UFO spotted over Hervey Bay

‘Bright, comet-like’ UFO spotted over Hervey Bay, Australia

UFO or Explainable Phenomenon Over Hervey Bay?

The Fraser Coast Chronicle is reporting that an unusual object has been spotted in the skies over Hervey Bay.  Now normally I don’t take much interest in reports like this because they are usually man-made or something explainable.  This one sounds a bit different though.

UFO spotted over Hervey Bay
Did you see a UFO in the skies over Hervey Bay, Australia Monday night?

As the story goes, on May 20th, 2013 Toogoom resident Maggie MacLeod saw a strange light moving in the sky.

“There was this bright comet-like object with a small tail – it looked like a plane was on fire,” she said on the Chronicle’s Facebook page.

“I went over to the beach to watch it. It was going down, then sideways and then the tail disappeared.

“I went up to a group of people on the beach and pointed it out to them … by this time it was a big red ball in the sky near where the sun had set.

“We all watched it for another 10 minutes or so and then all of a sudden it grew a tail again, sprouted sideways and disappeared.”

It is the fact that it turned that gets me curious.  Now odds are it is still something explainable, likely space debris falling back to Earth, but it is a bit unsusual so I thought I would pass it along in case someone else had heard an explanation or seen this same event.

The Chronicle is asking that if you witnessed this light in the sky or managed to get a photo, that you let them know by  clicking here, or by emailing journalist [email protected].

Photo Credit: Chelly Milzewski

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