Flower shaped UFO spotted near Ashford, England

UFO spotted over Ashford, England

Flower shaped UFO spotted during daytime encounter.

Flower shaped UFO spotted near Ashford, EnglandThe newspaper ThisisKent.co.uk is reporting that a witness has encountered a UFO during the daytime along the A2070 near Ashford England.  Daytime sightings are rare, at least ones that can’t be easily explained away, and from the sounds of it, this one should be hard to put down to misidentification!

An unidentified flying object was spotted in the skies over Ashford this week, according to a witness who was driving along the A2070.

The UK UFO Sightings website has received a witness statement from Martin Davey who says he was a passenger in a car when he spotted what he described as “the strangest object ever”.

Mr Davey said the strange occurrence happened in broad daylight on Tuesday.

In his post on the website he said he saw the UFO heading towards Tenterden just after 1pm.

He said: “I saw the strangest object ever very low to the ground floating or gliding away from the A2070 towards Tenterden direction.

“It was huge and how something that size flies is a mystery. It looked like an upside-down sharp-edged metal flower.”

He added: “It was like a dark tin foil colour and smooth with a line of dots along the base of the bottom of the top bud. I watched for maybe a minute in utter disbelief at what I was looking at as it was nothing like I’ve seen before.”

Mr Davey goes on to describe how the unidentified object went out of view as he passed some bushes and then disappeared.

Did you see the UFO? Or perhaps you can offer an explanation for the strange object Mr Davey spotted. Get in touch by posting your comments below or by emailing [email protected]

Read more: http://www.thisiskent.co.uk/UFO-spotted-Ashford/story-18090979-detail

Which race do these flower shaped craft belong to?

There is plenty of speculation over what races use what ships, so which one uses one that looks like a metallic, upside down flower?  Obviously there is little chance of knowing, but could a new alien race be visiting Earth?  Or are the aliens that are already here testing a new design?

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