Grimsby UFO

UFO Photo Bombs Selfie

Sunday Morning Selfie Captures UFO

Two blokes getting their drink on at the pub on a Sunday morning before going to a football game got a big surprise when they started posting their pics to Facebook.  Apparently a UFO was doing an early morning run over England and got caught photo bombing these blokes selfie.

Grimsby UFO
Dave Harding, left, and Liam Heeney catch a UFO as they sit outside the Spider’s Web, in Carr Lane, Grimsby.

“We took the picture and uploaded it to Facebook and it was one of our friends who noticed the strange object behind our heads.” said Dave of the whole incident.

“I can’t say I believe in UFOs myself, but we took loads of photos that day and there was nothing on any of the others, so it’s not like it could have been a mark on the lens or anything.”

Normally I am dubious of people shooting photos and not seeing the UFOs that are clearly visible, but considering the circumstance that this shot was taken under, I can see how it can happen.

“It’s all a bit strange!” he added.

Drinking and snapping selfies, the friends were getting ready to go to a football match (soccer for us Americans) a little after 7 in the morning on the 18th of April, 2014 and posting the pictures to Facebook.  They missed whatever it was that zipped across the English skies that morning.

Liam, 23, from Cleethorpes, who works on offshore oil rigs, added: “I’ve never believed in UFOs before, but now I’ve seen the picture I’m not so sure.

“It wasn’t even us who noticed it, it was a friend who pointed it out.”Neither of us are technologically minded, so it’s not like we could have Photoshopped it or anything.

“I’m not one of those people who says they’ve experienced close encounters, but there’s definitely something up there!”

As for what these two guys caught in their selfie, that is questionable since it appears tiny in the frame.  Skeptics will scream “bug” or “photoshop or it was an app”.  Likely we will never know, but either way these two guys will never forget the UFO that bombed their selfie.

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