Signs your home is haunted

5 Signs Your Home Is Haunted

How Can You Tell If Your Home Is Haunted

You move into a new home and something just doesn’t feel right, eventually you begin to wonder if your home is haunted.

Are the strange things happening your imagination? Could it be that your home is haunted by a ghost or something worse? Here are 5 signs that your home is haunted.

#1 – Feeling Of Being Watched

Your home is haunted
Strange feeling of being watched? It may mean that your home is haunted.

Our brains are wired to sense danger and some of those senses are ones we aren’t aware of in our day to day lives.  It may be that a primal part of your brain is detecting the presence of an entity that you can’t see with your eyes. Paranormal researchers will often talk of the hair on their arms going up when they are in the presence of a ghost.  If your home is haunted, that creepy feeling of being watched may mean that you actually are being watched by a ghost or other entity. It may not just be your imagination!

#2 – Strange Phenomenon

If your home is haunted you may experience strange phenomenon that don’t make sense. Classic examples of this are cold spots with no explanation. Usually these are confined to very defined areas and may indicate that a ghost is using the ambient energy to try and manifest. Other phenomenon associated with hauntings is knocks, or other sounds without any explanation. Footsteps in your home when no one else is there is a common element in a haunting.  Other strange noises that sometimes occur if your home is haunted are strange scratching sounds or thumps seemingly from inside the wall or ceiling. These can be from small sounds to so bangs on the wall so hard that is shakes items hanging on them.

#3 – Items Go Missing

We all put things down in the wrong spot and then become aggravated when we can’t find them. What if instead you set your keys down on the counter, turn to put something away and when you turn back they are gone?  Then hours later you find them inside the bathroom medicine cabinet. How would they have gotten there? Stronger apparitions will often times move items and sometimes you will find them and sometimes you won’t. How or why they do this is not known, but people have seen solid objects vanish before their eyes.  The phenomenon is common enough that it has its own name Disappearing Object Phenomenon (DOP).

#4 – Objects Move On Their Own

Why is that chair rocking on its own? Did someone bump the light fixture? If you have asked questions like this, your home may be haunted. Sometimes to make their presence known ghost will move things. Commonly this is small movements, such as doors closing, chairs rocking or other motions that take little energy. Stronger spirits will do things more dramatic like turning on faucets, knocking items over or turning switches on and off. Particularly strong spirits will be able to throw objects with considerable force.

#5 – Animals Behaving  Strangely

Commonly your pets will be aware of any ghosts or spirits in you home long before you are. If you notice your dog or cat watching something you can’t see, there may actually be something there that you can’t see. It isn’t unusual for dogs to bark at what seems like nothing or avoid certain rooms if hostile spirits are occupying them. Before you start dismissing your pet for acting unusual for what appears to be no reason, you may start paying attention to their behavior and see if there is any sort of pattern to it.

You Think Your Home Is Haunted, Now What?

If you have experiencing any of the above phenomenon, your home may be haunted. It is advisable to first try and find rational explanations for strange events. When in doubt, apply Occam’s Razor to the issue. The most simple answer is usually the correct one. That strange scratching in your attic are more likely to be rodents than the spirit of an angry dead former tenant. Eliminate all the simple solutions before you jump to declaring that your home is haunted.

Once you are relatively sure all mundane solutions have been eliminated, then you can start trying to deal with your haunting, documenting it and even getting rid of the spirits haunting your home.

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  1. Ive seen many ghosts but none like this current one. She appeared around 5-5:30 and she was… well a shadow, and I know that shadow people do exist but they are usually seen as tall MALES about 6’7 but a little girl staring at you being close to you? No face? And bumpy like hair? Is quite new, but as I looked at it again It went to my dresser hiding. At that point I did swear at it and it left. But i am still sensing a strange entity around my home. Especially in my back two rooms. (I do believe that if you look into a mirror while the light is on something will come out, but I have a protection symbol in my room and NOTHING HAS APPEARED AFTER THAT but last night was the first time)

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