Objects Appearing From Nowhere

How Do Objects Just Appear Out Of Nowhere?

Many of us have had objects disappear from under our noses, but usually it is just us forgetting that we put things down in the wrong spot. Other times, things appear that just shouldn’t be there. in these cases, this phenomenon, referred officially to as apports, is much harder to explain.


Before I dig into some accounts of objects both disappearing and reappearing where they shouldn’t be, I’ll start with my own experiences with objects moving on their own.

The first was when I was a young, about age 10. I had done a drawing that I was proud of and had wanted to show it to my mother before bedtime. I looked everywhere for it.  My family was no stranger to ghosts, primarily those of our family hanging around, so I declared in a firm voice that I wanted it put back.  I awoke the next morning to find it sitting in the middle of my desk.

The second time was when I was in my 20’s and living with a friend. We had both lost one item, a wallet and a keys I believe.  The house we were in wasn’t that big and there weren’t that many places to lose things. We knew that there had been a spirit hovering around and finally in frustration I declared “I want those items returned right now!”  Immediately I saw a streak of light cross the room to the bookshelf.

I walked over and reached up on top of the books to find both of the items that were missing.

Now for some other accounts of objects appearing out of no where, where they don’t belong.

Coal Appears From Nowhere

From Gennie –
At our house in Wilkes-Barre, we noticed that one time when Jason went down to the basement that there was a small pile of coal in the middle of the floor, which was NOT there before. Jason would definitely notice something like this, as he likes going down to the basement to do “man” things such as fixing (breaking?) items, painting, etc. We have no idea how it appeared, and some of the pieces were pretty large. There hasn’t been any coal in the house for 50+ years actually, but it used to be a coal mining town, so I was thinking perhaps a spirit of a coal miner could possibly reside there.

coal appears from nowhere  coal appears from nowhere

An Earring Appears From Nowhere

The ghost of a past girlfriend maybe playing tricks on someone?

Like I had said in an earlier post I made the bed in the morning and when I turned away for a sec and then looked back there was a single gold earring on the bed it wasn’t there a min ago and I DESPISE gold so it wasn’t mine and no one I know wheres gold I still have it i lost it but now I found it again and I have it locked away safe.

Another thing was a feather it came floating down on the carpet from thin air it wasnt a pillow feather this one was brown and white and medium size and sooooooooo soft I still have the feather as well.

Keys Disappear and Go Back To Work

Here’s a story of an incident that occurred in 2000. I was working at a place that manufactured Barbecue Smokers at the time, and I worked from 2PM to 11PM, usually. I had gotten off work, and had a beer or two with the guys (and gals) and got in my truck and drove home. I unlocked the door to the stairwell, and then unlocked the door to my home. I did my normal time with my cats, and then went to bed, and I dreamed that a friend that had passed on came and said that she was going to get even with me for not bringing any beer home (!?!).

I woke up a bit later than normal, and just had the feeling that something was out of whack. My cats were all keeping their distance, so I figured that one of my ghost friends had actually paid me a visit, and dismissed the behavior. Then, when it was getting to be time to go, I started to hunt for my keys… I could not find them. I opened drawers, I checked under my bed, I removed the couch cushions…no keys.

I had a spare set of truck keys, but no keys for the doors of the house. I went down, opened up my truck, and searched through it-nothing. Finally I called work and told them that I was running late, because I had misplaced my keys, and I was on my way in. My supervisor then described a set of keys that he had found in his desk that afternoon…And yes, they were my keys.

Now, I DO keep a spare door key for my truck in my pocket, because I have locked myself out of my truck before, but I did NOT have a spare IGNITION key. So, IF I had left my keys at work the night before, how did my truck and I get home? How did I unlock the two doors to get me into my house? How did my keys travel over 15 miles, and wind up on my Boss’s desk?

Book Vanishes and Then Reappears

Very similar to my account, this person demanded their things back and amazingly enough it worked.

A couple of years ago I lost my Debit card, and had a book I was reading suddenly vanish. I was at home alone, and had been reading the book while curled up on the couch. It was a white hardcover book – the couch was green. In other words, there was NO way I was simply not seeing the book; it was gone.

