Mummified Giant Finger Found in Egypt

Is this the mummified finger of a giant or a fake?

In September of 2012 the German news site published what they said were photos of a giant finger from Egypt that had been taken back in 1988 and was an astounding 38cm (~15 inches).  The immediate question is if it was real and if it is, what could it have come from?  Believers would claim it is the mummified finger of a Nephilim.  I’m not quite convinced though.

Photo of a giant mummified finger
Is this really a mummified finger from a Nephilim?

A man by the name of Gregory Spörri brought these pictures that he supposedly took in 1988 to the press.  The story goes that that he has a great interest in Egypt and I would assume acquiring Egyptian antiquities.  Supposedly on the last day of one of his trips their, he met with and old man that was from a long line of grave robbers.

Egypt Giant Finger 03What the man had to show him was this huge mummified finger.  “The bent finger was split open and covered with dried mold. “It was surprisingly light, maybe a few hundred grams My heart pounding. That was amazing.”

Claiming that the giant finger was a family treasure, the old man wouldn’t let him buy it, but did allow him to photograph and inspect the giant finger.  The man also presented a certificate of authenticity and an X-ray of it from the 1960’s.

Egypt Giant Finger 04
The giant finger appears convincingly real, but is it?

 On subsequent trips Spörri attempted to locate the man again, but like like a ghost in the Egyptian desert, no trace could be found.  It did spur his interest in the giants of the past, and he researched intensely subjects such as the giants reported by the Roman historian Flavius ​​Josephus  back in 79 AD

Egypt Giant Finger 01
Is this mummified finger really proof that giants once lived among us, or is it a clever fake?

What do you think about this giant finger?

Is this mummified giant finger an amazing piece of history proving that giants of one sort or another lived among us at one time, or is it just another fake made to gain fame and fortune?  Post your theories below, I would love to hear them!


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