Dogman Drawing

Essex Dogman Traumatizes Family

Dogman Sightings Persist In England

What are most likely the inspiration for all the Werewolf stories still seem to persist in the English countryside.

One would think that there is little room for a large, bipedal creature such as a Dogman to hide in the English countryside, but there appears to at least a few hanging around.  These reports of Dogmen are pretty hard to refute and there are few things that could be mis-identified that would explain this sighting.

My Step Dad noticed something moving about in the garden from looking out of the window as he waited for the toast to be done. He questioned it and said “do you see that?” so I took a look out of the window and as we tried to work out what it was he switched the flood light on.

Plain as day this thing was on all fours drinking water from the pond. It was huge. I would describe it as black and very wide, very muscular. It turned its head and looked towards the house.


Here we have two people staring straight at a creature, illuminated by a floodlight. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for mis-identification.  They both had time to clearly see this creature and try and figure out what it was. Now it could have been a Hellhound at this point except for what it did next.

My Step Dad and I just stood there in shock. It moved away from the pond, stood up on its back legs and leaped over the end garden hedge. This hedge was really high about 10 ft tall. Then “it” was gone.

This leaves little doubt that what they saw was in fact a Dogman. Few other creatures even come close to fitting that description or could have gone over a 10′ hedge.

Have You Seen A Dogman?

Dogman sightings are persistent and continue to trickle in.  If you have had a run in with a creature that you think may have been a Dogman, we definitely want to hear about it!


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