I wish that I could join you on your adventures of paranormal events! Thank you so much for asking!☺Tell me more if you have it I am very interested to hear.

      1. Well that’s kind of sad what’s happening to you dawn I and my whole family plus my investigation crew are praying for you to make a full recovery. As for where are we located we are 3 miles from my hometown of Patriot Ohio. That’s Southern Ohio about 15 east of Proctorville. And 12 miles west of Gallipolis. Maybe your son and husband could bring you up sometime and we can investigate an old haunted house near Centenary That’s a town you go through to get to where we are. Just keep following the road signs that say West 775 and turn off sharply to the left at a sign that says custom mini-barns and when you hit a little intersection look to the left and you’ll find us. Just look for a man wearing gray-camouflage and wearing an eye-patch
        on his left eye and that’s me ok? BTW I really am praying for you PS my mother is an ordained minister She’ll see that you’re comfortable so you can relax before we head to Centenary to investigate the Vanco road house. It has a cemetery in front of it cause there used to be a church there where the house now stands. It’s supposed to have several spirits Human and non-human. I look forward to seeing you and your husband and your son
        Safe journey. Your Friend: Deadeye.

        1. That’s so sweet of you! I would love to go and check out a haunting with you! That would be awesome! I’m a little sick this week so when I am feeling better and can drive down, that would be on my bucket list for sure.Continue to write your experiences with the paranormal.Thank you for praying for me.

          1. Hope you get over your cold soon Dawn. Meanwhile I’ve been a little bit under the weather myself I think it’s something going around. BTW that research I did on Angela Edward and Jacob did take a bit of time That’s why I didn’t respond for the past 2 weeks It was like Angela herself was guiding me to uncover the truth. She’s just as social in death as she was in life. And Edward and Jacob were trying to stop me from telling Angela’s story. Humph! They’re just as evil and twisted in death as they were in life.
            The other main reason I haven’t responded is because of some
            Communist calling himself Godzstr8shooter He’ll tear down any notion that BEKs like the one Ace let into his home are good. He believes all those BEKs are evil And he even tried to prove that I was gay Do I sound the least bit gay or that I am lying? I don’t think so!! Would a gay person say he hates members of his kind? NO!!!!! I think not. I am currently in the process of deleting all my comments from the site that Str8shooter forced me from
            Now that I’ve made this my new go-to website I don’t have to worry about him trying to attack me simply because I know what he really is deep down inside his disgusting soul Oooh he makes me so mad I wish those things he made-up kept him in their world and not returned him to ours

          2. DEADEYE, nobody believes these people who get into rants and raves by people. They are found in almost every type of conversations just trying to rile people up.As for you being gay? It doesn’t sound that way and to me it wouldn’t make any difference at all.I grew up in California and have had gay friends.What you do in bed is nobodies business.I find that those who speak out the loudest about being gay are secretly gay and just haven’t come out yet! Don’t let the weirdos chase you away from commenting! You have a lot to tell and I love hearing from you☺Have you ever checked out all the places in Tennessee that are haunted? This is the most haunted state I am told.

  16. Glad to hear from you dawn but I have a girlfriend I am more into the opposite sex
    Not the same as Those hoohas and yahoos like Godzstr8shooter or that crazy fizz mic Whitless Whitney And the only reason I speak-out against Quiers is because the bible tells us not to indulge in immoral activities I’m very religious up here I just think they’re distasteful nothing against your friends back in California but my religion forbids me from fraternizing with them. I will speak to one once in a great while but nowhere near as much as I do with people who are straight like you. As for me being secretly gay? No I am not I don’t like that it is intorrolable to me And remember The UREA is going to be free of gays and Muslims just gonna have people like you and me in our new country I can’t stand hoohas like Str8shooter He says he ain’t gay yet he defends them and Satan worshipers
    Oohhh I can’t stand him

    1. That’s a lot of hate to carry on my back.I understand your thinking and how some religions forbid gays and lesbians.I try to go by”What would Jesus do?” I do believe that he would understand and befriend us all.I also think that thru reincarnation, switching from men to women, women to men, that some people carry their sexuality thru to their next life and that is why this happens.I believe that God sees that and understands that.We should love one another even though we find others that have different beliefs and customs.We should pray for all even though they are not doing right, and that is a hard thing to do.
      What do you know of reincarnation? Do you come across any instances with your hauntings? Do you believe in reincarnation? I certainly do not want to come back again.I have had a 5 star life experience with my husband and kids and grandkids but this illness makes me extremely tired.What religion are you and your girlfriend?