After searching the entire apartment several times, I finally went in and sat on the bed and just calmly started talking out loud, explaining that I knew my card and book would be found, that they would be returned to me…

I went out into the living-room and the book was open, face down, in the middle of the couch, on the page where I had stopped reading. I went back into the bedroom, and my Debit card was laying in the exact center of the bed…I quickly said a sincere thank you, put the card in my pants pocket, and finished the book…lol

Keys Vanish Only To Reappear In…

I used to live in a railroad (or shotgun) style apartment with a roommate, and my room being the last one (hers in the middle), I needed keys to enter and exit my room from the outside of the apartment, all day long. One day while getting ready for work, I found my keys had disappeared. My roommate and I tore up the apartment looking for them, overturning couch cushions, emptying purses and pockets, even opening the kitchen drawers – nothing. In the end we concluded I’d likely dropped them outside somehow or left them in the door and someone had stolen them. So the landlady had to come and have new locks installed that day. I was also two hours late for work. When I came home from work that night, I wanted to have a shower, and when I pulled the shower curtain back, there in the bathtub was my entire set of keys.

Source: Reddit

Sister Leaves A Parting Gift

My sister died last September 5th. I was having all the company at my house that accompanies a funeral– out of town guest, people eating and commiserating, you know. Well, we cleaned up the kitchen before bed on Saturday night and I stripped and cleaned the counter where all the sweets were being served (sticky, eeww!) So bright and early the next morning while hubby and I were still the only ones in the LOCKED house I found my sisters ankle bracelet on the otherwise empty and sparkling counter-top. The one she had been wearing when I found her. The one listed on the ME’s papers as having come in with her body to the morgue. The one they can not explain to me where it went, and why they could not return it to us! Its okay. I know where it is. Right where she left it for me to find…

Fishing Lure Appears In Man’s Hand

I was wade fishing a reed bed at a local lake for bass in about four feet of water. I had my favorite spinnerbait on my line and after catching a couple of fish I decided to retie to avoid a break-off. Much to my dismay I dropped the lure. Since it was working so well I was really disappointed and proceeded to look for it. I squatted down in the water, searched around, felt with my feet, re-checked the line to make sure I had dropped it, checked my pockets..everything. After several minutes I thought to myself I should just try to tie on another lure and hope for the best. At that moment the spinner bait appeared in my left hand. I do not remember feeling it and it certainly was not in my hand before. I quietly uttered a quiet “Thank You” retied it and continued to fish. This has puzzled me for many years now.

Ghost With A Tattoo Leaving Gifts

My daughter has lived in her house for just over 3 years now and every so often stuff appears out of ‘thin air’ She has been in the kitchen and heard a tiny bumping noise and when she went to look in the living room where the noise was coming from she saw a bottle lid bouncing off the table (no one else was in the house at the time) this has happened a couple of times in different parts of the house. Also more regularly she has heard a noise of something ‘chinking’ on the stairs and when she has looked she has found money at the bottom of the stairs, this has happened quite a few times, sometimes other people are in the house (her boyfriend and young daughter) but all of them are usually in bed when this happens. Other times she has been in the house on her own when it has happened. She has also found objects that don’t belong to anyone such as an old comb and a half pence piece (which haven’t been in circulation for ages) just sat on the coffee table even though she knows they weren’t there earlier when she tidied up. None of the stuff that appears is of any value, the money is at the most a couple of twenty pence pieces or coins of lesser value (20p is about 10 cents – USA – I think)

My granddaughter heard my daughter telling me about this one day and said the money comes from the lady who lives in her bedroom (my granddaughter insists there is a woman in her room who has strange makeup on and a brown tattoo on the inside of one of her wrists) but that is all she will tell us, if we ask her about the woman she refuses to tell us about her.

My daughter isnt afraid of any of this, just curious as to where the stuff is coming from and also a bit worried it may be a poltergeist.

The house she lives in is only about 25 years old and we know that no one has died in the house as there as only been a couple of families in it before her. Before that there was just waste ground for years were the house is built.

Source: unexplained-mysteries.com

Playing Cards Appear In The Bedroom

I have been in my apartment for almost one year and when I moved in the place was spotless as it is in an apartment complex… I haven’t moved the furniture in my bedroom since I have been here until today…. Not that moving furniture is a big deal but its what i found under my bed…. There was a pile of what looked at first like playing cards scattered on the floor near the wall. Thinking it was my daughter’s I began to yell at her to pick it up when I noticed the strange pictures on some of the cards so I began picking them up myself. I have never seen these cards in my life and honestly they look as if they could be older than me. I know they were not here when I moved in and no one has really been in that room except myself and my kids & I know they weren’t my 7 yr old daughter’s. so what are they and where did they come from… TheY look like very old novelty tarot type cards…. But where on earth did they came from or who they belong to I don’t know.

