Fisherman Spots Mermaids In The Susquehanna River

mermaid swimming in a river.

Did mermaids once swim in the Susquehanna River? Old newspapers can be a treasure trove of cryptid sightings and in this case, a fisherman on the Susquehanna River claims that back in 1881 on several occasions he saw a black-haired mermaid while he was fishing. Now I am a skeptic on the subject of the […]

December 2022 – Bigfoot Tracks in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania resident claims to have stumbled upon unusual tracks in the snow that he thinks were made by a Bigfoot while walking his dog in the western part of the state. According to the individual, who used to work in law enforcement, he discovered the tracks on December 20, 2022, in Indiana County. The […]

UFO Sightings Lead Pennsylvania Man To Alien Sleuth Work

UFO Sighting Report

John Royer is the first person to doubt he’s seen life from another planet, even though he’s seen three unidentified flying objects in his lifetime. An engineer, Royer said he employs scientific reasoning to investigate his sightings. Sure, they weren’t typical aircrafts, but that doesn’t mean they were alien aircrafts, either. Royer’s doubts about his […]

“Someone Shot Bigfoot!!!”

What is supposed to be a BigFoot track.

Here We Go With Another “Bigfoot Has Been Shot” Tale The news coming out of of rural Pennsylvania blew up this week with headlines along the lines of “Another Bigfoot Shot”.  Well, by the end of the week we have several versions of this story.  After reading a bunch of them, here are the possibilities […]