  17. Dawn I know I hate gay people but I only do so cause the Bible tells me to crush their heads with my heals again nothing against your friends in California
    I have heard about some haunted locations in Tennessee Never been there though

    1. If you ever decide to come to Tennessee to see all the haunted places, let me know, and you can stay at our house to save money.There are so many hauntings to check out. We didn’t go because in the tours there is a lot of walking.This yoyo illness that I have is unpredictable, one day I’m good the next I can’t breath very good.When we decide for sure to go places I need to get a wheelchair.Going to DOLLYWOOD renting a wheelchair was awesome because handicaps have their own line and we got to go 1st on all the rollercoasters! It does have it’s perks! And the chairs haul a$$!

      1. Sounds like a paranormal investigator’s playground down there Dawn All the places here in Ohio are a ghost soldier’s hangout or a demon’s playground My mom went along with me and my crew once during an investigation into what was keeping a 6 year-old boy awake at all hours of the night. And I found 2 spirits both good benevolent and harmless they were knocking on the walls and my Ghost Finder captured a conversation between the ghosts and it is just crisp-crystal-clear no static at all. It sounds like one is asking the other one Have we drove him away? Is the Demon gone? then what sounds like a demonic voice shouting GET OUT!!!!! So my mom dad and grandfather who are all ordained ministers returned with my crew to help finally rid the house of the demon that was keeping the boy awake. My dad told Miss black the mother of the boy who was being awoke by the evil spirit that the cleansing would remove all the evil spirits but the good spirits would remain so long as she got them to follow her and her son to a room that hasn’t been cleansed then go back to the room that has just been cleansed. The good spirits would be able to stand being in the vicinity of the holy smoke. All demonic or evil spirits would be driven away Like you said amusement parks have their perks but paranormal investigating has it’s moments too Do you have any smudging sticks or sage anywhere in your house? If I come down to Tennessee could you have your son pick me up down there along the Kentucky Tennessee Border?

        1. That sounds like you guys had a blast! I don’t have Sage in my house.It has become really hard to breath any smoke so I have tons of incense I haven’t burned for a long time.My son works from early morning and doesn’t get home until late at night or I would ask him.What do you call your paranormal investigators?

          1. We call ourselves The Patriot Ghost Chasers
            and you’re in luck Dawn. From June till November we are taking folks on
            Rural investigations. Ghosts in the country tend to offer up better EVPs than urban spirits Less audio interference no noise to mess-up a good EVP recording. We do most of our investigations in Ohio. See If you could get your daughter to take you up to Ohio I’m sure we’ll find a haunted forest or house to investigate up here.
            Look forward to hear from you Dawn
            Your Friend

          2. Hey Dawn I heard about your illness and my little brother John is on his way down to Tennesee to give you a new breathing device Hope you get over this soon Deadeye found a good place to investigate up in Ohio. It ain’t even very far away from where he lives It’s chock-full of ghosts and ghouls. Something for you to consider since deadeye had to pull a lot of strings to get this investigation on his schedule it’s on the fall list
            Ask him about it some and he’ll try to get back to you
            Your friend ACE.

          3. Thank you Ace! I don’t know what other breathing device that I can use other than wearing oxygen 24/7.I sure wish that I could get rid of this illness but it is terminal.I will be on the other side soon and then I will know all there is to know about ghosts.I hope that Deadeye has lots of luck with the ghosts and ghouls! It would be great to get something on tape!

  18. I don’t like the way that Obama is as a president.I don’t wish to see him hurt just impeached! He has too many lies and has been caught in them and he is like the energizer bunny, he goes on and on.Lord knows that I don’t wish him the death that Jesus went thru, nobody deserves that.For the last time I am not against gay people because that’s just silly to me.I believe that reincarnation is the reason for that and as long as there is love in this world, God is happy.He made us to be exactly how we are.I don’t wish to harm anyone, except child molesters should have the offending pieces cut off and be put on death row, then killed.That is because anyone who can harm an innocent child deserves to be dealt with immediately and sent to God for judgement as quickly as possible.

    1. True Dawn Crucifixion is the most painful method of execution but
      Barack the Terrible is a Major criminal and I believe that punishment fits the crime
      If a man is a wife beater then he should be beaten too. If a man is a Child molester he should be molested by children so he knows what they felt
      Sorry but I’m kinda old-fashioned like that Hope to hear from you again real soon
      Your friend Deadeye

      1. DEADEYE,
        I know a worse death than crucifixion, that would be getting quartered .4 horses each tied to each of his limbs and slowly pulled across till the limbs are ripped off.Now that’s got to be the worst death that I can think of, don’t you agree?
        I am not a violent person, I just want the president to face up to all the horrible lies that he has said.Also all the extra cash for his wife to be able to travel all over the place shopping on our money.Of course I have only read about Mrs Obama shopping sprees and there are 2 sides to every story, but Obama is a straight out snake and proves it over and over and why does nobody do anything about it? Because he has something on everyone and uses it to sway the votes his way.
        It is very annoying and it would be great if some one with the knowledge of all the lies he has gotten away with.Then they can got to then write out everything.I will sign it and spread it through my Facebook friends and then some.It will quickly show that thousands of people want him impeached.Here is the link:
        Just make sure that you don’t write anything about killing people! Stick to the facts It is a lot of research but every search engine something bad about the president .DEADEYE if anyone can write up a awesome impeachment petition, you can.Please check out this site and tell me what you think.

