Possible photo of a Florida Skunk Ape

Copycat Bigfoot Hoaxer in Florida

Copycat Bigfoot fakes are bound to happen!

The Bigfoot Evidence site is has been talking with Stacy Brown about the recent Myakka Bigfoot sighting.  Apparently as they are following up, the park rangers are reporting that they encountered a person in a Bigfoot/gorilla suit near the sighting location and that they ran off when approached.

We just received word from Stacy Brown Jr. in Myakka Florida, that our coverage on the Skunk ape story may have presented an opportunity for pranksters to interfere with his investigation. Yesterday, a park ranger reportedly chased of a man wearing a Bigfoot costume. Apparently, the man was holding up traffic, causing a scene a few miles from where the original sighting took place. It’s unclear whether this same person is responsible for the previous Skunk ape sighting or just an opportunist looking for media attention. – Bigfoot Evidence

Here is the video of their interview with Stacy Brown talking about how after the initial reports, that it makes sense that someone would try and hoax everyone now.  Seems like a stupid move considering the natural and man made risks of being out there in a Bigfoot outfit, but humans are endemically a bit slow.

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  1. For the last time, I will repeat what we found out about this hoaxer. Before ANYONE else from Florida, North South or taxi cab driver went to Myakka, me and my wife were there interviewing people in the park, the camp grounds and many home owners surrounding the park. We were informed of a man, with a costume, with fake feet attached to his boots, running around and through the park trying to scare people. He was busted and chased out of the park. This all went down when this supposed video was shot. But it just goes to show that people will believe ANYTHING if certain people state it as gospel. This whole thing was laid to rest but seems to keep popping up. Even as recent as last night on DESTAM. One camper told me the funniest thing he saw was the guy running down the water way and his mask must have been covering his eyes because he almost tripped over a 10 foot gator sunning itself. Don’t believe everything you hear coming out of Florida and absolutely NOTHING coming from a guy named FASANO.

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