Vicars Battle Demon In Kent Home

Terrorized by a spirit, a Kent woman is pleading for a new home The KentOnline Newpaper is reporting that priests have been called in to exorcise a demon from an Ashford home. Elizabeth Beaney has brought in two vicars to bless her home after a rash of strange occurrences, including being thrown from her bed.  […]

Essex Dogman Traumatizes Family

Dogman Sightings Persist In England What are most likely the inspiration for all the Werewolf stories still seem to persist in the English countryside. One would think that there is little room for a large, bipedal creature such as a Dogman to hide in the English countryside, but there appears to at least a few […]

Sea Monster in the Thames River???

Did Someone Capture Video Of A Sea Monster In The Thames? A recent video posted to YouTube seems to show a fleeting glimpse of a river monster submerging itself in the Thames River. A stray whale? A Submarine? Some other creature? The view is very brief, but during the time it is on screen, it […]

UFO Photo Bombs Selfie

“We took the picture and uploaded it to Facebook and it was one of our friends who noticed the strange object behind our heads.” he said speaking of the UFO in the background of his photo.

Egyptian Statue Moving On Its Own

Why is This Egyptian Statue Moving? While moving statues aren’t the normal fare around here, I thought it was interesting enough to post.  Apparently the Manchester Museum is perplexed as to why this one statue that they have on display repeatedly turns around to face away from onlookers.  It is in a glass case, so […]

Montreal Road Vortex – Brighton, England

A Vortex Opens on Montreal Road Vortexes are not our typical thing to report, but this story from a newspaper in England caught my eye.  My suspicion is that it is a fake story, but so far I haven’t found any corroboration for the Montreal Road Vortex, either for or against this story.  The jury […]

UFO spotted over Ashford, England

Flower shaped UFO spotted during daytime encounter. The newspaper is reporting that a witness has encountered a UFO during the daytime along the A2070 near Ashford England.  Daytime sightings are rare, at least ones that can’t be easily explained away, and from the sounds of it, this one should be hard to put down […]

Victorian Sewer Creature Video

Was an unknown monster found hiding in old Victorian sewers? Take a look at the Victorian Sewer Creature Video, supposedly shot in the sewers underneath Merseyside by the staff at the North West water company United Utilities. So what do you think? A new cryptid? A mysterious monster hiding in the sewers? The press in […]