        1. I want him out so bad it hurts me Dawn Deadeye isn’t responding cause he’s working on his farm but I’ll send him your link Barack the terrible needs to be deported back to Iran or where ever the he came from and bum of them I hate the filthy bum he deserves everything that you and Deadeye have coming for him
          Yes he needs to be impeached and given the big kabootsky so someone honest can get in there and undo all the damage that Barack The Terrible has done.
          He wants to put all Christains in Concentration camps just like Hitler did with the Jews during the Second World War. Yet blacks muslims and Queirs and the rest of society’s rejects support him cause they were under our thumb before he came to power And now he”ll have a war on his bloody hands and they will fall
          IMPEACH HIM!! IMPEACH HIM! IMPEACH HIM! DRAW AND QUARTER HIM CRUCFY HIM! SHOOT HIM! he needs to be hurt very very bad laid up in a full body cast I’m an oak branch Dawn so is Deadeye You’re more of an olive branch Beautiful but tough You speak your mind when you want your voice heard You know our branches are gonna be part of the UREA flag Hope He gets all that done to him Impeachment Crucfixion drawn and quartered Shot Hanged I know you’re not a violent person but you are an olive branch Beautiful prosperous and tough Hope your husband don’t mind me complimenting you like I am I just like you too much

          1. Thanks for answering Dawn’s comment to me Ace but I’m back now and I’ll write an impeachment list that’s as long as the Berlin Wall. King Obama the Terrible needs to go May the road ahead rise up to meet him but may it be a slippery one

          2. Thank you for the compliment! My husband reads all my letters or I read them to him. Did you see the solid black contacts that I found online? They are expensive but can be payback for these kids.I can’t talk much ,sorry I am going to sleep early and have some wild dreams.It is a whole new world for me because I can fly around.

  19. Hey Dawn I’m feeling kind of iffy on impeaching Obama cause his minions can track me and anyone who signs the petition it asked me for my username Email etc.
    It is because of this that I’ll let you write-up the Petition to throw his filthy reptilian butt out on the street Thus allowing the East American Nation be come an Independent nation. And from what Ace told me you were an olive branch and I was an oak branch. And that our branches will be part of the East American Flag And the last Communist powerhouse will be DC. So I hope Obama’s forces are ready for a major battle cause they’ll use everything at their disposal to keep the East and West American Liberalists out of their city Cause it’s their Town but we’re going to take it away from them
    Tell Ace and his brothers to load-up and get ready War is coming Just gotta invade and hold the city till winter then we’ll push the communists out to sea despite French aid We will have the Germans and Russians on our side.

  20. Hey Dawn you still among the living? I sent you a message for you to start an anti-Obama
    petition cause they’ll track me down and our internet connection is on the fritz every now and again so I am leaving this task to you or your husband I just hope we can get him out
    Congress did something that I never thought I’d hear of but on the 1st of this month
    Obama was supposed to sign a bill into law requiring everyone to accept the Obama-dollar
    And his so-called Obama-care but Congress cast a nay vote and all he can do is pout around in his little white house now. I am glad that Congress finally dealt Obama a fatal blow He’ll never recover after this Same as Tobago or Communist East Germany
    After the fall of the Berlin Wall. Lord Obuma’s days are numbered finally With all the social websites like Facebook YouTube and Twitter taking aim at him demanding that he be impeached and with honest to God East American freedom fighters like you and me starting Impeachment petitions left and right he’ll certainly go down in history as our nation’s most hated president Please respond if you get this

    1. Hi DEADEYE! I am still here.My computer is giving me troubles too.It shuts down regularly and usually does it after I have been writing something and am right about finished and I loose it all 🙁 I am not the one to write petitions. I think that someone who has done more research and has added up the Facts will be more successful.I am so sick of bad news on tv that I quit watching the news all together.
      On the 4th of July we went out on the lake on my sisters pontoon boat.We headed up river to go to a party on the lake where you tie your boats together and have a huge party. On the way there in the middle of the lake there was the weirdest thing that I have ever seen on the lake. We looked ahead of us and there was a huge round disturbance in the water with bubbles going around in a circle.At first it looked like a big school of fish swimming in a huge circle making the water churn around.As we got closer to investigate, There were no fish.We thought that maybe someone sank their boat, but there would be debris from the items on the boat and there was nothing but swirling bubbles.The weird whirlpool effect looked the same when we headed back in that direction later too.The next day my brother went out with them and the same thing was there in the same place.We asked everyone and I looked it up on the internet.It appears that there is an underground stream that is pushing water from it into the lake causing the water to churn and bubble that way.Weird! Apparently Tennessee has a lot of caves and underground streams.The article that I read said that TN. is hollowed underneath a lot like a honeycombed shape.Wonderful….That explains why my pond will be full for months then it is all emptied out within a couple of days.

