Australian police post UFO video

Broome Australia UFO video

Broome Australia’s police posted to their Twitter account, surveillance video that shows what may be a UFO in the sky after a lightning storm.

Driver blames UFO for accident

San Bernadino UFO forces van from road

A driver in California claims that it was an extraterrestrials fault that his van went off the road and rolled over. He claims that it was a UFO that forced him off the road.

Black square UFO over Conyers, GA

Square UFO Conyers GA

UFO researches struggle to explain a square UFO spotted in the skies of Georgia. The reports to MUFON state that on January 30th, 2019, a large square UFO moved across the sky slowly despite heavy winds. They also remarked that it didn’t wobble or turn like you would expect a balloon to do under those […]

UFO recharging in a lightning storm

UFO recharging its batteries with lightning

Was a UFO recharging its batteries in a lightning storm? Chatrooms are buzzing with talk of this video that supposedly shows a UFO recharging its batteries in a lightning storm. Uploaded in November of 2018, by Allan Diablo, this video, for a few frames, shows a mysterious object illuminated by a flash of lightning. Could […]

Steve Boucher alien encounter

Steve Boucher describes his encounter with aliens

As with any alien encounter, anyone can dismiss the Steve Boucher alien abduction account as the works of a fevered imagination since there is no concrete evidence. If you aren’t familiar with the case, the claim is that Steve Boucher had an alien encounter when he was about 4 years old with his father. Then […]

Disc Shaped UFO filmed over Scotland 6/2/18

June 2018 Scottish UFO sighting

Footage of a UFO captured in Scotland There is no denying that what is in this video was and still is a UFO. By definition is an unidentified flying object. The question now is what was it and was it a terrestrial UFO or one of alien origin? I’m seeing people describe this as disc-shaped, […]

February Florida UFO Videos

UFOs seen in Florida February

Something strange was going on in skies of Florida in February. Multiple people captured footage of lights in the sky that so far, defy explanation. The first is was shot from Homestead, FL and is very strange. The second event was shot from Miami and shows a similar event, with lights moving in a random […]

Massachusetts UFO Encounter & The Evidence Destroyed

Up Close UFO Encounter How do you explain this up close Massachusetts UFO encounter and the events that followed? Imagine yourself driving down a quiet road in during the winter and coming upon a UFO hovering not far off the ground. This Massachusetts UFO encounter would be disturbing enough, but what happened the next day leaves […]

Boy Encounter Black Alien Outside His Door

tall black alien

What Would You Do If A Black Alien Walked Up To Your Door? There are few things that I can think of that would be more terrifying than to watch an alien walk out of the dark of the night.  That is exactly what happened to Reddit user Dashboardforfire.  In a thread on creepy and […]