Dad Drops Reminders From Beyond The Grave

My dad used to like to rattle the coins in his pants pockets when he was alive. Now when I start to miss him or feel really upset or worried about something he comes to me in a dream, and the next morning I will find coins (dime’s, pennies, etc.) on the floor right in front of my favorite sitting place in my living room.

We also have a spirit here that likes to hide things like lighters, keys, wallets, jewelry, etc. We end up finding them in either a matter of minutes or the next 2 days at the latest. LOL…

Shoes Moving On Their Own

Two comments on a thread about this related to each other, both with shoes showing up in very odd places.

We have had to have keys made because they vanished into thin air. The remote control has twice disappeared and never relocated. Once when my kids were babies, we found all three pairs of their shoes in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator!

The other person has a similar event happen with shoes reappearing in plain sight.

We went through the shoe thing! We could never find a matching pair. My children and myself would tear up the bed room looking for a particular shoe, and we walk in the living room, and there it would be, in the middle of the living room, you could of fell over it! And the strange part is, it wasn’t there when we went through to get to the bed room! Plain as day, you would have literally fallen over it! All three of us! You know we use the old saying if it were a snake, it would’ve bit you, because it always happens, and we would find things in the strangest places.

Ghosts Dropping Trash

I have had this experience twice, both times in different homes that I have been living in. The first time happened many years ago; I came home late at night to find a “Pepsi Cola” bottle cap in the middle of my hallway. It was shiny and new. I didn’t bring that product into my home. I have no idea where it came from. I had two small cats at the time and thought that maybe, they found this bottle cap somewhere and batted it around. A number of paranormal experiences followed this, such as objects going missing and reappearing, windows and doors opening, doors slamming, a door ripped off of its hinges, paper strewn all over the apartment. Eventually, it all died down. Fast forward thirty years or so. I recently bought a vacation home and when I entered after a number of weeks of being away, there was what appears to be a candy wrapper sitting on the kitchen floor. Again, I don’t buy candy or cookies or anything that would fit in this wrapper and I haven’t had guests for awhile, so no one else has brought this into the home. When I leave the house, all floors are vacuumed so there no chance that I previously overlooked it. The house is secure with an alarm system that is very reliable, so no one has entered. I haven’t had any other paranormal experiences here besides two possible episodes of astral projection, or being pulled out of my bed and onto the floor. Of course, this experience may be some dream state phenomena, but I have experienced astral projection before, many years ago, and the sensation was the same. There are no other people in the home when these episodes happen. Any clues?

Source: City-data.com

Ghosts Leave A Gift

About 25 years ago I moved into a rental house. One day I was in the basement to do some laundry and laying on the floor was a T-shirt I had never seen before.

It had the words ‘No Bozos’ on the back, printed on top of a picture of a clown face, and a circle with a line drawn through it on the breast pocket.

I wore that shirt for quite a few years before it became too raggedy to wear.

The funny thing is, when I rented that house, I had just finally been able to get away from a guy who had abused me for 15 years. I thought the ‘no bozos’ shirt was sent to me specifically, to strengthen my resolve!

Glasses Vanish Then Reappear

Every day for the past 30+ years, my husband’s routine is the same every night. He takes his clothes off, puts them in the hamper, and puts his belt and glasses on the dresser. It’s so routine that he doesn’t even think about it.

Tuesday morning, he asks me, “Where are my glasses?” We both scoured the bedroom, looking behind the dresser and even under the bed, but no glasses. Luckily, he had an old pair so he wore those to work. He comes home from work, “Did you find them yet?” “No.”

Now, I spend a LOT of time in our den, and I was there for several hours on Tuesday and also Wednesday (yesterday) morning. About noon yesterday, I went out of the den to get a sandwich for lunch yesterday, and when I came back, the glasses were sitting neatly on the floor below the light switch, arms extended. Our den has plenty of natural daylight and there was absolutely no clutter where they were (just sitting in a large and empty expanse of carpet), so it is virtually impossible that I could have missed them, as I would have walked right by them at least a dozen times between Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon. Btw, we live alone except for our dog and cat.

Glass Beads Randomly Appearing

In my last apartment, a few months before I moved, I suddenly had tiny, gold colored beads – one at a time – show up randomly. They were very small, smaller than seed beads, but had a hole in them like beads. A few different times I found them on the floor, once stuck to my foot, and one time I had left the house for no more than an hour and I came back and one was sitting smack dab in the middle of my bed.

