Boomerang shaped UFO seen over Columbus Ohio

Black Boomerang Shaped UFO Stalks Ohio Skies

‘Crescent-shaped object’ hovers over mall in Ohio

Boomerang shaped UFO seen over Columbus Ohio
Illustration of boomerang UFO seen over Columbus Ohio.

A little after 10:30pm on Feb. 6, 2013 a witness stepped out into the night air in Columbus Ohio and headed towards the bus stop to go home.  They didn’t know that they were about to see something that would be life changing!

“About one minute after leaving the theater I reached the bus stop and happened to look up, over the Carriage Place shopping center where the theater is located and saw a black crescent-shaped craft fly approximately 100 over the building”

As the witness watched, the UFO moved nearly silently overhead.  The craft was black with only some grey boxes underneath and no lights.

“The only sound I heard at all was an alto-pitched hum that faded as the object passed over flying due north.”

Over the course of 20-30 seconds the object was in sight before it faded into the night sky cloaked by its dark colors.

As the boomerang shaped UFO passed over the theater, the witness estimated using the theater for comparison, that it was 80′ wide and 20′ deep at its center and at an altitude of ~100′.  What was this craft?  At this distance it would be nearly impossible to misidentify a conventional aircraft and surely the witness would have heard more noise than just a low hum.

Is this an extraterrestrial craft or is the government secretly testing new stealth aircraft over the skies of Ohio?

MUFON who took the report of the Columbus UFO has yet to do a full investigation, but if you want to check up on it you can search the MUFON Database for Case #45608

Photo Credit: MUFON Database


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  1. Wow That Thing looks an awful lot like a craft I saw two to three years ago. I was out playing with my little brother Brandon when I looked up and I saw a giant V shaped craft Brandon looked a little scared when he saw the craft. I told the craft it couldn’t have my bro or me It took off leaving me and Brandon in a state of shock As we stood there It just observed us it showed particular interest in Brandon my little brother Finally the U.F.O left us alone But the next time it came it took Brandon Up but he screamed it left him alone
    Brandon was finally away by the craft for only 2 hours But when he came back He was without his blue shirt wearing only his blue jeans and he stood trembling at the door

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