finding a bigfoot carcass

Why don’t we find Bigfoot remains

finding a bigfoot carcass
Why is it that we never find Bigfoot bodies in the forest?

Question: If human remains can be found in the Pacific Northwest many years after a death, why can’t anyone find Bigfoot remains?

We absolutely could find Bigfoot remains in the woods, but the odds of it happening are incredibly small due to several very reasonable factors that we will go over in this article

First, for us to find Bigfoot remains, a Bigfoot would have to die and not be hidden by its family. Obviously we don’t know what they do with their dead, but Bigfoot by all accounts are communal creatures and very well could have a funeral or grieving ceremony of some sort.

This would make finding Bigfoot remains incredibly difficult. If they bury their dead, it would take a small miracle for us to find a body that had been buried and then unearthed.

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Next, assuming a lone Bigfoot passed away and just dropped on the forest floor, it would have to do it somewhere where humans could find it and be found rather quickly.

Carcasses in the forest are reclaimed quite quickly. One researcher observed an Elk carcass decomposing in Yellowstone and over a two week period, the carcass disappeared. While it hadn’t completely broken down in that time, it had been scavenged, broken up and scattered by the end of two weeks.

Further reducing the odds of finding Bigfoot remains, People, for the most part, stick to established trails and don’t wander into the deep woods much. This makes the odds of a human wandering randomly into the woods and finding a Bigfoot body in those two weeks before it decomposes, very small.

Bigfoot bones would, of course, be the last things to decompose. Bones can last quite a while in the wild before being broken down or eaten. I grew up in the woods of North Idaho and spent a good amount of time off trail, wandering in the forest. Only occasionally would I find a bone or two from where something had died, and only found a small number of skulls, only one of those was from a predator.

Usually, all that could be found was a couple of random bones and some bits of fur. For someone that wasn’t trained to identify bones, it would take finding something like a skull to really make an impression on someone. Otherwise, it would likely only be a curiosity.

Even then, if someone did find a bone from a Bigfoot, without any other specimens to compare it to, it would be unidentifiable. Additionally, I suspect many researchers would be hesitant to announce that they had a Bigfoot bone in their possession.

Lastly, if a body was found and turned in, it is likely that no one would hear anything about it ever again. Most people agree that the government is suppressing the evidence of Bigfoot.

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    1. I would like to know more about your inter dimensional theory on Bigfoot. I have long suspected the same idea- however, I have never been able to fully form it. Where do they go? Where do they come from? Do they have control over the portals? Is it seasonal? Is it ceremony? Is it punishment? Is it ritual? Are they looking for something specific? I would love to read more of your thoughts on this interdimensional theory of yours, please & thank you.

      1. Hi, Robert.
        The interdimensional hypothesis has been around for a long time, and has been put forth in relation to anything from UFOs to various cryptids like Bigfoot, Pixies, Dogman and Chupacabra.
        Personally I have never seen a Bigfoot. I have however seen what most people would refer to as a ‘ghost’ on two separate occasions, 17 years apart, both in broad daylight, then disappearing after a few seconds. In both cases I first thought these were actual, living people, before they disappeared as I was looking at them. I have also seen a group of 5 small humanoid, bipedal creatures in a forest here in Norway. These also seemed to kind of ‘fade out’, but only after 1 or 2 minutes. Needless to say, I was frozen in place watching these weird little things. They were probably no more than 3 feet tall, and wore somewhat rough and ragged clothes in very earthy colors. I couldn’t see through the forest bottom heather if they wore shoes or not. When I hear or read accounts of Bigfoot encounters, these creatures also seem to somehow disappear into thin air, and also leave behind a line of footprints that suddenly stop. This falls right in line with the idea of interdimensional beings moving between dimensions at will. I tend to agree with the idea that some of these creatures are here to look after nature, and to influence people simply by their presence. It is often reported that Bigfoots are able to communicate telepathically, and can use infrasound to instill fear in people to make them leave an area, or even freeze in place. I also believe that there are evil interdimensional creatures that are out to hurt mankind. I also subscribe to the theory that most, if not all, of what is being reported as aliens and UFOs moves in between dimensions, rather than come physically flying from planets far away. Now, I don’t claim to know much about string theory and stuff like that, but I gather that everything vibrates. Most of what everything is made up is empty space and energy vibrating, These days I’m looking into what is being written about vibrations and spiritual dimensions, hoping to find some answers! 🙂


  1. Bigfoot are everywhere seen 3 not from another planet been here since before us maybe the missing link very fast very strong very smart if you see a Bigfoot it will be kill so it will do very thing that it can to make sure that you don’t if you do see one its because it let you see it. Chowbaka is a Bigfoot it stayed with a man in his log cabining of 3 month’s then disappear and he never sore him again they used his decision making chowbaka.
    I love Bigfoot and will never say where I have seen them thay just won’t to be left alone and that do live as family’s and alone.

  2. I’m like most folks that don’t want to be riticuled for telling people what I’ve seen. I’m a logger from northern Pennsylvania and have been cutting timber for 30+yrs. I’ve seen some weird shit over that time. Just recently I had some vandalism done to my machine. I thought it was kids until I noticed a hand print about 5/6 times the size of a grown man on the hood and engine curtains. My Forester had stopped at the job and seen the prints. Not two days later,the job was being shut down and I was being moved to another location. I really don’t want my information put out there because,one I’m a private person and two,I own my own business. Whatever it was,it tore the grill off the skidder. Like, pulled the threads off two 5/8″ bolts. I felt uneasy every time I pulled into the landing. There were bite marks on some of the logs and a couple times 21′ cherry veneer were turned sideways on the pile. It was definitely meant to be seen. All I can say is I’m relieved to not be near that area. If I had to go back,I’d probably sell out or look for other work. Believe me, don’t believe me,I really don’t care but whatever was there was not happy. There’s also a fist mark that dented the fuel tank. You can literally see the knuckle marks in the dent. Please don’t pick on me for this,but I needed to tell someone. You can come look at the machine yourself and I’d be more than happy to take you to the area. But my ass isn’t going anywhere near those hollows. Man I don’t want my personal info posted.

    1. Hi Jay. I DEFINITELY believe you! I’ve seen one myself and I believe it was a complete accident. But another time I was camping with a few friends. I was the only one with a dog (a very quiet, calm little dog that didn’t bark once the entire weekend). The 2nd night there, our tent was the only one that had something walking around it late that night, sniffing at the tent. Then we started getting little things thrown at our tent. The next morning there were little pieces of twigs all around our tent. We were camped in a clearing and there were no trees near our tent. We couldn’t find any footprints because of the grass in the clearing. It was a newly mowed hay field, so it was impossible to see any prints. We also had a couple of other things happen, but thats another story. So, Jay, I have I believe that your sight had a visit from a Bigfoot or Wood Ape. Yep, it was angry alright…it was angry because you were clearing the woods it lived in. It’s pretty much as if someone came in your home and started to tear it apart. I think that’s probably how this fella felt anyway. And NO, I’d advise you to never go back to that area again. I have a feeling that this guy will remember you. Messing with your equipment may have just been the start. Just be very careful out there. I’ve always thought that people in your line of work had to have seen some weird stuff. I’m glad you decided to tell your story. There’s several places that you can tell your story here or any more that you may have without having to share your name. One is called Bigfoot Case Files and another is Buckeye Bigfoot. You can check bot- of these out on YouTube. These ladies will definitely honor your privacy request.

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