UFO over Malta

UFO Photographed Over Marsaxlokk, Malta

Did a police officer capture a photo of a UFO in Malta?

A police officer that wanted to stay anonymous reported to UFO Casebook that on March 19th 2013, he was photographing the emissions from the factory when he apparently captured an object flying in the skies overhead.  Normally I toss out “accidental” photographs of UFOs because they are invariably lens flares, bugs and other such things that can be explained.  This one is a bit harder to dismiss away.

UFO photograph from Malta

Is this a UFO or a bug?

The hard part is that this could either be  a UFO in the distance or a small speck of dust or a bug very close to the lens.  It is difficult to distinguish.  What can be said is that whatever it is, it is a solid object as can be seen if you process the image with different filters.

UFO over Malta

Any ideas on what this UFO might be?

Post your best thoughts on what this photo is actually showing below.  I am always glad to get other people’s inputs on the UFO and other posts on this site!

Photo Credits:  UFO Casebook

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