Keep in mind I have very little jewelry, no beaded dresses, I don’t have any craft hobbies, so I have absolutely no idea where they could have come from.

I’ve been in my new apartment a year, nothing yet.

Block Disappears Then Reappears

my Dad told me this story — He has had for years now (best way to describe it) a small stand that has blocks on it with interchangeable numbers. So, during the month when the date changed, the blocks could be moved around to reflect the current date.

One day, my mother dropped one of the blocks on the bedroom floor. She looked everywhere in the room—even had my Dad looking, too, but they never found it.

Three weeks later, they went out to dinner and when they came back and went into the bedroom, the missing block was in the middle of their bed.

Spirit Returns A Lost Key

Years ago I lost a very important key while I was out jogging. I went through a lot of emotional upheaval over the loss of that key.

A couple days later I was in my bedroom. Across from my bed was an empty table. I knelt down to pray (I was extremely religious for about 16 years). When I looked up and turned around, the key was on the table. I’ll never forget, it was on the left bottom corner of the table, hanging over the edge of the table a little bit.

Spirits Do A Diamond Heist

I have an aunt and uncle that live in a very old house in KY it used to be a general’s house in civil war time. She was missing a pair of very expensive diamond earrings, she assumed one of the workers they had there redoing their bathroom was to blame, so after a couple years, they were having their bedroom redone, new plaster, walls torn down, etc. they found the earrings inside the wall, sitting there like they had both been placed there….problem is, this wall was original to the house.

(no evidence of rodent activity either), even if there was, what are the chances a mouse or rat would go to her jewelry box, pick the pair of most expensive earrings and carry them both inside the wall and place them side by side?


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  1. I Just know that my lost zippo lighter was MIA for sometime. I packed and moved and never once saw it or packed it. It was missing for months before the move.
    I was sitting at my desk last night, I look down at the desk gazng at the lighter that was written off in the summer of 2017. Now, with the blink of an eye, it was back.

  2. At my families camp, I setup a tent outside and woke up to the thought that something was trying to kill me. I was so scared, I jumped up and ripped the tent in half (fuck right?…). It was around 2:40am so I went inside and went to bed on the couch. Then I heard tapping, a weird guitar noise, a drum noise, and xylophone, a manifestation of a thought I had earlier “everything is frequency and the spirit just play the tunes.” It was just 3 notes each but there’s none of these instruments in the camp. I also kept “seeing” a spirit but was just furniture so I lit some candles and it was better. The next day I am driving home and a large stick is just falling out of the air from 20ft up and the closest tree is at least 50 feet away. I’m like wtf? What is that? It was a metal sign post! Literally just fell out of the sky.
    I’ve had rocks tumble out of thin air and hit me, slapped on the back of my head from nothing, seen animal spirits, communed with Gods, and now metal sign poles dropping out of the sky… So fucking cool.

  3. I am at the cemetery visiting my son. I get back in the car to listen to music with Windows rolled up. And lo and behold there was a piece of trash sitting on my leg. I never seen it before. I do not know what it means. It is clearly from my son. I am hung up on it being trash. Is he calling me trash? I don’t think so. We have a good relationship. Can some one tell me what it means. No psychics please..

  4. I was visiting my son at his grave site when something strange happened.. I got back in my car to sit for a little bit and listen to praise and worship music. The Windows were rolled up and lo and behold there was a torn piece of packaging from a cement bag sitting on my leg. I never seen it before in my life. It was clearly a message from my son. But I do not know what it means. We have a close relationship so I don’t think he was calling me trash. But I have racked my brain and can not come up with anything but that. Can someone please tell me what it means. No psychics please..

    1. I’d say maybe your son is telling you he’s always around you so there’s no need to go to the cemetery, that’s just a slab of concrete. He’s spirit so he’s with you all the time. He’s telling you you don’t have to go to the cemetery anymore, and answering your doubts of whether he can hear you or not.

  5. After my dad died I started finding sees of the Pride of Barbados plant in dad’s house – under a mattress, on a blanket, in folded clothes, on a counter. 4 years later my brother committed suicide. Today, 4 months after my brother passed I found the same kind of seeds on the sofa in my apartment. I can’t make any sense of this at all. Why seeds?

