Men in Black Sightings 2012

2012 Men In Black Sighting

Are the Real Men in Black Back?

Men in Black Sightings 2012
Did a hotel security camera capture two MIBs in a hotel lobby?

A recent video suggests that the real MIBs (not the ones from the movie) are still around and “interviewing” UFO witnesses. Did the staff of this hotel have a real men in sighting?

In this video, two men dressed in the normal garb of an MIB enter a Niagara Falls, NY hotel lobby.  The security cam footage catches their entrance, and what I find interesting is the physical reaction the employee that is walking towards them has.  Not your typical movement.

Take a look and see for yourself!

Are these the infamous Men in Black?

What do you think, are these MIBs?  According to the report, hotel staff described them as “tall, with extremely pale skin and no visible facial hair. Including no eyebrows and no eyelashes. Their eyes were described as being “so big and so blue, that they almost hypnotized..”  The pair were dressed in all black and looking so similar that the hotel staff assumed that they were twins. They wore the exact same clothing, hats, and even had the same facial features.

Another report also states that a similar Men in Black sighting took place in a Silver Spring, MD hotel just a few weeks later.

To add some intrigue to the story, the site where this video and case originated, seems to be “reorganizing” their case files right now so their account of this MIB encounter is offline.  Did someone pressure them to suppress this information?

Leave your comments below and if you have had a Men in Black sighting, be sure to let us know!

Want to read more accounts of Men in Black encounters?  The best book I have found so far is the Real Men in Black by Nick Redfern He covers a bunch of MIB sightings and goes into possible explanations for where they come from and what their motivations might be.


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  1. This is very strange, some people would say they are normal men just wearing black instead of “Men in black”, but what is strange is who wears hats like that anymore? I know its a very small thing from the video, but that small thing is something that is common in a lot of “Men in black” accounts.

    Do you think in some small way, that men in black could be some what linked to black eyed kids? People who see MIB say they feel and sence the same feelings that people who encounter BEKs.

    1. I am still on the fence with there being a connection between the BEKs and the MIBs. There are some common elements but at the same time they seem to have divergent goals.

  2. The video is interesting. What is really bizarre about the MIB is that they always come in pairs and have a similar appearance. Perhaps it is the aliens disguised in human form who can’t clone humans properly, maybe because they have only one dna sample with which they do this. I have written a post on MIBs myself on my blog All About Ocult, please read it and comment on it if you like it:

  3. This is pretty definitely pretty interesting, although I didn’t get to see the video. When I try to play it the background of the video goes to static and it says “This video doesn’t exist.” It won’t even work if I try to copy/paste the URL and watch it on Youtube, it just says the video is unavailable. So did anyone else get that? Is it just some sort of joke, or something else..? Well, despite that, those do seem to resemble MIB, at least I think they do.

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