Omar Helms with cast of a Bigfoot footprint in Florida.

Walton County Bigfoot Prints

More evidence of Bigfoot roaming Florida!

Omar Helms with cast of a Bigfoot footprint in Florida.I particularly like it when experienced woodsmen encounter things they can’t identify, such as in this case, a Bigfoot footprint. Omar Helms grew up exploring and hunting in the woods of Northwest Florida, but when he came across a massive footprint in relatively firm dirt, he knew there was only one creature that could have made it.

“It was 17 inches across and one inch deep. It appeared to have four or five toes, with a distinct heel and arch.” Helms said he knew right off what had made that track — “it was obviously a Bigfoot footprint.”

Omar and his father were exploring familiar grounds in the woods southwest of their home in DeFuniak Springs when they came across this rare find.  While they didn’t get to see the actual Bigfoot that created the print, they estimate that it would have to have been over 500# to have created the track which was 1″ deep.

detailed view of Walton County Bigfoot trackThe two men attempted to document the footprint as best they could could with photos and a plaster cast.  They could only find one footprint as from the location of this one, the trail led off into deep woods.  Perhaps this one was obvious because the Bigfoot made a big step off into the brush and this was the foot it pushed off with?

The Helms’ said the area their print came from would be an ideal location for a Sasquatch to live for numerous reasons. The woods in that location provides plenty of thick brush, allowing for cover and the area is centrally located to a source of water and there are plenty of wild hogs and deer in the woods for snacking on.

“I’m a true local; I’ve lived in this area my entire life, since the ancient times,” the elder of the Helms, Joel, said while laughing, “and I know it was a Bigfoot print. There’s absolutely nothing else it could be.”

Source article and photo credit: The Walton Sun

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