  6. Hi there, I am very confused here & I am curious to know if anyone else has EVER experienced what I’ve neen seeing on my security camera. I ask that you bear with me here…LOL!! The best way I can describe “it/them” is kind of look like a transparent flying “checkers board game chip”. It flies in such high speed, out of nowhere & across my living room ceiling. Keep in mind this is a small apt.! It’s always during late night hours, & though I haven’t seen it up close nor while it’s happening, I do have it recorded on my home security camera. SCARY!! -OO – HELP! PLEASE reply if you or someone you know has experienced this.
    I can assure you that I am beyond grateful for your feedback.

    1. Yes I have experienced something similar. I owned an old motel in the Colorado Rockies, one night mid winter, it was snowing and the motel was closed but the cameras were on. The camera at back of the building was showing what looked like an Indian with a full headress, zooming from one end of the building to the other. Not just the one Chief but hundreds one after another after another all identical and all following the same line like bullets out of a gun. It was very weird as the motel is located on an old Indian hunting ground and town has supposedly an Indian curse on it. I went out to the back of the motel to see, but nothing just snowing. I concluded that it was most likely connected with the camera frame speed, the infra red frequency rate and the falling snow setting up some kind of electronic ‘noise’ that just kept repeating. But I do still think it odd that it looked like an Indian I only wish the tape had been on!

  7. I found this site after Googling something similar which has just happened to me. The appearance of a chair in my house. I live alone and no one else has the keys.

    I have a dining table and four wooden chairs that fit underneath the table.

    I came home last night to find a fifth chair, identical to the others, in front of the kitchen sink. For a second I was confused and tried to put it back under the table where it belongs, only to discover that all the chairs were already there. Now I have a fifth chair that belongs nowhere and has never belonged anywhere.

    The rational explanation is that someone broke into my house and planted an identical chair as a joke. It’s possible, but highly unlikely…that would require someone knowing the type of chair I have, finding the exact replica, then breaking in without me knowing, just to put a chair in the kitchen.

    Or that there’s always been five chairs, but there hasn’t. If it was at the end of the table, which is the only place it could go, it would block off my movement round the small kitchen.

    Odd stuff.

  8. I’m having vacuum parts strangeness. Many years ago my step son took new vacuum to 3rd floor to clean his room. When he brought it back downstairs, the tool brisk was missing. I moved alone to my current home…about 5 to 7 years now. I ordered a new brush online. Then in my spare room was the same kind of brush. My stepson has been here once only to move furniture in. He didn’t go to the spare room. Where the heck did it come from? And now my base plate is missing. Strange.

  9. I found this site, as I just had an experience happen to me, and I wanted to see if there was some kind of rational explanation for this. I was sitting down here at my desk in the basement. That is where my office is. The time is around 10:30 PM and everyone has gone to bed, so it is dead quiet in the house. We haven’t finished our floors in the basement yet, so when anything falls to the ground you hear it quite well. All the sudden I hear something to my left hit the concrete floor, mind you I was sitting completely still reading something for work, so it startled me. I quickly look over to my left, and I see a green object rolling on the floor in a dime circle pattern. Finally it comes to a stop and I look closely at it, and it’s lime green Skittle! Where in the world did this come from? I haven’t ate Skittles in a very long time and especially not in the basement! I look around to see if my son was there messing with me, and nope he isn’t there. I look at all the bookshelves behind me, and there is no sign of a bag of skittles or any kind of candy on them. Looking at the direction this Skittle had to fall from it couldn’t have just fell off a shelf either. It’s almost like it feel straight down to the ground. The only other thing that makes this kind of weird, is one night sitting in the same spot about a week ago and around the same time ironically enough, I smell this strong poop smell! I thought the cat had come down to use the litter box. I went over to the little box, and it smells just fine, he hadn’t used it, and didn’t smell over there at all. I come back over to my desk and the smell is still quite strong. So I go upstairs only to find the cat huddled in his cat tree asleep. I brushed it off, thinking I just had imagined it or something and then my son comes down to say good night to me at my desk and says what is that smell? I’m like okay, so it’s not just me. We both looked for the source of the smell and couldn’t find anything, then all the sudden it just disappeared. Am I being haunted or something? I don’t understand the meaning behind a Skittle. It would have been better if it was a beer… LOL

