1. tre
    May 20, 2018 @ 8:48 pm

    Either what Rachel says or perhaps they are just hungry. Doug agreed to help which sealed his fate. But when he changed his mind they got mad and decided he needed to die right away rather than over months from a disease like some other accounts of people who agreed to help them suggest… Once you agree and let them in your vehicle or home they are able to “latch” on to you. Otherwise they also likely feed on fear from their less successful encounters with people who deny their requests. In these situations they just get a little snack instead of a whole meal. It’s likely they’re able to keep feeding from people who are afraid of them, this is also probably why they allegedly only visit people who have heard of them. Since they’ve already had a “taste ” of these people. It might even be one reason why they picked your friend’s associate. Knowing he’d share this with you since you already knew about and feared them. They probably need to eat constantly but their staple diet is likely people’s fear. Killing people is probably only an occasional treat for them. .. Also I think the reason they looked older when he reached for the door handle is because they were hungry, and since looking younger probably costs slightly more energy than looking older does. they sensed his submission(since he had already agreed to feed them) so they allowed themselves to relax slightly, resulting in an older looking disguise… All of this is pure speculation but let me know if any makes sense


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