BEK encounter gives man cancer

Black Eyed Kids Give Man Cancer

Bad Things Happen If You Let Black Eyed Kids Into Your House

There is no hard evidence as to what happens if you let Black Eyed Children into your home or life, only a handful of unverifiable reports.  This story about a couple letting Black Eyed Children into their house in 2015 and the resulting calamity is making the rounds on the internet and I thought it bears looking at.

Whether this is a true account of a Black Eyed Kids encounter or not I can’t say, and I’ll reserve posting my judgement for now.

What Are Black Eyed Children?

The Arrival Of The Black Eyed Children

The couple in this report live in a rural and secluded area of Vermont.  It was a stormy winter night and there was a fresh blanket of snow on the ground.  The victim was asleep when she was woken by a banging on her front door.  Knowing that it was snowing and that the roads would be treacherous, her first thought was that someone had been in an accident and had walked to their home for help.

She looked out the window and saw fresh footprints in the snow and the motion light at their front door was on.  She woke her husband up and sent him to see who was at the door.

“When I looked out the window I could see that out motion spotlight was on. I could see that there were footprints in the snow that had come from our road and into our driveway but there was no car anywhere. The snow was still covering the road and no one had driven on it for at least a couple hours. Our front door was obscured from the window but I could see that someone was standing there. I wasn’t sure what to think so I woke my husband up just to feel safer. While I was telling him what was going on the banging on the door started again and my husband went to answer it while I stood in the hallway.

When he opened the door there were two children standing in the snow looking toward the ground. They were a boy and a girl and could not have been more than 8 years old. They were dressed strangely and had odd haircuts. The girl’s hair was very long and straight and the boy had a dated haircut that looked almost like a bowl cut. They weren’t dressed for winter and my first thought was that they must have been Mennonite children but as far as I know there was never a large community of Mennonites near us.”

Maybe I’m a cautious person, but opening my door to anyone banging on it at 2am in the middle of a snowstorm would make me more than a little wary.  But they did and found two kids, a boy and a girl that they took to be about 8 years old standing on their porch.  Dressed oddly and with haircuts that were not the usual, the couple was hesitant about them.

The children were very unnerving. They would not make eye contact and when my husband asked them if everything was ok they asked if they could come in. My husband looked at me like “what do I do?” and I asked the kids where their parents were.

“They’ll be here soon,” is all they said.

Letting the Black Eyed Children Into Their House

Despite their reservations, the couple let them in started doing what anyone would do if they found a couple kids in a snowstorm, making them something warm to drink and getting them comfortable until “their parents get there”.  This is what they answered to the questions their husband asked them.

“our parents will be here soon”. They spoke in a sing-songy voice. They weren’t afraid to be in a stranger’s home at all.

This seems very unusual for a couple of kids that would expect to be cold, scared and freaked out from being lost in a snowstorm.

Even The Cats Don’t Like Them

The whole situation was unnerving and even the couple’s cats were reacting to it.

I started to notice that our cats (we had four) were all hiding except Pigeon who was in the kitchen with me. Normally our cats are very curious and friendly and we have to be careful that they don’t run out the door when we leave. This time none of them even tried to see who was here which I thought was very strange. All of the hair on Pigeon’s neck was standing up and his tail was puffed up while he looked in the living room. When I bent down to pet him and see what was wrong he hissed and started growling and backed up until he had hid himself under the kitchen island. I have never seen him do that before.

In other encounters with Black Eyed Kids we have heard of dogs reacting very badly to BEKs with even the most aggressive running in fear from them.  These cats seemed to be picking up on situation as well and were avoiding these children.  We will find out later that the cats had good reason to be wary of these ‘children’.

One thing that I ponder is where the negative effects from being around BEKs takes hold.  Is it just an aura of dread and doom that surrounds them? Or possibly is looking in their eyes the key element in them imparting their curse on you.  Up until this point the children had been avoiding making eye contact, weird enough in and of itself, but as she walked back into the living room, she locked eyes with them and saw that they were the classic all black eyes that are the hallmark of Black Eyed Kids.

It took everything inside of me not to drop the mugs and run away. When they looked at me their eyes were completely black. They had no whites just giant black pupils.

The Parents Arrive To Retrieve The Black Eyed Children

Upon seeing her reaction to their eyes, the two “children” excused themselves and go, as a pair, to the bathroom.  I find this odd in and of itself and wonder if this wasn’t their chance to go signal someone for a pick-up.

As soon as they leave and they start talking about the kids, the husband spontaneously has a nose bleed.  This was something that he had never done before.

Then it gets stranger, and may coincide with my theory that they went to signal someone, the power goes out.  Being from a rural area, I can attest that snow takes out power lines regularly. To lose power in a storm is common, but the timing is very coincidental.

The woman had gone to get some tissue for her husband’s nose and was just heading back to him when the power went out.  In the dark she found that the children were done in the bathroom. Unfazed by the dark, they just stood in the hall. This is something I can assure you isn’t normal.

I stopped dead in my tracks. The two children were standing at the end of the hallway. They weren’t moving and I have never been so scared in my whole life. They just stood there in the dark.

After what felt like forever the boy said “our parents are here” and they walked to the door, opened it, and walked out leaving it wide open.

They rushed to close the door behind them and were taken aback at what they saw in the driveway. Apparently the “parents” that they had referred to were actually two mysterious men driving a black car.

The men looked like they were wearing black colored suits and were very tall, at least 6 feet. When my husband waved at them they just stared at us, got into the car, and drove off.

The The Curse Of The Black Eyed Children

After the Black Eyed Children left, the worst was not over.  As with other close encounters with BEKs, the negative effects are long lasting.  In the months that followed, one of her cats hemorrhaged and died in the house.  The other cats have gone missing and presumably died.

Both she and her husband have continued to have nosebleeds.  Eventually he was also diagnosed as having an aggressive form of skin cancer.  She does not go into detail, but claims to be in the worst state of health of her entire life.

Is this just coincidence or were the BEKs emitting some sort of radiation?  All of the symptoms for them and the cats would be consistent with some form of radiation poisoning.  But then wouldn’t the BEK’s “parents” be affected as well?

Could this be part of the effects from being around BEKs in general?  It may be that simply being in their proximity is enough to curse you and that the individual effects vary.

True Black Eyed Kid Encounter Or Fantasy?

The question we are left with is if this is a true account or Internet fiction.  Some elements of this account fit the standard BEK profile, some do not.

After reading all this, post your comment with your verdict and thoughts about this Black Eyed Children encounter.  Is it fiction or a valid encounter?

If you have had a run-in with the Black Eyed Kids, do be sure to let us know!

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