      1. Cool I am glad you’re still here Sorry about your computer Dawn. On the 4th and 5th of July I went to two fireworks parties and threw one of my own All I did for my party was fire a 410 shotgun and put of two strings of firecrackers. It sounded like I was on Omaha Beach on D-Day! Really it was that loud! I went to another party an hour after mine was over and watched a bigger display in Patriot then a day later I went to another party just across the ridge from my home. Made several new friends And like you I invited them to my Halloween Party later this fall Perhaps your brother could bring you up to Ohio this fall for the party
        Cheers to you Dawn
        Your friend Deadeye

  21. that is big time over the top CRAP! its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake this is made by a idiot who has nothing better to but to spared lies and rumors talking about Obama like that is 100% stupid

    1. Hello Jodie Wiggins. My name is Deadeye and I’d like just one minute to ask you
      why you think Obama is such a saint? Let’s look at what he’s done so far
      In the past six years he’s opened 36 terror training camps forced up to 1’000000 people from their homes to allow illegal aliens crossing the border to move in and flood the Welfare system and try to force us to accept Queers and Muslims And he’s at the head of the American Communist Government

      1. I totally agree with you that Obama is a Muslim! And you are right that he gets away with more crap than all our past presidents together have. He must have dirt on a lot of important people to get away with so much.Miss Wiggins, you shouldn’t call people names on this site.You may love your snake of a president but don’t expect anyone else to.That would be `idiotic` now wouldn’t it? Deadeye, I believe that we do have to worry about the future with our President putting his nose in everyone elses business,I believe that he is going to start a huge war. Instead of giving other countries $ to help them and not taking care of U.S citizens that are having problems.You can’t apply and get welfare but yet all the non citizens get it immediately. He doesn’t take care of Americas warriors.They fight and when they get hurt he tosses them aside with not enough health care.In my opinion, soldiers should be the highest paid people because they fight and die for their country.My son was a Marine and my daughter was Army, so I know how our president treats his,OUR warriors!

        1. Hey Dawn I’d like to know how big is your pond? And what ranks were your
          son and daughter in the military?
          Cause I need two people who are A related and B have experience in dealing with Muslim and Arab POWs Cause I think we’ll need some East American officers who know what they’re doing
          Respond if you get this message
          Your Friend Deadeye

          1. My pond is bigger depending on the rain that we get.I believe that we have an underground stream that empties it out after so many days.Tennessee is riddled with caves.There are some that have lakes with white fish in them that you can take a boat thru.Another one has a giant waterfall that people put strobe lights of all the colors onto it so you see it and it’s spectacular! Ruby Falls is the name of that one.
            My kids are all thru with fighting and the biggest fights that may occur is child rearing! I could not join your fight because as I said we do have some issues that don’t bother me.
            I wonder when we die if we get the 411 on most paranormal issues?

        2. Hi Dawn I’m sure Deadeye told you about me and how sinful I once was
          But that side of me is gone forever.
          I’m a new str8shooter thanks to You and Deadeye I owe you both a whole lot
          And I am glad you don’t let our major problems bother you Thumbs up to you
          Dawn Stay Str8

    2. If you ask me Jodie
      Obuma is anything but a saint and This in 100% True!
      He’s a Muslim He authorized the destruction of Jonah’s Sacred Temple

      He’s got more shit on his hands than all 43 other presidents put together
      And he’s going to herd all of us into concentration camps and yes that includes you so he can feed all of his reptilian soldiers before during and after battle So you can go on saying he’s a good president if you want to but you’ll be sorry when you’re on the other side of that barbed-wire fence about to be forced into a gas chamber by Muslim soldiers while I will be fighting this sorry bum with what I’ve got He can use all of his tank I will use my 22 pistol and I will find his weak point and I WILL defeat him and put this messed-up country back on the right track Shoot me down if you want but I will expose his demonic plans

  22. Listen I’ve done research for a decade extraterrestrials are as real as you and I!!! They (aliens) are out the And they have a different agenda than us humans. I guarantee you that there are Reptilians in our government such as president Vice President etc.
    so open your mind for different possibilities anything is possible!!!! Look me up on Instagram it’s aliens factors. On YouTube that Look me up on Instagram it’s aliens factors. On YouTube It’s alien factor

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