Why don’t we find Bigfoot remains

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finding a bigfoot carcass
Why is it that we never find Bigfoot bodies in the forest?

Question: If human remains can be found in the Pacific Northwest many years after a death, why can’t anyone find Bigfoot remains?

We absolutely could find Bigfoot remains in the woods, but the odds of it happening are incredibly small due to several very reasonable factors that we will go over in this article

First, for us to find Bigfoot remains, a Bigfoot would have to die and not be hidden by its family. Obviously we don’t know what they do with their dead, but Bigfoot by all accounts are communal creatures and very well could have a funeral or grieving ceremony of some sort.

This would make finding Bigfoot remains incredibly difficult. If they bury their dead, it would take a small miracle for us to find a body that had been buried and then unearthed.

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Next, assuming a lone Bigfoot passed away and just dropped on the forest floor, it would have to do it somewhere where humans could find it and be found rather quickly.

Carcasses in the forest are reclaimed quite quickly. One researcher observed an Elk carcass decomposing in Yellowstone and over a two week period, the carcass disappeared. While it hadn’t completely broken down in that time, it had been scavenged, broken up and scattered by the end of two weeks.

Further reducing the odds of finding Bigfoot remains, People, for the most part, stick to established trails and don’t wander into the deep woods much. This makes the odds of a human wandering randomly into the woods and finding a Bigfoot body in those two weeks before it decomposes, very small.

Bigfoot bones would, of course, be the last things to decompose. Bones can last quite a while in the wild before being broken down or eaten. I grew up in the woods of North Idaho and spent a good amount of time off trail, wandering in the forest. Only occasionally would I find a bone or two from where something had died, and only found a small number of skulls, only one of those was from a predator.

Usually, all that could be found was a couple of random bones and some bits of fur. For someone that wasn’t trained to identify bones, it would take finding something like a skull to really make an impression on someone. Otherwise, it would likely only be a curiosity.

Even then, if someone did find a bone from a Bigfoot, without any other specimens to compare it to, it would be unidentifiable. Additionally, I suspect many researchers would be hesitant to announce that they had a Bigfoot bone in their possession.

Lastly, if a body was found and turned in, it is likely that no one would hear anything about it ever again. Most people agree that the government is suppressing the evidence of Bigfoot.


  1. Bigfoots are interdimensional beeings, that’s why we don’t find remains.

    • I would like to know more about your inter dimensional theory on Bigfoot. I have long suspected the same idea- however, I have never been able to fully form it. Where do they go? Where do they come from? Do they have control over the portals? Is it seasonal? Is it ceremony? Is it punishment? Is it ritual? Are they looking for something specific? I would love to read more of your thoughts on this interdimensional theory of yours, please & thank you.

  2. Bigfoot are everywhere seen 3 not from another planet been here since before us maybe the missing link very fast very strong very smart if you see a Bigfoot it will be kill so it will do very thing that it can to make sure that you don’t if you do see one its because it let you see it. Chowbaka is a Bigfoot it stayed with a man in his log cabining of 3 month’s then disappear and he never sore him again they used his decision making chowbaka.
    I love Bigfoot and will never say where I have seen them thay just won’t to be left alone and that do live as family’s and alone.

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