1905 – Athens Ohio Giant Skeletons

giant Indian skeletons

Giant Skeleton Burial Mounds Once Dotted The American Landscape Before the evidence of giant skeletons in America was covered up, stories like these from Athens, Ohio were a regular occurrence.   One story that highlights how matter of fact the occurrences were was published in the July 5th, 1970 issue of the The Messenger from […]

The Loveland Frogmen

illustration of the loveland frogmen

What Were The Loveland Frogmen I find cryptids such as the Loveland Frogmen, that are seen a handful of times and then never or at least rarely again, particularly intriguing.  In this case, the Loveland Frogmen were seen by a few unrelated individuals then seen to have slipped back into whatever reality they arrived from. […]

Bigfoot Invades Detroit

Does Bigfoot Pack a Gun and Wear Body Armor? One of the more interesting Bigfoot encounters I’ve heard is this one out of the suburbs of Detroit.  According to a report submitted to CryptoZoologyNews, a family that was house hunting in the blighted suburbs of Detroit encountered what sounds to me like a young Bigfoot […]

Do Bigfoot Move Through Ohio?

Bigfoot print in Ohio

Does  a Recent Bigfoot Track  Point to Bigfoot Migrations? A recent news report out of Ohio is claiming that some local people have found a footprint belonging to a Bigfoot, but that isn’t what is interesting about this story.  It is the claims that Bigfoot move through their area at regular intervals and speaks to […]

Black Boomerang Shaped UFO Stalks Ohio Skies

Boomerang shaped UFO seen over Columbus Ohio

‘Crescent-shaped object’ hovers over mall in Ohio A little after 10:30pm on Feb. 6, 2013 a witness stepped out into the night air in Columbus Ohio and headed towards the bus stop to go home.  They didn’t know that they were about to see something that would be life changing! “About one minute after leaving […]