1. Michelle Hull
    July 6, 2020 @ 1:16 am

    The “ancient aliens” are in fact Satan and his fallen Angels. The earth is only 6000 years old and we’ve all been lied to about it Kerry came down there uninvited and the next night,he was given an earthquake…why is that like being up the neighbor when he was the one in the wrong and was immediately punished? These are the fallen Angels and the spirits of the half breeds, half human and half fallen angels that were killed in the great flood. They’re still delusional and thinking that they can overthrow God and that’s why any weapons that can be used for that purpose are welcome. God will never be usurped from his throne!


  2. Kiril
    June 18, 2021 @ 4:21 pm

    Interestingly in this case, how have they managed to move the device without other victims …!


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