Is Los Roques the New Bermuda Triangle

The disappearance of Missoni’s plane sparks new Bermuda Triangle fears!

MissioniOn January 4th, 2013 world famous fashion designer Vittorio Missoni, his wife, two friends, and two pilots took off from the Los Roques islands in a BN2 Islander  followed close behind by his friend Enrique Rada, whose Cessna 402 took off after them.  Minutes into the flight Missoni’s plane vanishes and no wreckage or bodies have yet to be found.

Are the Los Roques Islands cursed?
Are the Los Roques Islands cursed?

The area the planes were traveling in has been dubbed the “new Bermuda Triangle” by some, because there have been more than 15 accidents in the region since the 1990s.   The last person to see them alive was Enrique Rada in his plane just behind them.

“I saw them right in front of me as they were swallowed up by a huge cumulus cloud … It was a lightning bolt. It must have been a lightning bolt.” Rada said in an interview.  He tried to make radio contact with the aircraft, but couldn’t reach the pilots of Missoni’s plane.

Where  Vittorio Missoni’s plane went after it entered those clouds is anyone’s guess.  To date no wreckage from the plane or any bodies have been found.  But there has been one strange event.

 January 6th – the mystery text message

In a twist that takes this story from a mundane plane crash into the realm of the paranormal is that on January 6th, two days after their plane vanished, the cellphone of Guido Foresti sent a message to Foresti’s son that read, in Italian, “Call now, we are reachable.”

Calls made later in the day to both Foresti and his wife’s numbers indicated that the phones were off.

A day later, calls to Foresti’s wife’s phone rang 10 times before automatically transferring through to the phone’s answering service, indicating that her phone was also momentarily on or back in cell-tower range.

According to several Italian newspapers, a list of calls registered by the local Venezuelan telephone carrier, the Italians’ phones were in the area and that both the Foresti phones made a series of calls at noon on Jan. 4, several hours after the plane disappeared.

If the plane crashed, who was making the calls and from where?  If they had crashed would they have sent text messages with a more serious tone?

January 10 – tourist finds a bag from the plane in Curaçao

On Jan. 10th a German tourist walking on the beach in Curacao 124 miles from Los Roques, discovered an empty bag that is confirmed to have been on Missoni’s plane.  Granted someone else could have found it an emptied it but that seems unlikely.  That being said, why would that bag be empty and 100 miles away?

Was Missoni a victim of kidnapping?

There has been quite a bit of press coverage on the possibility that Vittorio Missoni was taken hostage by one of the drug cartels in the area.  If that was the case though, where is the demand for ransom and why the messages from Foresti’s phone.  I find this option unlikely.

Did Missoni’s plane sink in deep water?

According to a blip on a Venezuelan air-control radar, the last known location of Missoni’s plane was just 11 miles from the Los Roques airport. Based on that location, the trajectory of the small twin-engine Norman BN-2A would have crossed an area of the Caribbean that is too deep for standard search-and-rescue instruments, which may be why it hasn’t been found yet.

But sources say that a small plane hitting the ocean would have broken up upon impact leaving a trail of foam, fiberglass or other buoyant debris.


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 Did the Curse of the Los Roques claim Vittorio Missoni and his friends?

A month later with no new leads on the story, the disappearance of Vittorio Missoni is likely to never be solved.  Was it pilot error or mechanical problems over deep water?  Was Vittorio Missoni kidnapped?  Why was there no emergency radio broadcast?  Surely with two pilots on board one could have radioed in a distress call.  Was it aliens hiding inside the cloud Missoni’s plane flew into?

Share you opinions on the disappearance of Vittorio Missoni down below.  I would love to hear what you think!


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