Security Cam Footage of UFO Over Florida Pool

Did a Security Cam in Florida Catch a UFO? The news from Naples Florida is that a security cam caught an unidentified object floating and messing around over a pool.  Seems odd, but who knows, maybe they were wanting to cool off. I’m going to say that it probably wasn’t ETs dropping by for a […]

Copycat Bigfoot Hoaxer in Florida

Copycat Bigfoot fakes are bound to happen! The Bigfoot Evidence site is has been talking with Stacy Brown about the recent Myakka Bigfoot sighting.  Apparently as they are following up, the park rangers are reporting that they encountered a person in a Bigfoot/gorilla suit near the sighting location and that they ran off when approached. […]

Myakka, Florida Skunk Ape Video

Is this new footage of a Skunk Ape hunting deer in Florida? YouTube user mopower08 posted on March 13th of 2013 a video he had taken with his cell phone of what he thinks may have been a Skunk Ape hunting deer in a field alongside a Florida road.  Being that it was shot with […]

Walton County Bigfoot Prints

More evidence of Bigfoot roaming Florida! I particularly like it when experienced woodsmen encounter things they can’t identify, such as in this case, a Bigfoot footprint. Omar Helms grew up exploring and hunting in the woods of Northwest Florida, but when he came across a massive footprint in relatively firm dirt, he knew there was […]

Stacy Brown FLIR Bigfoot Footage

Stacy Brown Jr and his father Stacy Brown Sr. filmed a Sasquatch in Northwest Florida on 5/8/12 with a FLIR. This is some excellent analysis of the Stacy Brown Florida Bigfoot footage by the crew at FaceBook Find Bigfoot.  I am usually pretty dubious about FLIR footage because it is leaves out so many details, […]