gray humanoid

Gray Humanoid Stalks Couple In Their Bed

Husband Wakes Up To A Gray Humanoid Staring At Them

Waking up to something staring at you in the dark is bad.  Parents all know the shock of having one of their kids staring at them from 6″ away, so you can imagine how bad this couple was scared to find a gray humanoid creature lurking alongside their bed.

This is exactly what a couple has reported to Cryptozoology News that recently the husband, who was trying to fall asleep, suddenly became aware of the creature in the room.

“I was still awake, listening to meditation sounds to help me sleep. I don’t sleep well at night, I never have,” he said. “My wife was lying in bed next to me. I was changing positions when I noticed the creature.”

[pullquote]“Later my wife told me that she sensed something close to her face watching her as she was lying there.”[/pullquote]Put yourself in his place, half awake, middle of the night in a dark room and some THING is leering at your wife over the edge of the bed.

“It was crouched down and leaning over her. I quickly pulled my wife into me and was swatting at the creature, yelling loudly.”

The creature didn’t seem to be phased and he states that it vanished after 5 minutes. How exactly it vanishes isn’t made clear.

“It was bald and it was smaller than a human… like the size of a 6-year-old child. I can describe it as Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Head was large though, and it had thin arms and legs.”

When people think of gray humanoids, they typically think of small gray aliens.  This most definitely does not seem to be what this couple encountered.  My suspicion is that it falls into that class of cryptids and creatures that are one offs.  These are creatures that are sighted once or possibly a few times in a brief span of time, then never seen again. Some classic examples would be the Dover Demon which was seen by multiple people over the course of a few days, then never seen again, or the Loveland Frogmen.

Where these creatures come from and where they go is completely open for discussion.  My suspicion is that they slipping into our dimension, either willingly or by accident.  That would explain why they are seen for a brief period of time, then never again.

In any case, this couple would like answers, though they will likely never get any. For them, they will get to go to sleep every night wondering if it will come back.  There is a reason I have dogs.

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