Flashes and Mystery Booms in Spokane Skies

Spokane experiences flashes of light and mysterious booming sound!

Right off my instinct is to call this a natural phenomenon, but time will tell.  The story was broadcast on KREM TV so this isn’t just a YouTube event.

Especially intriguing for me is the woman that reported seeing a blue light in the sky.  Back in the ’80s  I was driving back from Spokane to North Idaho and I experienced a blue light that moved from the north to the south, so intense that it filled the sky and lit up the brush to daylight levels along the sides of the road!

Are these mystery booms just meteors?

At least one commenter on the KHQ.com story about the most recent boom hear over the Spokane area pointed out what I am betting the culprit is.  Small meteors entering the atmosphere and detonating before they reach the ground.

I witnessed the bright flash at 0620hrs Friday morning from my back yard at Fairchild AFB. It was a meteor entering the atmosphere. I noticed the bright flash and looked up to see the meteor traveling southeast. The flash was from the meteor breaking apart. The explosion heard was the sonic boom from the high speed it was traveling at and impacting the thick atmosphere due to pressure and friction. Based on a rough count, the sonic boom followed roughly 30 seconds after seeing the flash. From my perspective, it did not impact the ground and exploded in the air. The entire visible flash lasted roughly 6 seconds. – Joseph Taylor

This seems the most likely answer to the mystery booms people are hearing all across the country.  If we are experiencing a rise in these events, does that mean the Earth is currently floating through a rubble field in space?  If that is the case, it could make for some interesting light shows and events!

Did you experience the Spokane mystery booms and flashes?

If you saw these lights over Spokane or hear the booms, please comment below with what you experienced and what you think it was!



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