Unexplained music while camping

The vast majority of spooky, paranormal events happen in urban areas, aside from cryptid sightings. Ghosts and the like are primarily seen in and around buildings aside from the stray scene of something like a horrible train accident like the one on what is now Iron Goat Trail.

So as we turned out the lights and pulled the sleeping bags tight this last weekend while camping at the Moran State Park, you will imagine our surprise when something decidedly pararational happened.

To set some back story, Moran State Park is located on Orcas Island off the west coast of Washington state. An hour’s ferry ride from Anacortes, it is a decent-sized island with an interesting history, amazing places to explore, and several campgrounds. During the summer months, I’m sure the place is quite busy with campers and tourists, but we were there in February and had settled into a campsite on the shore of Cascade Lake.

The evening went peacefully, sitting around the fire talking, snacking and enjoying the views. There were few other campers, just one set on either side of us a short distance away.

Eventually, the evening wound down and it was time to turn out the lights and get some sleep. That is when something very strange happened. Almost immediately after we had shut off the lights and pulled the sleeping bags up, the portable Bluetooth speaker that I quite honestly had forgotten was still on, blasted about one second of music that no one recognized, and then went silent.

You can imagine our confusion. It was still on from earlier in the day, but we hadn’t been using it for several hours. For the time being, we racked it up to the normal level of strange, but in the morning I started trying to debunk this strange event.

Mine was the only phone paired to the speaker, and I had put mine in airplane mode to save battery as we were not where we could get signal. So it couldn’t have been my phone that did it. The other phone that we had with us wasn’t paired to it, so that seemed unlikely as well.

After the morning coffee and breakfast, I went over and asked the adjoining campers if by some chance they had tried to connect to a bluetooth speaker. They said they had connected to theirs, but much earlier in the evening. So it seems unlikely they were the source, especially since they were a good distance away.

This leaves me scratching my head as to who or what decided to play that short burst of music. Was someone not ready for us to call it a night? My suspicion is that we have picked up a spirit somewhere along the way, so maybe they just weren’t done partying. An accurate answer as to what made my bluetooth speaker randomly play music is not likely to materialize though.

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