  10. I had two things happen now, within the space of a few days. I was vacuuming under the bed and went as far as it would go, crouched down to see if I got all the dust and lo and behold, a plastic green drinking cup. Now, I do use plastic cups in the home but this was a neon green one. I NEVER buy that color, ever. I always get ones that match my kitchen which is mostly done up in turquoise shades not a bright neon green.
    Ok, just just as I was beginning to stop scratching my head over that mishap, I was cleaning my kitchen counter, when I saw a piece of paper behind my stand up paper towel holder. I thought maybe it was a piece of paper towel that maybe got stuck behind the holder, but it was a receipt from a Dillard’s store, dated 9-4-20. I did go to Dillard’s that day, I distinctly remember the dates of their special sales and that was one of them. However, what the heck was it doing BEHIND my paper towel holder? When I shop at retail or department stores, I always lay the shopping bags on my bed and keep receipts in a box I have on my dresser, until I get my credit card statements. What was it doing on my kitchen counter? Where did the green cup come from??

  11. Today I was looking at a set of baby pictures. These are my only ones, a set of ten that my wife and I have looked at for decades. After I looked at them I put them to the side and kept browsing. My son sat down and I grabbed them to show him. Right on top was a picture of a me, (I think), I had NEVER seen. I freaked but didn’t say anything to my son. Then my wife sat down and I asked her if she had ever seen it before. She was shocked and said no.

    Where did this picture come from?

  12. We bought a new house on a 2 acre property almost one year ago (Aug 2020). I think it was an old spring house that wads converted in the 60’s and again in the 80s. The previous owner was apparently a very quirky fellow who basically lived in a salvage yard of his own doing. No known haunting, but there’s a very special energy that likes to bring things full circle. So, I have been doing a bunch of yard stuff, getting rid of prickers, moving rocks, cutting grass… and there is one area that has a really nice large concrete base foundation. I have found rotary old saw blades in the same spot several times. Sometimes one, sometimes two and I move them to the opposite corner an keep them together. I was telling myself, there must have been an old box of these and as the dirt moves away more show up. It’s just odd because i found about 9 of these from the same spot over the past few weeks. I try not to make a fuss about it. I’ll be interested to see if more show up or if I can at least dig a bit more to see if it was just a salvage spot for these types of saw blades.

  13. this happened a few minutes ago, my daughter and I are standing in the kitchen when we see something falling , as we look down, it was a small lavender stone, We looked everywhere and there is nothing which explains it, needless to say my daughter freaked out.
    Does this mean something?

    1. I think it means something, but what? That is the million dollar question. It happens far too often to just be a glitch in the matrix.

  14. Well I had something really strange happen today. I am making my lunch and I guess I had dropped some raspberries on the floor and I cleaned them up. I came back into the kitchen and I dont know how but there were berries on the floor that I ended up trampling under my feet. They were not there before. I had a mess everywhere. Does this mean anything? I am a spiritual person and believe in spirits and the like.


  16. My Dad passed away in 2014. We are Greek Orthodox. Our customs are to celebrate the dead on the 1st …3rd …5th and 10 year Memorials.
    On my Dads 5th year we weren’t all around to celebrate …My family was all over vacationing and attending to events in Europe. I was very upset in not doing it on in the time frame we were supposed to. I cried was sad and could not wait for all of us to get together for the service. Weeks before we picked the date for the 5 year Memorial…Strange 1960 Greek CDS appeared under a tree in frpnt of my home. Someone had burned my favorite Greek songs from days after the 60s that I heard growing up with my parents and were randomly dropped off in front of my home. First 1 then 2 the next day then 3 days after making it 5 CDS …I played them they were all my favorite songs I used to listen to with my parents. It was my dads 5 year Memorial that week ….after the memorial no more wierd drop offs…..to this day I dont know where they came from.

  17. I am so glad that this post was here as today, I found a brand new screw under my sofa, and I live alone, often vacuum under there and did not have any apparatuses that used that type of screw for their assembly. I had assembed a black shelf last month, but all of its screws were black, not silver and not threaded. I tend to find nails and screws even when I am outside for walks that are brand new, and albeit, they could have fallen out of a workman’s truck driving by I often wonder what they represent. As a child I’d often walk by things and not see them, and then I started to notice that they’d be where I thought I left them. Often blamed my siblings’ mischievousness. My mother who did not explain much to me, ever, used to only say “The Little One took them” and I’d ask who this little one is, she’d smirk like she some Cheshire cat, and purse her lips shut. I figured later on she was either a narcissist or possessed. She grew up near a cemetery and I wonder if she had truly some spirit on her who she referred to as “the little one”. There is a rhyme in Italian that said that a house only hides, it never steals. Maybe there is a house entity who loves to drive us crazy?

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