Grey Cylindrical Entities Torment Person

Grey Cylindrical Demons

Grey faceless demons tormenting people is a new one to me! In doing research I find some interesting accounts, such as this one posted on July 22, 2005 to the now defunct  The person posting under the name Zion, tells a tale that feels almost Lovecraftian in nature.

What follows is their account of a lifetime of dealing with grey, cylindrical creatures or demons tormenting them.

This is the first time I have reached out into the unknown concerning my experiences with evil spirit entities.

My earliest memories of these demons (as I believe them to be) were when I was barely six months old. Their assault occurred on average at least three nights a week until I was twelve, when I first invested in my own spiritual strength as per battling and defeating them. Since then, their visitations have been erratic, and their power greatly weakened as my spiritual counter-offense continually strengthens.

This is the life story of my horror as simple and concise as I can convey it:
Both in dreams (astral states)and wide awake these wrinkled, grey, cylindrical monsters would try to attack me. Their presence was always sensed before seen. The temperature would suddenly drop and the air would thicken significantly. The energy in the room altered instantly.

These demons were usually solid, floating grey, wrinkled entities; and they always had a black slit on the front of their form that looked like a plus sign. (Something like a mouth, perhaps? Staring at them was like staring at the face of pure, unadulterated evil, the closest I’ve come to it at least.

Forgive me if my descriptions make little logical sense, as it is difficult to explain something so supernatural and unusual in human vernacular.
Anyway, whenever they were present, I would experience an indescribable fear, such that I have never experienced from any human or natural source. When they came to me in a conscious state, it was as if they dropped signs to indicate their entrance from invisible to visible presence. Things would happen like a stuffed animal moving by itself or a shadow on the wall materializing into three dimensional mass and slithering across my floor. Banging sounds from inside the walls (we had no neighbors on the other side), footsteps when no one else was in the house, and other unexplainable noises would usually precede. I could even feel these horrible demons when they would jump on my bed, though I was too scared stiff to look at them. (On several occasions I would kick them off and hear them thump to the floor. Make no mistake, nothing else was on the bed. I didn’t sleep with stuffed animals, extra pillows, nor did I have any pets.)
I would always pray (my own form of exorcism), tell them vehemently to go away, or whatever I could think of to expel them at the time; but most of the time, I was too petrified to move or even make a sound. In fact, a signature sign of their presence I experienced was total involuntary paralysis (wide awake). I tried to scream, but only a harsh whisper could make itself out.

Of course, by the time I was about eight, I realized that screaming for help was futile. For years I had screamed out my parent’s names, stomped the floor and broken objects against the walls beside their bedroom. No one ever awoke. (And of course, they dismissed my accounts as mere night terrors anyway and never bothered to attempt to investigate the matter.) It felt as if the demons were trapping me alone inside their world–some level between the physical and the spiritual.

When I would dream or astral project, their attacks were even worse. They would show up in whatever astral environment I was in, attempt to attach themselves to me and, well…suck the life out of me perhaps? Again, it’s hard to describe. But the feeling was complete and total fear, an evil such as I have never felt before; a a pain that came from within as if I were free-falling through the gates of Hell. And the longer they remained attached, the more paralyzed I became. The only way I could defeat them was to tear them from my body (or spirit body) and rip them apart. The same things occurred when I was wide awake.

The demons moved fast, as I said, usually floating, sometimes dragging themselves on the ground. The sound they make is a sinister low-frequency vibration, and sometimes a sound resembling that of a foghorn. Rarely, I have also seen these creatures in spherical form.

I have met three other people whose experiences are nearly identical to my own. I do not have a mental disorder, and both the physical and behavioral descriptions of these horrible entities seem to supersede what can be materialized simply by the human mind. (You know–the typical troll, goblin–anything that can be rendered combining the descriptions of human, animal, or other natural forms.) This is one reason I am convinced that these entities are not projections of my mind, rather beings sent from hell to torment me for a reason that is too advanced for my current comprehensive ability.

However, I have heard that evil forces target those who are psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, or otherwise in tune with the spirit world. I include myself in the before mentioned category (based on the numerous other supernatural experiences I’ve had, which would require a novel to sufficiently explicate.)

My request is simple: I am reaching out, trying to find out if more people have experienced the trauma and horror of encountering these grey cylindrical demons, whether on the physical or the astral plane. I couldn’t possibly be the only one. If you believe you have experienced these particular entities, feel free to reply or email me personally with your detailed story. If there is anything I can do to help your situation (spiritual or emotional support), I am willing to give whatever counsel I am capable of offering.

By religion, I am a Christian, non-denominational, but extremely open minded. Please, do not let my personal spiritual beliefs instill any prejudgments or inhibit the content of your reply. I believe we are all connected in spirit.

Have You Encountered Grey Cylindrical Creatures?

If you have had a similar encounter, please tell us about it so we can share it with others.  The greatest power of the Internet is to share information about the things we don’t understand and to share our common experiences, even if they are as terrifying as this one.



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